Thursday, August 31, 2017

The sons of belial have hidden the fact that they destroyed Atlantis and

The sons of belial have hidden the fact that they destroyed Atlantis and ...other cultures. They wanted people to think the present history to 4kbce was the first. And they kept hidden the facts about the various forms of humans and mixtures and how homo sapiens was formed etc. This is no doubt why the opponent of the sons of belial...Ra Ta reincarnated as Edgar Cayce to inform us of Atlantis and what they did and are doing again......Especially as we are coming to the end of this culture soon...t

Friday, August 25, 2017


Let me tell you what HELL REALLY IS..It the lower astral dim light plane, where those who have bad karma end up...The hell is they have all their natural urges and desires in their mind and they cannot satisfy them on that plane or any plane of subtlety... PERMANENT HELL IS WHEN THE EARTH IS DESTROYED AND THEY HAVE TO SUFFER THEIR UNSATISFIED DESIRES FOREVER AND EVER THROUGH PRALAYA AND MAHA PRALAYAS...T

Saturday, August 19, 2017

feel good factor is not spirituality

The power elite sons of belial have displaced people like me in the liberal/left movement, which I grew up in... They have refound the key they fought the Adamo-Kum arics with ...AMORALITY.....just feed the quiet indulgent desires of the ego and make it nice confusing that with spirituality....And quoting MLK---of suspect sexual appetites....and Gandhiji who had an extremely disciplined sadhana... BUT TAKE NOTE; Those that survive the coming destruction and confinement to the lower astral will not be the nice peaceful tolerant people....but those do not tolerate the dominance of ego and have an ishtadevata or god form/idea to follow---spiritual people... Remember Jesus said I come not to bring peace but a sword.....There is the difference between the peace and tolerance of the sons of belial---and true disciplined spirituality... The SOB have conned everybody with their new amoral liberal/leftist humanism....T

Friday, August 18, 2017

My first spontaneous regression---irish slave confederate officer,,,,

First spontaneous regression experience--a tid bit My first spontaneous regression occurred in 1986 just a short time after I had started meditation. I was sitting watching TV when I went into a reverie of this past life...I saw myself taken prisoner in Ireland, saw the soldiers in their uniforms and helmets..from the 1700s. I was taken in chains with a whole group down to the docks...I could see my wife and child standing on the dock as I left for the larger ship, never to be seen again....We arrived in the West Indies where we were put to work on sugar cane plantations. There was a rebellion and burning cane at one stage...and I took up a relationship with an African slave girl....I saw myself swim out to a ship of which the captain was a Gaelic speaker,,,and he took me aboard and we sailed for New Orleans...I lived and worked there for years, learned English, and worked my way up some kind of govt or local council, until the Civil War broke out...I was an officer in the cavalry of some kind...with a grey uniform and black feathers in my hat....I was killed in a charge by a cannon ball or shot at a battle called Shiloh... This was not my first regression but it was the first spontaneous one that I remember, as I had been practising regressions on and off for some time. The strange thing was how such a lot could be packed into a reverie. Time was not the normal sequence...and my wife said that she saw me look down and go into a quiet state for a short time. It is strange but when I was working in Miami Fla, in 1968/69, a girl told mesome of my past and future. She wanted me to go to Bimini to scuba dive over someancient ruins, with some University People. She said they were Atlantean and that I wouldremember them. She also predicted that I would go to India and meet Sai Baba, whomshe had already met. Some other stuff about my first wife dying at a young age and how many children I would have also came true. I think her name was Phyliss and her friendwas, called Ray and his mother was called Yolanta, she was from Albania. The divers discovered the Bimini wall or road and some other stuff....I have my own memory of being there associated with the crystal power source...with a present daughter of mine.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Another reason Karana Janmas and Avatars descent is to change the pattern of mind, the species mind of humanity...;

Another reason Karana Janmas and Avatars descent is to change the pattern of mind, the species mind of humanity...; It has to be done constantly as it drifts into the ways of the Sons of Belial... The SOB don't want peace they want quiet subservience of their human resources...They are completely Amoral so they don't really care about Confederate Statues, and such like disturbances..They just don't like 1, Any hint of any kind of rebellion or resistance..2.History as that is how we remember. That is why they tell the lie about civilisation starting 4k bce when in fact it goes back over a million years but was destroyed----Atlantis was the peak of technology way beyond ours and what we can dream of.....That was a failure to them and should not be remembered as people may question the direction..Remember Hitler was a tool of the sons of belial and use to religiously consult with his Astral Guiders...continually..In fact Sri Aurobindo said he displaced them when Hitler finished the battle of Britain and convinced him to attack Russia not the UK and caused him to lose the war....So these hidden Astral beings are there at the top of the sob chain on the planet consciously like with Hitler or subconsciously and dream plane with others.. Almost everything now is Orwellian, even kids movies like emooji etc push and indoctrinate the cell phone system and ideas to high school freshmen....etc.. So the species mind of the human is now almost totally controlled from the astral and the use of thought forms has built up totally so people plug into them unwittingly and are controlled thus.. This is the state of any communications industry which is almost totally, movies, music, entertainment and the press especially...along with govts and politicians...Hence the ANTI ADAMIC/KUMARIC move on LGBTQ etc...eroding standards put down by Adam and Kumaras..Sexual confusion. amorality, everything goes---do what you want pleasure yourself always. People an hardly resist the thought forms and species mind as they are part of it..In the beginning programming came from music and enterainment all in BHAKTI which overcomes this programming with one pointedness and concentration. We are almost the peak of what Cayce and Orwell warned about and the other prophets...As orwell warned 'big brother' is here and his face is the media and news people...along with entertainment. This kaleidescope cannot be changed so the SIDDHAS HAVE TO DESTROY IT AND RESET AND KEEP ALL THESE ASTRAL POLLUTIED SOULS ON THE LOWER ASTRAL FOR HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF YEARS SO A NEW SYSTEM CAN BE INSTITUTED.... THIS IS WHY RESISTANCE TO ANY REBELLION OF ANY KIND...T Tony O'Clery 22 hrs ·…/ramana-maharshi-says-that-devas… Ramana Maharshi says that the Devas, Pisachas(demons), Iswaras, and all the other Astral dwellers are as real as one is and are a hierarchy Ramana Maharshi says that the Devas,… OCLERY.BLOGSPOT.COM LikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

Saturday, August 12, 2017

His readings explain that Adam was as androgynous as his Creator prior to the split into sexes

Micky Cee Excerpts from the Edgar Cayce Readings Marnia's picture Submitted by Marnia on Tue, 2005-07-12 10:06 Printer-friendly version Mankind must overcome biological sex through union in order to awaken Edgar Cayce Cayce enthusiasts may also find this article of interest. In the early part of this century a gifted channel, Edgar Cayce, picked up echoes of the deeper mystery that lies in true union of the sexes. His readings explain that Adam was as androgynous as his Creator prior to the split into sexes. Thereafter Adam was left with his male polarity while Eve inherited the female charge. This "electrical" imbalance furnishes a path to enlightenment when employed for that end. R.W. Krajenke, commenting on Cayce's work, summarized this insight as follows: Uniting the opposing forces, the positive and negative, male and female, and bringing them into a creative balance and stabilizing our relationships with our "opposites," becomes the way of returning and reuniting with the Oneness of Spirit. And, quoting the Cayce readings directly: Cayce Reading 262-86 Much might be said respecting the necessity of that union of influences or forces that are divided in the earth in sex. In the heavenly kingdom ye are neither married nor given in marriage; neither is there any such thing as sex; ye become as one--in the union of that from which, of which, ye have been the portion from the beginning.

To restate; LBGTQ should be tolerated but not instituted as a THIRD SEX LIKE plato in his symposium.

To restate; LBGTQ should be tolerated but not instituted as a THIRD SEX LIKE plato in his symposium...Adam and The Kumaras descended to form two sexes out of the hermaphrodite humanity, in order to eliminate sexual confusion which leads to diversion and away from the path of Moksha and realisation. A sure sign of the power elite is LGBTQ dominance like Trudeau in Canada and every empire from the ancient past in its final decline was obsessed with a third sex concept..and is diversionary and very much a sign of the POWER ELITE...who hark back to the hermaphrodites and mixtures.... Marriage should only be for Religions....Civil Marriages will be between a male and a female ....LGBTQ can have a legal contract covering the same legal ground....T Ask the Rabbi, » Adam, a Hermaphrodite? The Ultimate Ask-the-Rabbi Service. JEWISHANSWERS.ORG Adam and Eve story Adam, a Hermaphrodite? This is a strange question, but I’ve been curious about the syntax of the sentence in Genesis (1:27) where it states that “God created man, in His image he created them; male and female he created them.” Is the Hebrew any clearer, as the syntax in English suggests the possibility that God created man as both male and female? Your intuition is correct. There is an opinion in the Talmud that states that God originally created Adam as a hermaphrodite and then split that one being into two separate bodies. Besides the verse that you cite, there is another a bit further on in Genesis that alludes to this concept: “Male and female He created them, and He blessed them and called THEIR name Adam on the day they were being created.” (Genesis 5:2) Sincerely, Rabbi Ari Lobel

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Adamic and Kumaric Law....

What is the Adamic and Kumaric Law. 1. It is essentially the 10 commandments plus the other 40. 2. Marriage is male plus female ----one man one women. 3. Ahimsa as much as possible.....non harm. 4. No practising of deviant sexuality... 5,Family is the nucleus of society. 6. Recognising Divinity and practising some sadhana/discipline. 7. Structured Society and organisation...Varnas x4...Democratic and equality of sexes. o 8.Direction of music, and entertainment mostly to Bhakti. 9. Love thy neighbour as thyself... 10. Understand that everything is about the fact all is one..and one has to work for Realisation or Moksha... Many of the Laws of Manu are based on them but also cover a lot of other cultural issues...So some may be in conflict.. SACRED-TEXTS.COM

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LGBTQ ...stand that male and female is not the only marriage goes against, all myths, history, scriptures, religions, and spiritual groups..and completely negates the Adamic and Kumaric

LGBTQ ...stand that male and female is not the only marriage goes against, all myths, history, scriptures, religions, and spiritual groups..and completely negates the Adamic and Kumaric Law....which can only end in a clear out of population and a reset of humanity...Plus Revelations and Puranas etc say that those cleared out will not be allowed etc reincarnate for hundreds perhaps thousand + years and will be held on the Astral. Probaby the Siddhas will let karma take its course and there will be earthchanges and a clear out of up to 75%++ of the population.....T

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"God created man and woman; God created the world like this and we are doing the exact opposite," he said, calling the notion than children can determine their biological sex for themselves "terrible." The influential institutions backing this are exploiting God's creation, he went on to say, and the problem is a global one. "We are living at a time when humankind as the image of God is being annihilated," the pope continued, connecting the abuse of the natural world with the abuse of human beings. He suggested that both stem from a "lack of appreciation of humankind's God-given dignity," as the Catholic Herald reported. "There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriagend family," the paper read. Likewise, in his papal encyclical Laudato Si, which was published in June 2015, the pope connected "gender theory" with economic exploitation. Although the encyclical focused on the threat of climate change and environmental degradation, Francis also wrote critically in the document of the desire to "cancel out sexual difference," noting that "thinking we enjoy absolute power over our own bodies turns, often subtly, into thinking that we enjoy absolute power over creation."

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Babaji AArTHI

Sunday, August 06, 2017


One has to cut through the BS and Belial propaganda, and understand that when the Adamic and Kumaric Law has been almost destroyed and the Belilians are winning----They will not be allowed to and most of the population will be destroyed by the Siddhas lifting their restraints on pent up karma.... So if you want a yardstick to when this will happen track the amount of countries rejecting Adam and Kumaras in favour of Pleasure and LGBTQ....AND YOU WILL KNOW WHEN IT IS UPON THE WORLD...T The interesting coincidence , (or is it?) is that the percentage of approval of LGBTQ marriage is approaching the amount of population to be destroyed in the final purification which is only a generation or less away.....This is the final rejection of the Adamic and Kumaric descents in favour of desire by any means....T The amount of destruction of popluation is from 75%-90%...worldwide....T THIS MAY be metaphorical and could even reflect the destruction of Atlantis etc...However the inference is that they disobeyed the law of Adam and the Kumaras..on sexual confusion, deviancy and unholy unnatural desire for pleasure sexually....Adam and Kumaras came to remove sexual confusion so it is going the opposite direction..T --------------------- The main error of LGBTQ is that it endorses the pursuit of sexual pleasure and desire by any means mostly deviant and unnatural behaviour...THAT IS THE REJECTION of the Adamics and Kumaras..T

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Homo Sapiens sex desire etc in the astral descents

A major problem started with the 'sex desire' entering the astral descents...As the search for pleasure could be done in strong desire for contracting muscles and relieved...And this is all over the tv, music and every industry...becomes the prime motivation and drive as it a distortion of the creation impulse....T Development of homo sapiens complicated things further for the example of the perfect human body was there.... Notwithstanding a pig has an orgasm for 30 mins...t

Friday, August 04, 2017

Unless a society progresses in sadhana and other discipline it does not stay still but disintegrates

Unless a society progresses in sadhana and other discipline it does not stay still but disintegrates. Which is what is happening around the world...To such an extent it is no use complaining about it, it can no longer be changed. Most children are less well behaved because the mother's influence is diluted in the home... This is a power eiite son of belial influence which wants all women in the work force being exploited like the men----just numbers economically. They have convinced women that being a mother is not a vocation but some kind of drudgery and that being feminine is have a job all the time... This has resulted in the two parents working society where wages have lost purchasing power.. The days of USA --1957---primacy economicallly and also places like Australia ,Canada where a mans wage could buy a house, car, tv etc are not possible without the woman working. Society, spiritually and otherwise is decadent and can only be RESET...purified destroyed...T