Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One must love the other for the 'Self's ' sak

One must love the other for the 'Self's ' sake not for ones own sake. If your friend or relative is ailing or seriously ill don't think in terms of your potential loss but have compassion for their condition. That is love otherwise fretting about your loss is attachment and selfishness.................

Selvi yes I agree and awakened
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Max I agree Tony true compassion has no ulterior motive. But how many of us can achieve this state???
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Tony O'Clery Max has to put oneself in the place of the ailing person mentally instead of in one's own selfish place....and fear of loss.....
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Tony O'Clery The Self i use here is the big Self or the 'Life Force', Prana or god or whatever name you give it....
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Cathy so true
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The futility of human existence

The futility of human existence is in cycles; nothing is ever permanently changed for the good like the humanists expect...Procrastination is the thief of time but Hope is the thief of sadhana and moksha....Human nature will never change as long as the dog's hind leg is bent...For humans carry with them all the vasanas and tendencies of the animals they once were, without instinctual seasons. The Ego itself is really the reactiv defence mechanism to identify 'who' is getting hurt of experiencing. This in turn is amplified and misused by the human mind. This may seem cynical the obvious is often cause....; That we are an interface between the lokas and patalas and mixture of joy and grief, both of which we have to rise above...For why would the Devas take birth so they can overcome their happiness....If there is any reason at all for human simian existence it is to realise the futility of human existence....only Mosha is the escape.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Kevala NirVikalpa Samadhi is the Royal Road

Every occupation we have, every interest, every business, every hobby, every course of study, every religion, every use of mind is just distraction....and diversion...Only Kevala NirVikalpa Samadhi is the Royal Road.

If one must the only thought and speech to take not of is 'Who am I?' 'I am That'.

Then one will find nothing is happening at all.