Wednesday, November 07, 2018


Biggest scam ever spiritual frauds and charlatans...T Helen Schucman, who claimed that it had been dictated to her word for word via "inner dictation" which came from Jesus.!!!!!????NONSENSE. Send us your money fast and get redemption Jesus who was a mukta and long gone was supposed to have dictated it hahahah...It is also a foundation , which is just another name for a company seeking tax relief...I had a look and it is apparently dualistic christianity based and some eastern philosophy thrown in but it totally misses the message of Vedanta, meditation and Truth --just another send us your money deal...t JESUS CANNOT DICTATE OR 'COME BACK' AS THE JESUS BODY AND EGO IS GONE AND DEAD HE WAS A REALISED MUKTA. .SO PEOPLE PURPORTING TO UNDERSTAND EASTERN PHILOSOPHY ARE BS,..JESUS WAS THE MAN AND CHRIST THE UNIVERSAL KUTASTHA CAITANYA..THE FACT THEY CLAIM SUCH FRAUDULENT NONSENSE SHOWS THEY HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THE VEDANTA OR BUDDHISM TEACH AND ARE JUST THROWING NONSEND TO CATCH A WIDER NET OF FOOLS.. THEY GOT A GOOD LEG UP FROM OPRAH OF THE CHURCH OF OPRAH SHOW...T