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I remember many years ago in 1985 asking myself the question....If Astral descents descended into Ape bodies where did the soul of the ape go to?

I remember many years ago in 1985 asking myself the question....If Astral descents descended into Ape bodies where did the soul of the ape go to? The answer came back rapidly and forcefullyl..............NOWHERE THE SOUL OF THE APE IS STILL IN THE HUMAN.....The astral entity is an ego construct that uses the bodies of the animal to introduce its dream ideas into this material making it neither one place or another....The astrals hovered over the apes and changed the species mind at the mind or astral level so forming and accelerating the evolution of the Bonobos type ape into a human simian and then the astral egos entered all these bodies and caused humanity....Luckily we still have the 'soul' of the ape otherwise we would have no empathy and compassion at all....This movement into the ape was to provide a template instead of going into all kinds of animals and dreaming up forms and becoming stuck... It is this knowledge of the astral that gives the belief in devas and angels etc........and even by logial extension the hierarchy of astrals ...topped by the fictitious 'god' or iswara-allah superstitious nonsense.... Causing many martyrs like Jesus and Mansour the Sufi who said we are all god....there is no separate universal intervening god...............there is no Jehovah, Iswara, Allah etc etc..........This is why the Sufis are not muslims as true sufis do not beleive in Allah they just got caught up in the expansion of rented a room in there.....................

Thursday, March 28, 2013


INTRODUCTION TO JESUS THE NAZORITE. Nazorite means renunciant. It seems to me that the Essenic influence has been overlooked in favour of a Judaic standard, with regard to Jesus. Josephus does say that there were about 4,000 Essenes, and perhaps seven thousand Pharisees and a few thousand Sadducees. Josephus also claims to have lived with the Essenes so would have a personal understanding of what they believed. This is besides the general population of course. Pliny, Philo and many others wrote about the Essenes as well. The Catholic Encyclopedia now recognises a debt to the Essenes, since the Dead Sea Scrolls. If Jesus came from an Essenic background then he wouldn't have been either Pharisaic or Sadducean. He would have had a broader belief system with other influences from mystery groups in Egypt, India, Egypt, and of course Persia. The claims to be' Son of God', or only begotten, come from the later Christians. St Augustine is quoted as saying that which is now called Christian has always existed, since the beginning of time. In fact they also had an installation in Egypt at Heliopolis, probably harking back beyond Akhenaten, the Monotheist. They also had contact with other groups around the world and as far away as India. Which isn’t surprising for the Buddhists were in Alexandria. I don't understand why the Pharisees would have been persecuting the Essenes and Christians but it is not hard to see how the Herodian Sadducees would be, as they were persecuting all the groups. Was Paul working for the Temple Police? It is mentioned in the Scrolls that the Teacher of Righteousness was killed by the wicked Priest, this would fit in with the fact the Sadducees regarded the prophets as heretics. Although this was up to a hundred years before Jesus. However the Essenes believed their teacher would reincarnate again. Perhaps we should look more to Mt Karmel and Egypt for an idea of what Jeshua believed and came out of. I have never presumed he was a member of a regular Jewish sect. Galilee was even full of Greek settlements at this time as well...This is presuming that Jeshua really existed and I believe that he did. Why? Well apart from the billions that believe the same, there are writings from near the time of Jesus. Notably Josephus, Pliny, some other Roman Historians, the Gospels and the Talmud. Most of this evidence is believed to be in the Vatican Library today. MARY THE MAGDALENE---------TEACHER AND ‘BISHOP’. Mary was obviously very close to Jesus, and this was not only due to the fact that she was the sister of Martha and Lazarus, who Jesus knew very well. She was apparently a ‘Courtesan’ with the Roman occupation and ran into trouble with the Sadducees over this. She was the woman saved by Jesus from being stoned as an adulteress. Jesus also cured her of the seven deadly spirits or vices. She apparently was ‘born again’ and became a devoted follower, never leaving his side. From her appearance she seem to be of Greek and Hebrew ancestry and in all likelihood was originally a follower of the Essenes. As was Jesus and his family also. The Essenes were much more eclectic and very different from the Sadducees and Pharisees. They also had no discrimination against women. So women could rise and be Elders and Teachers in the Church just as much as men. So as it is obvious, from the naming of a Gospel after her, Mary was a leader or ‘Bishop’ in the Early Church. There isn’t much description of Jesus and the Renunciant Essenes but there is a description of his brother James, which is in the introduction, and he definately was a mystical type. Mary no doubt was of the same group as James and his brother Simon. There is much talk of Jesus and Mary having a sexual relationship, but this is unlikely considering their renunciant state. As far as kissing her on the mouth in front of the disciples, many family members do this and too much shouldn’t be read in to it. More than likely they are referring to the Essenic custom of kissing on the cheek. More important is the fact she was at the crucifixion and the first to see Jesus on his reappearance, from the tomb. When Saul of Tarsus took over the guiding of the Gentile Church there were some great changes. The Jerusalem and original Church was still very Essenic but St Paul wasn’t. This was because he wasn’t an Essene but a Pharisee, and this would account, perhaps if it is true, for the lack of woman Teachers or Rebbes. The course of the Church continued in this fashion until it was established by Constantine. The original Essenic Christians of Mary, James, Simon and the original apostles split into different groups. Generally becoming known as Nazorites, Gnostics and eventually some became Sufis and mystics. Considering this, it is the present Church that could be considered ‘heretical’ BY SOME, for not following the teachings of Jesus and having female Rebbes, Teachers or Priests.

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Why are human simian so sexy?

Why is the sex vasana so powerful in human simians..... 1. Because like the Bonobos Chimp they are always in season and use it as an incentive in relationships like Bonobos. 2. The original astral descents chose a simian instead of all the mixtures to incarnate in and they got caught 'the fall of adam' the desire they have to enjoy the senses that trapped them herre set the standard and even enhanced the general sexuality of the original hominid.............. The Bonobo - The Most Sexual Active Apes on Earth - pictures and facts The bonobo (Pan paniscus), is one of the closest relatives to humans along with ...See More

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Religion = Totalitarianism

Totalitarianism was not started by communism and fascism but by the religions all of them....the used the relligions and their organisations as blueprint.

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Ajativada and wikipedia joshua jonathan and kim dent-brown

Wikipedia is bad for philosophy pages.....a couple of wiki official editors are buddhists and they keep editing out any vedanta and hindu stuff posted just to keep it Buddhist....very childish ...Actually ai think one Bharainy is a muslim likely.... Joshua Jonathan...and kim dent-brown... I think the problem is they cannot grasp the theory or vada and can only get as far as Saguna.....They have stopped editing so I can do nothing....but if you want you can keep an eye on it and 'undo' them from time to time hahahaha. Anybody but me can edit wikipedia...........hahah ajativada wikipedia

Meditation is beyond mind Nirvikalpa Samahdi all else is within mind

I constantly see people offering meditation...oprah, deepak, et al etc etc etc....NOBODY CAN TEACH MEDITATION EXCEPT A SIDDHA. And even they can only take you to the door unless they are a Mukta/Self. Meditation is beyond mind Nirvikalpa Samahdi all else is within mind and only preparation or concentration....ONE WOULD DO BETTER TO SLEEP.

The Ego mind is an illlusion within an illusion and there is no end to the computations,

The Ego mind is an illusion within an illusion and there is no end to the computations, permutations and imaginings in an infinite dream of universes upon universes...It is the imaging combined with desire that creates vasanas infinitely. Even a chimp or ape can be trained to watch televison and even work a remote to its favourite channel..............BUT IS DOES NOT NEED TO....That is the problem with the human simian projected imagination beyond need into only desires and vasanas............all just imaginings in a dream in other words an exercise in futility.................. There is no end to the insanity of the ego...this planet will eventually be depopulated and human entities will start again. The same entities well take different forms in other similar planets in the universes.. There are infinite egg shaped universes to live in And that doesn't include the subtle dimensions of the endless infinite dream...........ONE CAN ONLY STOP.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Humans spend a lot of time trying to improve their lot where they live

Humans spend a lot of time trying to improve their lot where they going to a pigsty and trying to tidy it up without realising we are not pigs and should not be living in the sty at all.....Like the story of Indra the king of the gods who entered a pig and thought he was a pig and had a pig family and everything.. The Devas came and asked why he was living as a pit and he said he liked it and had a wife and childrene pigs. So they tore open the pig and realiesd Indra the king of the gods.... Tony O'Clery It is our ego attachment that makes us want to change the world instead of leaving

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non duality the big bang and Norma

Norma I don't usually try and teach...I'm more in the not this and not that and quotes.from realised souls..I know you have been down the Guru type road...and as you are a relative I will just say this... Think about the big bang when all was one...and then all this it all came out of one thing...and is one thing. Imagine if you had... See More 5000MMX or more microscope glasses on, when you looked around you would see no people, you would see nothing but an energy soup---a oneness....and below that a unified field of energy and below that----nothing to see....So the there cannot be separate souls in the universe it can only be one...We separate everything into dualism....kind of like whirlpools in the ocean thinking that they are separate from the ocean itself....or the waves thinking they are separate..What causes this is the ego...using the defence reaction response mechanism and building it up into a phantom separate being -----us....So we have to think about all being one....and more important we have to develop the feeling of all being all the intellectualising is just words and they are just energy structures also.....Also we have to do some conscious practise or sadhana so we can cleanse our inner subconscious and prevent us from realising oneneess with the soul of the universe...I would suggest meditation perhaps with some ritual and yoga...even hatha yoga or exercises if it is done by a Hindu trained person...otherwise it may as well be dancing.....I hope this helps....It takes a fair bit of time......I can point you at some books...Love Tony.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

James the brother of Jesus was a vegetarian

James the brother of Jesus was a vegetarian wore only linen clothing and bathed daily in cold water at dawn, and was a life long Nazerite....or renunciant....So this is Jesus as fact the rebellion against Rome was caused in part by the death of James .. Jesus, Mary and Joseph came out of the Essenes.............. The claims that the holy pope is the descendent of Jesus in power is absolutely ridiculous he is nearer the real founder emperor constantine............Listening to all these priests and pope quoting Jesus etc is just politics........ Christianity is not Christian or Essenic at all............There are some left over links though as the Carmelite order still have the holy place as Mt that was the temple Jesus went to...The temple in Jerusalem was considered unclean by the Essenes due to money changing and animal sacrifice.......

Monday, March 18, 2013

Just as people pet animals

Just as humans have pet animals and even pet humans called children. The Astrals Descents that many are also have pet human bodies, which they turn into ken and barbie dolls and use as instruments of pleasure.......................

pope is a politician

New Pope is a politician he should run for another office...A trillion dolllar business is going to go poor....give me a break....He chooses the name St Francis but St Francis was at least a vegetarian, and an ascetic or anchorite......hardly the pope in his palace with meat and wine for dinner...etc etc.......All bullshit....and politics only ---still a Jesuit coup....all about greed and power only. All the dopes think god appointed the Pope.... When in fact the early church under the magdalene and james was superseded by Paul and Peter and they by Emperor Constantine about 300 ce or so..........Jesus would have nothing to do with this huge capitalist edifice...................he had no home....

tony o'clery diary novel

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This is the answer to the question of why humans are so different from the apes

NOTHING EVER HAPPENED AJATIVADA...But if you consider the illusion .....everything is prakriti, prana and karma...Kaos is a good way of describing it...this results in a balance between particles/waves due to attraction and repulsion...etc..So a natural evolution occurs up to the animal world, including early hominids, before the descent of the Astrals into bodies and so confusing and creating a unnatural evoluton and Ego...It is the mind of the astral that has caused the adharmic distortion, greed, politics, religions, etc etc.............We have to reverse the process and go beyond the Astral and attain Moksha.............. This is the answer to the question of why humans are so different from the apes..The 2% genetic doesn't account to the tendencies and mind of the 'Astrals'...............................In the Hindu and Bible texts they talk of descents especially in the Book of Enoch, which was the most popular early christian book....In the Puranas it is mentioned of two descents of spiritually inclined astrals the Red and Blue Kumaras who tried to correct the situation.. I think what they achieved is souls that know about and work for Moksha....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Faith and alpha ape in the sky

Religion/Belief is essentially a lack of critical thinking.and superstition. The god concept is essentially an alpha ape in the sky..... Many Muktas talk about god when they are talking to people who are superstitious and no not have the capacity to understand the they talk at different levels... However Ramana said the truth is ajativada....and Niz said if he went around talking to ordinary people the way Jesus did they would crucify him also.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Virtues are mere tokens

"The main thing is earnestness. Be honest with yourself and no- thing will betray you. Virtues and powers are mere tokens for children to play with. They are useful in the world, but do not take you out of it. To go beyond, you need alert immobility, quiet attention." Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

NIZ when you sit in deep meditation

When you sit in deep meditation, your sense of being is totally infused with the knowledge ‘I am’ only. In such a state it will be revealed to you intuitively as to how and why your sense of ‘I amness’ emerged. Consciousness, beingness, sense of being, ‘I amness’, all are the same in you, prior to emanation of any words..NIZ Maharaj..

Niz...nisarga means natural no birth or death

Maharaj : Nisarga means natural, natural,no birth, no death , just there. In this universe , species take birth and return back to nature , they go no where. Sattva , Rajas and Tamas 9 the three gunas ) are the limbs of nature , the five elements and three gunas are inherent in nature. This body is born in nature and nature only , nothing else and is without identity. The world is created out of dirt, natural physical emissions turn into beautiful human forms. I am going to sign - NISARGADATTA - nature itself. Any stance has limitations but i am beyond that, nature only, vast nature , no shape or form and no limitations. If you want to be Nisargadatta , do only one thing, be in that state of harmony which is consciousness, being in natural harmony , all the puzzles will be solved. After one has accepted this state ( the knowledge of one's just Being) , many kinds of things can happen. Some will have long life ; others will have a glimpse of what is generally known as heaven , that state ( Beingness) will itself create heaven. Beingness is the cause and lord of all manifestations - Vishnu , Ishwara. when this foof-body disappears , this Beingness also will disappear. In nature - Nisargadatta - there are millions of years and lives, what has happened to them ? What are they doing ? Reincarnation and the rest are all just concepts to while away time. There are millions of fish, can you have kundalini for them ?Because of identification we have created trouble. Fish have no trouble , since they have no identity ; concepts help only to pass time. Everybody wants things when alive , we do this and we do that , after death , when breath has gone , what is of oneself that reamins ? Ntaure konws no end, no beginning , all concepts are only moments in consciousness ; one considers oneself as an individual and suffers.

All the scriptures are of no use NIZ

All the scriptures of Hindu as well as other religions are available to you.Go and read them they are of no use . But i say you can go back to the point where from where you really come and see if you have really come. That will require meditation and you will have to constantly return to that point...Nisargadatta Maharaj.

The most important function of a human is free will and self determination

The most important function of a human is free will and self determination, even if it is an action in illusion. The mind is above karma so on that plane the future fruits are created....Manipulation and prevention of free will and self determination attract very bad karma...........................

Self euthanasia

Q. Is it obligatory to live out one's natural life span? M. Natural -spontaneously -easy-yes. But disease and suffering are not natural. There is noble virtue in unshakable endurance of whatever comes but there is also dignity in the refusal of meaningless torture and humiliation.... 58 minutes ago ·

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....There is no separate personal god.

To clear up a question or two....There is no separate personal god....god is life force the entire universe is a manifestation of...Because of our egos we look outward instead of inwards so we are not aware consciously of our own self or Self....when we turn inwards we become everything that is manifested as the TRUTH. So there is no separate intervening god to pray to or worship....the manifest universe is only ever PRANA AND KARMA AND THAT IS IT...THERE IS NO GOD, THAT IS SUPERSTITION AND MANIPULATION. There are Devas and other beings demi gods etc but they are only as real as we are but in different dimensions. Many people cannot face this and then the life force and karma gets called god....but it doesn'nt change the fact there is no god. S... Very well said. I totally agree with this. You have put the whole truth in a nutshell . Thank you! about an hour ago via mobile · Like

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Because we use the frontal lobes to turn every thought into words we spend more time processing rather than accepting..T..

Because we use the frontal lobes to turn every thought into words we spend more time processing rather than accepting..T.. We look but cannot help describing in words what we are looking....we think on words the lowest form of speech.