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What does this mean? Old Chinese in Canada ie....those that came early are no problem and very well integrated even down to facial expressions etc.. I use my doctor as a prime example of a typical integrated Chinese-Canadian. I have observed this objectively to try and get a handle on this separateness....and ATTITUDE IS THE MAIN COMPONENT..Most old chinese do not like the new chinese....and the hong kongers don't like the mainlanders...the losers are the old chinese as they are more integrated but poorer and the new immigrants affect them also. So if old chinese are integrated that means eventually the new ones will be as well...After all the chinese built the railways here in canada back in the 19th century.. So what are the impediments to integration? 1. Religion. 2. Culture. 3. Language... Religion can never be overcome as it is by nature divisive.... Culture eventually will more integrated through the generations. Language is a strong impediment as it forces people to be separate.... This is why people like Trudeau had to admit they had failed in multi the 3 points above were not only almost encouraged but were even funded!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? for votes. The sad thing is that in some communities such as the Sikhs some new generations have turned to gangs and crime although they do not come from a poor background. I feel this is due to a breakdown in communication between parents and children---due to language and archaic rural attitudes the parents have... The only solution to that is that visa to be issued to people who can speak working english and have tests in consulates. Otherwise women get imported into the same rural culture but in a different country and this leaves them open to domestic violence and mostly they cannot communicate outside the culture... So it boils down to 'When in Rome do as the Romans do'. You can see how difficult this is, as i am wrestling with it myself; Trying to understand what has become a bit of a mess.. I know that if I went to a country to live or spend time...I would at least get the rudiments of the language culture etc etc...Unlike many of the North Europeans don't do in Spain and Greece etc.. So multi culturalism is natural and divisive but should not be encouraged or funded so it becomes entrenched...Again the Americans 'Melting Pot' was the best policy and even they have moved from that position somewhat...So the only solution really is; 1. To get a permanent resident visa one must have a proficiency in the host country language...and an understanding to the country's culture and social the bill of rights or charter of rights and freedoms. 2. Multi culturalism should not be encouraged by funding temples and clubs etc....or 'buying votes' by politicians. 3. To access services --the national language should be interpreters at all.,,,So no driving licenses or citizenship without language... Like · · Unfollow Post M Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan said: "Democracy is like a streetcar that you take to your destination, then you get off." Or more accurately, it's like a streetcar that you take only as long as you believe it will get you to your destination, otherwise you hop off. That is exactly what Islam is doing. Using democracy to destroy democracy. about an hour ago · Unlike · 1 Tony O'Clery So the blame lies with govt policies....and the usual politicians.... about an hour ago · Like Tony O'Clery Even I supported multi culturalism in the beginning as I also did not anticipate what would happen. 58 minutes ago · Like Tony O'Clery separation not union. 58 minutes ago · Like Tony O'Clery If there were no relgious differences in syria there would be no war. 55 minutes ago · Like Tony O'Clery Speaking in Potsdam Angela Merkel said allowing people of different cultural backgrounds live to side by side without integrating had not worked in Germany. According to a recent survey, more than 30% of Germans believed that their country was "overrun by foreigners". Mrs Merkel also stressed that immigrants who lived in Germany needed to do more to integrate, including learning to speak German. 35 minutes ago · Like M my country switzerland is really overrun with foreigners. the worst are the north africans ( moslems). at least 90% of these shitheads steal plunder and molest our women and collect money from the state. they do not come here with the intention of integrating or ever working. 14 minutes ago · Like Tony O'Clery Here in Canada it was muliti racial...and that is what we have to get back to................ 9 minutes ago · Like Write a comment...

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The mind has been cheating you for thirty-five million years,

The mind has been cheating you for thirty-five million years, my dear children. You have been cheated. Stop this now! Look here and know who you are. Instantly you will find freedom and this suffering -- hitchhiking from womb to womb -- will instantly stop. The only way is to look within. Experiences have been experienced and they have not given you peace. Whereever there is no experiencer there is no experience. So disappear! Experienced, experience, experiencer... let them all disappear right now~H.W.L. POONJA (papaji) This is excellent even the this the only one besides edgar cayce that has such a way.. Tony O'Clery Cayce mentions 20mm years for descent into general animal bodies and mixtures and 10mm for descent into human simians .....So the intelligent advance animal goes back a further 15mm years. This an excellent authentication post.

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The I Am is the essence or sattva of the food

The I Am is the essence or sattva of the food we eat as food eventually turns in to the life force or prana..........Purified mind allows one to understand and comprehend the words of real sadgurus or muktas....Understanding the words of non realised teachers means nothing and is like water off a ducks back as there is no sakitpat there. So food is important.....eating meat adds in heavy vibrations, and tendencies of the animal and the death throw impressions...thus impeding moksha....So we have to have a sattivic diet or vegetarianism if possible as Ramana says that is imperitive for moksha or yoga Before you aske....Niz Maharaj says it is wrong to kill for food...He also did not say he ate meat but that he came from a family that did....and he ate little of anything.

The Indian PM Mohan Singh is upset about the massacre in the USA

The Indian PM Mohan Singh is upset about the massacre in the USA and is calling on the US Govt to educate people about the difference between Sikhs and Muslims....This is arse about less advertising of differences rather than more that is needed..What is needed is integration...melting pot....multi culturalism has not worked in USA, Canada or UK, as the kids, only the old USA idea of melting pot worked for a few hundred years...........We don't need religion upsetting the boat and causing problems.. Mohan says Sikhs said fought well in WWII. This is true without the Sikhs the British could never have ruled India as they supplied to tools of empire for the Brits...also they pushed the japanese back in Burma..Something I know about as my Aunts partner got a posthumous VC fighting the japanese in meilkla...........However having said point again is blending in not standing out..integration not isolation...peace in the home and no domestic violence...or honour killings which only attract KARMA from without... Religion is only ever about manipulation, control, and is not a yardstick to measure good behaviour or integration..

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Within illusion or mind there are divisions and dimensions.

Within illusion or mind there are divisions and dimensions..hells, lokas, patalas, heavens, planets, dimensions etc...mostly astral...people who are on the non ego spiritual path incarnate from the upper 4 lokas of the astral and the 7 lokas of the mental....Demonic leaders like fascists and communists etc or even religious demonics like a lot of islam incarnate from the darker 3 levels of the lower astral and have only interest in materialism and ego ego ego and power etc....Most countries are a mix but totalitarians have a 100% demonic/ego leadership.

Ramana Maharshi says that the Devas, Pisachas(demons), Iswaras, and all the other Astral dwellers are as real as one is and are a hierarchy

Ramana Maharshi says that the Devas, Pisachas(demons), Iswaras, and all the other Astral dwellers are as real as one is and are a hierarchy...When we get moksha all disappear of course...In the meantime these good and ego/evil spirits exist....Also Ramana says on death we go to the Astral in between human lives etc... Both Devas and Pisachas do take incarnation on the planet for their own reasons Devas to be released from their happiness and the Pisachas to experience more the material and ego....( as in leaders of PR China, Russia, Iran. Syria etc). We cannot ignore this and rely on our incredulity to let them operate without noticing. Also Pisachas are in fundy religions like violent and sharia Islam. Even Cayce in his readings spoke of the enemies of the law of one not only being politicians but also in their own religions....and his verifiable readings were over 90% correct indicating the non verfiable were as good. When the Bible and other religions talk about this being Saitan'sn plane....the inference is actually true....I don't believe in a Devil but there are Demons.... All countries are a mix but for opposites sake there are Demonic Countries...