Sunday, May 14, 2017

Strange 'arranged meeting'

I was sitting in the hot tub yesterday at the swimming pool when a young Indian or Ind0-Canadian came and sat down. I noticed his position so I asked was meditation and he said i am relaxing all my muscles....Dharana..We had a conversation covering Vipassana, NIS, Ramana, Sarada, Lakshmana and Babaji plus advaitin philosophy....Much of which he was not as familiar with as I was...After a few minutes we introduced ourselves and he left....His name was Sumanyu....T

Sunday, May 07, 2017

The last thoughts are important when one dies...They carry over as the mind is not in the brain it uses it and can be affected by it..For example mentally ill people need to be peaceful when they die for if they commit suicide for example they will be in a place of light and peace but everything else on the astral will be confusion as it was in life.. It seems they are in a place of their own, but then are not we all? I KNOW THIS FROM TALKING TO THE DEAD..THROUGH A SENSITIVE .T THIS IS WHY THE HINDUS PLACE MUCH IMPORTANCE ON THE THOUGHTS AT DEATH...T