Thursday, July 09, 2015

The real nature and origin of the human mind and psychology,

I did pyschology at a lot of people.....I found them contradictory and confused really..........That is because they do not know what the mind is Nis says. THE HUMAN MIND. The human mind is the lower animal mind or Manas combined with the intellectual mind of the Astral ego possessor....Vijnanamayakosa.... THE SUBTLE BODY. One has to understand that his Ego astral Spirit dreamed up its own bodies 20+million years ago and eventually dreamed up mixture animals like Pans and Sphinxes etc....Eventually they became entrapped in the physical... 10Million years later homo sapiens came on the scene 133 million of them...and his founded a new template for the astral egos...Problem is they had all the animal desires and tendencies from their time as mixtures....and many stayed like this in mixtures for 10million years until at least 9k bce... So now we have two types. 1. Astrals in simian sapiens. 2. Astrals in amimal mixture bodies....and mostly totally ignorant and dull...These were the majority of egos on the planet and still are except they are in simian bodies now.... Both kinds have vasanas from the animal types and these are all part of the subtle body they bring from life to life.......THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE DIVERSITY OF HUMAN MINDS, DESIRES AND BEHAVIOURS---ALL OUT OF SEASON AND BASED ON PLEASURE FOR DESIRE ONLY...... ALL THESE TENDENCIES OR VASANAS HAVE TO BE PURIFED SO THE BUDDHI IS PURIFIED AND THE INTELLECT IS CLEAR.........IN ORDER TO ADVANCE TO MOKSHA OR AT LEAST BRAHMALOKA UNTIL PRALAYA...... SO PSYCHOLOGIST ARE ONLY TREATING THE SUPERFICIAL ALL THE TIME...AND MENTAL ILLNESS IN ONLY A PLACE WHERE A CONTRADICTION BREAKS OUT IN THE GENERAL FIELD........TONY....ONS.