Monday, February 20, 2012


THE MEXICAN BOND SCAM. Similar to the structured investment vehicle sub-prime scam.First lest dispel the delusions of Billions of dollars and Trillions and Quadrillions. This not money but digitals it cannot be taken out of the country or to a bank. It is in the main fully estimated projections over a number of years like 20 or more. plus there is a 80% min humanitarian deduction. The GDP of the USA last year was 14T the whole world 40T..5 Billion will buy an aircraft these pieces of paper are not worth that..lets get real...otherwise Mark Zuckeberg, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could not afford one.

HERE IS THE BREAK DOWN on a trading platform

The real street value can be seen at studios or on ebay and craiglist. Government Statement on their Bonds. BONDS THAT WERE OLD DEBTIn response to numerous inquiries made to the Ministry of FinanceOffice and the Central Bank, it is public knowledge that the bondsold debt issued by the Mexican State between 1850 and 1951 todayworthless days since the deadline passed for payment, and do not giveaction or other right to its holder, which has been confirmed by the PowerFederal Judicial...So there you are they are worthless and all this broker bullshit about Hacienda quoting prices is total rubbish.. Here is a legal history on the 4 Head insight sent to me.... .They do not record names at Hacienda only folio numbers as the bonds are 'Bearer Bonds', you just need sales receipts and provenance as in art and antiques.There are only about 5 real buyers who can perform in the world, and will pay the others will only use the bonds package.My friend who is an associate of Hacienda told me that he only personally knew of 10 real transactions last year and he was associated with one for 500K. He also said the Govts want to know who own the bonds and where they are at.. probably for a future re-certifying as a security at a lower price and interest. He also said the platforms are mis-appropriating the bonds...The platforms use the bonds as an agreed ‘Temporary Bridge Collateral’ to get a line of credit or loan to start a ‘Trade’, as the bond has no intrinsic value this amount is paid back from the first trades.. THIS LEAVES THE BOND STILL ALIVE AND NOT MONETISED AS IT WAS ONLY USED FOR COLLATERAL THIS MEANS IT CAN BE USED TIME AFTER TIME AND NEVER BE REDEEMED. ALSO TO DO THIS THEY DO NOT NEED THE BOND ONLY OWNER’S NAME AND FOLIO NUMER IN A KYC. Nobody complains as the IMF gets 80% of the tranches into humanitarian projects, which is a broad stroke and can involve JV and future equity for the platforms. Some so called humanitarian projects are barely that and are strictly profit making with equity and future JV profits..So getting tax breaks on the tranches from the trading.The owner will be put under a silence order and confidentiality agreement to say nothing about how much they received for the bond...which is now owned by the platform ,OR JV,for future temporary collateral. These agreements never come to light and therefore never come to your paymaster, only the owner, the platform, the compliance and some intake officers get a kick-back .THE BROKER NEVER HEARS ABOUT THE BOND AGAIN IT GOES DOWN A BLACK HOLE NOT SOLD, AS IT NEVER WAS SOLD, ONLY COLLATERALISED NOT MONETISED AS THE LOAN IS PAID BACK. THE PLATFORM DOESN’T EVEN NEED THE BOND JUST THE PACKAGE AS IN MANY CASES THERE IS A JV WITH THE LISTED OWNER. THIS IS SIMILAR TO THE SWISS BANK SCAM WHERE THEY COLLATERALISE GOLD IN THEIR BANKS WHICH IS NOT OWNED BY THEMMost brokers or intermediaries never find out who the platforms are or their names so they can never follow up the scam or rort... Matrix 7 is one which my Hacienda Associate told me is owned by the Bush Family...and another was called Prakash Platform but there are thousands of them.YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTION WHERE HAVE ALL THESE THOUSANDS OF BONDS GONE AND WHY YOU DON’ T KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN PAID. I PERSONALLY HAVE SUBMITTED OVER TWO THOUSAND SINCE OCTOBER 2011. THE COMPLIANCE OFFICERS AND INTAKE OFFICERS, MANY OF THEM GET PAID ON ALMOST A SALARY TO COLLECT PACKAGES FOR THE PLATFORMS...ANYONE WITH A SECURITIES TRADING LICENSE CAN BE A PLATFORM.In this way it is similar to the siv subprime scam, where packages were sold all around the world without paperwork from the mortgage.................NB. The four head President bond the platforms want has NO FOLIO NUMBER yet they deal with it. How can compliance possible be done on a bond that cannot be traced as real? This is more evidence of a scam in the platforms...Also I believe the 1843 27500 pesos Black Eagle was never ever issued by Mexico? But was a fake based on the 20,000K I actually have a jpeg on how it was done...I was informed that the 4headed was actually redeemed and destroyed years ago...These fake bonds and notes discovered in Italy to the value of 6T are more than likely laundered as temporary bridging collateral through the trading platforms.. blacklist on ppp etc I will be eventually adding a forum where people can give their opinons on intake officers, buyer's reps, and even platforms, performing or not., plus opinons on intermediaries in the Mexican Bond business will also be added......... pleiadesventures@yahoo.comThe Rogues and liars and bulldust artists will be named in a non libelous way.

Name those that are slow or never get back or deals disappear or are telling patent untruths. 1. A platform that Michael Alf and Mary de P were next to, took dozens of my bonds and couldn't perform at all even lost 50+ bonds from the Maori Nation to another buyer----useless..Rating Zero out of 10.2. Platform next to Jodie also had dozens of bonds in Prakash Platform and the Bush Family Matrix 7....useless could not perform.Rating Zero out of 10.3. Platform that Val Pa, Joe B and Don To were next to could not perform on over 2000 bonds. Even kept 17 Blueberries for a month and then returned them out of date...probably took the CIS, the sellers name and bond folio number and traded anyway and ripped everybody off. If I can prove they ripped me off a full report will be going into the SEC and FBI. To also told me that one seller of mine from South America was blacklisted and turned down 10BBs--..I found out she was not blacklisted, and was quite acceptable at other platforms and intakes.. This particular group do not get back, cannot work zips, and out of over 2000 bonds may be got back on less than a handful. Leaving the situation wide open to abuse as one never knows what happened to their submissions...I still have no report on bonds gone into ppp supposedly...I will never put any bonds in there and advise others not to...They are my worst experience on the net with bonds by far...most have been there up to three years and never been paid...Also by omission they 'forgot' to tell me that they were not direct to the buyer and it wasn't until months later that Val Pa admitted that he was not direct to the buyer but two away!Ratings Zero out of 10.Ratings Zero out of 10.4. Another non performing platform was next to Fred Bo and was next to a certain Simone B..they could not do anything at all complete non performers.Rating Zero out of 10.

Everything is always secret and secrecy usually means something wrong...are banks secret about their names? A lot of platforms are just 4 guys in the underwear sitting around the kitchen table with a connection to a 'trader'..So not all brokers mentioned is it personal it is a way of identifying the platform only which is what the platforms want a buffer. So I not condemning the brokers mentioned as they are conned just like the rest of us. Intakes AND DIRECT BROKERS are different they are retained by the platforms and probably paid.I was forced to go to other more likely to Beijing and Zurich, but on PPPs.ALSO BAD SELLERS SHOULD BE LISTED...Not just those 'blacklisted' by the platforms...Now especially of new SEC rules on them...IE..The bond the consultant and the bad seller will all be blacklisted by the SEC itself...I don't know how this would affect other work in commodities...I will invite a list of those that have wasted my time so later brokers don't waste theirs, others will be added from my own experienceI personally have been called by the FBI in Washington State, twice, to surrender emails on a broker they were investigating--so I know they are active. I surrendered the emails of course..[4:17:15 PM] J Got this back earlier today:[4:17:16 PM] J " A trader can not use the bond without the owners approval, for collateral or for anything else. IF you go to a bank with just a folio number, the bank will have to see the bond. that is why banks ask for skr, or ownership. the owner has to approve all that goes on with bonds according to the SEC attorney i just spoke with."[4:17:22 PM] Tony O'Clery: my article has ruffled a few feathers but they haven't been paid either just cult like thinking.[4:20:33 PM] Tony O'Clery: that is a lot of crap...these are no good at the bank as they are not securities they are a treaty asset ruled on by a us district court...YOU CANNOT TAKE AN PIECE D'ART TO THE BANK. The sec attorney is talking out of his arse...they are not securities so do not come under sec actually...only when used as temp bridge collateral... They are supposed to have the bond but the lender may lend without it as the bond is worthless anyway...they get their money back straight away asap. how do they lend on a 4 head prez with no folio number as it was burned long ago...or a 27500 that was never issued by mex govt.??????????????? would you take a dollar bill without a number? some say the folio number is in the water mark on the back but all the interest payment coupons have been used as well. it is all a scam and there is probably a lot more going on that we don't know.... they want the tax dodge on the humanitarians and we know that is a broad brush...and they want an excuse to get hold of lines of credit to trade...they don't trade the bond it is useless.: if the platform has the package what is stopping them using the folio number etc later with a 'cooperative lending officer'. it is returned in the first tow tranches anyway...and all[4:25:28 PM] Tony O'Clery: but their responses are interesting...where is bernie madoff?[4:28:01 PM] J: <<< bernie madoff?ha - yeah! he would have loved this one no jail,,,,just like subprime no jail.Genuine market prices with kyc of bonds..... From topix forum on mexican bonds; "" IT'S BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF EVER PURCHASING THESE BONDS. IF ANYTHING THEY WILL GET YOUR PACKAGE USE THE NUMBER LOCK IT IN AND COMMENCE TRADING WITHOUT EVER PAYING YOU ANYTHING. ALL""Extract off a forum....(I did not write this)...byMIDDLE MEN WILL NEVER GET PAID...Seattle.WA. He obviously is frustrated by the situation... YOU HAVE SO MUCH GREED AND DEMISE CIRCLING AROUND THESE BONDS. THE CHINESE WON'T PAY YOU ONE PENNY. EVERY COMPLETE PACKAGE BROUGHT TO THE TABLE ENDS WITH THE SAME EXCUSE. I HAVE BEEN IN THIS BUSINESS FOR OVER 30 YEARS AND IN THE BOND BUSINESS FROM THE DAY THEY BEGAN THERE TRIALS OF ENTICEMENTS. IF YOU CONTINUE WORKING THE BOND BUSINESS YOU WILL CONTINUE MAKING THE PRICIPLES RICHER. YOU WILL NEVER MAKE ONE CENT! THEY WILL TELL YOU IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO RECEIVE MORE THAN $100.000 INTO YOUR U.S. BANK ACCOUNT.THEN THEY WILL TELL YOU THEY CAN'T PAY YOU BECAUSE THE BANKS ARE IN A WORLD MEETING CHANGING TO THE NEW BUYING PERCEEDURES. LIES UPON LIES ON TOP OF MORE LIES! SOME OF THE MOST EXPEREINCED BROKERS ARE GETTING FOOLED BY ALL OF THE HYPE. YOU HEAR STORIES OF SELLERS TURNING DOWN QUADS OF MONEY. WHY? BECAUSE NONE OF THE BROKERS WILL EVER SEE ONE DOLLAR. SELLERS ARE TOLD TO LIE IF THEY ARE TO GET PAID. SO WHAT DO THEY DO? THEY TELL YOU THE WILDEST STORIES AND YOU BELIEVE THEM WHILE REMAINING TO BRING IN PACKAGES ONLY TO HEAR THE SAME STORIES WITH A LITTLE DIFFEERNT PILE OF MARLARKY ATTACHED TO IT. REST ASSURED FOLKS, YOU WILL SPIN YOUR WHEELS NIGHT AND DAY WITHOUT EVER BEING COMPESATED.WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WHO WILL CUT YOU OUT AS QUICK AS THEY WILL ROB THEIR OWN MOTHER. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THOSE CLAIMING TO DO MORE OF THE WORK ONLY TO STEAL THE DEAL FROM YOU. HAVE YOU BEEN PROMISED TO SPIT ALL COMMISSIONS EQAULLY TO FIND OUT LATER SOME GREEDY S.O.B. SNUCK HIS WAY THROUGH TO YOUR SOURCES TO BE ABLE TO CLAIM DOING MORE WORK. THE BANKS ARE LAUGHING AT ALL OF YOU IDIOTS!YOUR ALL A BUNCH THIEVING A-HOLES! IF NOBODY IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A PROOF OF FUNDS, IT'S BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF EVER PURCHASING THESE BONDS. IF ANYTHING THEY WILL GET YOUR PACKAGE USE THE NUMBER LOCK IT IN AND COMMENCE TRADING WITHOUT EVER PAYING YOU ANYTHING. ALL OF THOSE SELLERS WHO HAVE TURNED IN PACKAGES ONLY TO HEAR THE EXCUSE OF YOUR PACKAGE HAS BEEN SEEN TOO MANY TIMES AS YOUR TOLD YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED IS FALSE. SOMEONE IS BEING PAID FROM YOUR PROPERTY AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IT BECAUSE OF THEIR NEW MADE UP LAWS THAT SAYS BROKERS CAN'T BE PAID FOR REASONS OF NOT HAVING A SECURITY LICENSE OR OTHER BOGUS REASONS THEY MAKE UP ON A DAILY BASIS! SORRY TO BUST ALL OF YOUR BUBBLES BUT YOUR ALL CROOKS ANYWAY AND NONE OF YOU DESERVE TO GET PAID.I'M SURE YOU HAVE BEEN INVOLVED WITH THE WORST AND SIDING WITH THE WORST IN NEVER WANTING TO TRULY FOLLOW THROUGH ON COMPESATING THOSE WHO HAVE BROUGHT YOU THE DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE.EXTRACT FROM INT'L TREATY AND FED RULES:2008. Also pop must be done before pof................This is a very important message to anyone involved in the commodities industry on the new measures with respect to Buyers and Sellers conducting oil and other commoditiestransactions. From now on, if an ICPO, LOI, RWA, or BCL is issued and thedocument is not real, the Buyer will be able to inform to theFBI, ICC, and INTERPOL. In addition, after an FCO is sent to the Buyer, there should be a formal answer to Seller from Buyer. If there’s no response from the Buyer in a timely manner, the buying company will be reported to the FBI, ICC, and INTERPOL. If this action is repeated by sellers, they too will also be reported for abuse of the NCND, LOI, ICPO, AND RWA OR BCL,FOR THIS IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE. It is important to transmit this to all clients that work with providers that are members of the ICC, FBI, and other international organizations. From this point forward, the international codes will bestrictly enforced to exclude all intruders that send out false information. Those who submit a false NCND/IMFPA, LOI, ICPO, RWA or BCL, or FCO, as well as FALSE PROOF OF PRODUCT(POP), WILL BE CHARGE WITH A CRIME. This went into effect on November 15, 2008 after a meetingwas held between the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation and CentralIntelligence Agency. The reason for this measurement is to protect thecommodities industry which is a fundamental part of the world’s economy.I have read and understood the severity of the warning above and do realize the serious impact that pertains to alloil and other commodities transactions.ENTRY ON FAKE BONDS AND FAKE EUROCLEAR DOCUMENTS..Today fake BCV bonds are the latest scams. You can purchase Fake Euroclear documents with a REAL ISIN number in anyones name WITH supporting BCV documents for around $30K USD. For awhile, people where going around printing fake BGs from HSBC and Barclays.Now, they are trying to print fake BCVs and Mexican historical bonds. Historical bonds cannot be secured for a line of credit. A real trading transaction is ONLY triggered by CASH. Some brokers claim to trade historical bonds but I assure you its part of a scam as not one trading bank anywhere in the world is using collateral in the form of a historical bond..Scammers can't fake real bank to bank communications and that's where they fall short and the scam ends and the same deals keep circulating just with different names.Of course the bond itself is not used as collateral to trade but only to get a temporary line of credit..which is bought back quickly as the bond is worthless. LIST OF SCAMMERS FALSE INTAKES AND CIRCUMVENTERS AND GENEOLOGY CLEANERS... A list of bad intermediaries will be placed can submit evidence to me at 5. Elayne and Bill Rubin....I sent a bond to and the seller Mr Huizing got back to me and told me that somebody had tried to wipe my name off the geneology and then took it to Mayfair a known non performer...Don Manzano was perhaps not next to the chinese redemption in this case but bloody mayfair in the caymans.