Monday, October 18, 2004

O'Clery's Plough-New Constitution.

A New Constitution. 'O'CLERY'S PLOUGH'.
Copyright.January, 2003.
21st Century, New Tri-Cameral Constitution.
We need a new system. The Ancient Civilisations had a good idea to base one on. Modern
So -called Democracy has failed and is in fact 'Democracyism', a fraud.
1. A Lower Legislature. 2. A Senate. 3. A Philosophical Chamber. ( Including all belief systems, Religions and Philosophies).
These would be elected on the basis of proportional representation. However one group would not be allowed to totally dominate the Chamber, as committees would not be based on numerical representation. There would also be an office of Ombudsman, and Recall of Representatives. Fraternal and other societies would not be allowed to be secret, all members must be listed and accountable.
There would be a court system, with a High or Supreme Court and levels of lower courts. However the laws would be made in the legislature, not by political appointees.
Control of vital industries by the government in some way. This would allow some limited private investment. Plus Government supplied Medicine, Education, Housing and Public Transportation. No group or associates of a group will be allowed to own more than 20% of any National Media.
A mixed economy, in other words with an upper limit on personal wealth. Perhaps set at several millions of dollars, so as not to discourage entrepreneurs. A Leader or Chairperson, elected by a revolving council, elected for short terms by the Tricameral System. Consensus being the operative word. This would do away with putting power in the hands of Presidents and Prime Ministers, and severely curtail the influence of fraternal clubs, and interest groups. All electoral funds would be set and provided by the government. No Lobbying would be allowed. For a Democracy cannot exist with lobbying. Taxation would be light, because of the nature of the State and income tax may even not be necessary.
Further; separate councils would guide the Police, Military, Administration/Professions, Philosophical and Workers. The Military would essentially be Home Defence Forces. Councils would also run the Ministries in the same manner as the legislature.
There would be a Human Charter/Bill of Rights, guaranteeing no discrimination under the law based on race, religion, gender, or discrimination of any kind at all. Freedom of speech and assembly would be guaranteed, even for controversial beliefs. A guarantee of no unemployment or poverty would also be written in.
There would be no need for 'political correctness', or such things as 'affirmative action'.
There would be a return to the 'Metal Standard', for currency.
There would be no income tax, at the middle to lower levels, but there would be a property and consumption tax. Those better able to bear the taxes would pay them.

Marriages would be performed by religions, The Government would have no influence in this area at all, Civil Marriage Ceremonies would be contracts, between two people of any race, gender, or the same gender. The word 'marriage'is the problem...use of partnership is better.
There would be no impediment to Monarchies or Figurehead Presidents. Executive Presidents and Prime Ministers would be replaced by Chairperson of the Council. Short terms for Councils and Chairpersons eliminates entrenched patronage, and lessens abuse of power.
The Basic Constitution would emphasise Non-Harm and the prevention of Harm.
This would extend to the environment and ecology.
Tony O'Clery.