Monday, October 05, 2015

MS SARAH WELCH HAS EDITED THE AJATIVADA PAGE I STARTED BUT WAS EDITED OUT OF EXISTENCE BY PEOPLE LIKE JOHNSON WHO CANNOT GRASP IT MEANS NO APPEARANCE EVEN AND COULD NOT UNDERSTAND THAT RAMANA WAS A MUKT NOT AN APPEARANCE OF A NON EXISTENT GOD..........KEEP IT UP SARAH. Ajativada. Vedantic, not Later Buddhistic which is erroneous mostly. It is not the same thing as the Buddhist Anutpada,(joshua jonathan and kim dent-brown, ogress, novalian), which the Buddhist for some reason spuriously present as ajativada..(.However Anutpada, or secondary, could equate with the Buddha's unborn...or Saguna Brahaman, in Vedanta.Joshua Jonathan does not understand Advaita Vedanta he is still insisting that Ajativada means a changeless appearance when in fact it means 'NOTHING EVER HAPPENED AT ALL INCLUDING THE APPEARANCE'. THIS KIND OF IGNORANCE ALLOWED ON WIKIPEDIA EDITORS IS ASTOUNDING....AND DEGRADES THE ENCYCLOPEDIA AS A SOURCE.....

i notice the ignoramuses like jonath

Friday, September 25, 2015

Islam is in the main a animal mixture ego religion/ideology

Islam is in the main a animal mixture ego religion/ doesn't have the intellectual or spiritual giants that are evident in the origins of Christianity, Hindusim, Buddhism and Taoism..........(.Even if many of the adherents are also animal mixture egos-souls-spirits possessed...There is somewhere to go that doesn't insult the intellect like heaven with 72 virgins and other rubbish.).. This is its problem in a high tech world and a traveling world..........It can only ever evangelise by force and coercion as there is nothing to appeal to any mind but the lowest of intellects.....There is nowhere to even the Sufis are totally non islamic and only rent a room in there as they are not understood and predate islam by 100ks years....... ALSO MORE IMPORTANCE THERE ARE NO KARANA JANMAS, AVATARS AND MUKTAS ONLY A SO CALLED PROPHET OF DUBIOUS MENTAL BALANCE ...........T The Hebrews had karana janmas like Melchizadec and Joshua. AND NO DOUBT ENOCH AND JESUS

Friday, August 14, 2015

Masons are the Sons of Belial...

The Masons are in fact ' The actual SONS OF BELIAL' FROM ATLANTIS AND INDIA.. IN Atlantis they were the materialists sons of belial and they fought with the ' FOLLOWERS OF THE LAW OF ONE' who were the spiritual ones.....The sons of belial, according to Cayce, did not want the animal mixture slave people educated to who they really where and where they came from...The sons of belial had their own temples and sacrifices etc..........When atlantis broke up they went to many places in mexico, europe and most importantly Egypt where they took over from the followers of the law of one....It was not until thousands of years later that Akhenaten ie Moses tried to reinstitute the follower of the law of one...but they killed him in sinai....But Judaism survived from that.....The masonS owe obeissance to the owl lady LILITH , WHO IS MENTIONED IN ISIAAH and the Kabbalah and is despised by the Jews...She was teh first animal mixture wife of Adam... In India the followers of the law of one were headed up by Ram and the sons of belial Ravana.......same story different location........... THAT IS WHO THE MASONS ARE....THEY CAUSED THE AMERICAN AND FRENCH REVOLUTION....THE AMERICAN 3 YEARS AFTER THEY LOST POWER TO THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT SO THEY NEEDED A COUNTRY OF THEIR OWN-----------THE USA.......AND THEN ADDED FRANCE.....T...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Praga, pet humans......

Everything is predetermined --so says Ramana... Hate to tell you this folks but have a baby is no more volitional or important than a goose laying an egg.......resulting in a gosling..To make it important would make a human ego important when it is a irrelevant and an exercise in futility..... PRAGA is the sanskrit for desire for progeny.......which in fact is an impulse and a desire to have a PET HUMAN....A projection of oneself and expansion of the ego.. Human love is it is love clouded by the vasanas---desires and tendencies..... However the child itself before it ego BALA KRISHNA OR CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, CAITANYA KUTASHTA........T

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The real nature and origin of the human mind and psychology,

I did pyschology at a lot of people.....I found them contradictory and confused really..........That is because they do not know what the mind is Nis says. THE HUMAN MIND. The human mind is the lower animal mind or Manas combined with the intellectual mind of the Astral ego possessor....Vijnanamayakosa.... THE SUBTLE BODY. One has to understand that his Ego astral Spirit dreamed up its own bodies 20+million years ago and eventually dreamed up mixture animals like Pans and Sphinxes etc....Eventually they became entrapped in the physical... 10Million years later homo sapiens came on the scene 133 million of them...and his founded a new template for the astral egos...Problem is they had all the animal desires and tendencies from their time as mixtures....and many stayed like this in mixtures for 10million years until at least 9k bce... So now we have two types. 1. Astrals in simian sapiens. 2. Astrals in amimal mixture bodies....and mostly totally ignorant and dull...These were the majority of egos on the planet and still are except they are in simian bodies now.... Both kinds have vasanas from the animal types and these are all part of the subtle body they bring from life to life.......THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE DIVERSITY OF HUMAN MINDS, DESIRES AND BEHAVIOURS---ALL OUT OF SEASON AND BASED ON PLEASURE FOR DESIRE ONLY...... ALL THESE TENDENCIES OR VASANAS HAVE TO BE PURIFED SO THE BUDDHI IS PURIFIED AND THE INTELLECT IS CLEAR.........IN ORDER TO ADVANCE TO MOKSHA OR AT LEAST BRAHMALOKA UNTIL PRALAYA...... SO PSYCHOLOGIST ARE ONLY TREATING THE SUPERFICIAL ALL THE TIME...AND MENTAL ILLNESS IN ONLY A PLACE WHERE A CONTRADICTION BREAKS OUT IN THE GENERAL FIELD........TONY....ONS.