Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non duality the big bang and Norma

Norma I don't usually try and teach...I'm more in the not this and not that and quotes.from realised souls..I know you have been down the Guru type road...and as you are a relative I will just say this... Think about the big bang when all was one...and then all this it all came out of one thing...and is one thing. Imagine if you had... See More 5000MMX or more microscope glasses on, when you looked around you would see no people, you would see nothing but an energy soup---a oneness....and below that a unified field of energy and below that----nothing to see....So the there cannot be separate souls in the universe it can only be one...We separate everything into dualism....kind of like whirlpools in the ocean thinking that they are separate from the ocean itself....or the waves thinking they are separate..What causes this is the ego...using the defence reaction response mechanism and building it up into a phantom separate being -----us....So we have to think about all being one....and more important we have to develop the feeling of all being all the intellectualising is just words and they are just energy structures also.....Also we have to do some conscious practise or sadhana so we can cleanse our inner subconscious and prevent us from realising oneneess with the soul of the universe...I would suggest meditation perhaps with some ritual and yoga...even hatha yoga or exercises if it is done by a Hindu trained person...otherwise it may as well be dancing.....I hope this helps....It takes a fair bit of time......I can point you at some books...Love Tony.

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