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Cayce said the Herodian Sadducee PriestC CAIPHAS ETC in the Jerusalem Temple were 'SONS OF BELIAL

1. Cayce said the Herodian Sadducee PriestC CAIPHAS ETC in the Jerusalem Temple were 'SONS OF BELIAL'... In fact the devout And Essenes worshipped at the temple of the Prophets in Mt Carmel...AS they considered the Temple in Jerusalem to be polluted by money changers and animal sacrifice===a wall street so to speak. The killing of James the brother of Jesus by the same Temple Priests caused riots as the Essens were now the biggest sect of Judaism...So the Romans who knew that the forced Pilate to execute Jesus, and Jesus's sister Ruth was married to a high Roman official in Rome itself...So the Romans had enough and invaded in 70ce leveled the Temple and the city....and dispersed the population. 2, Prophet Samuel said the sons of Eli who were levites were also sons of belial and he called them that. So penetration of religion started early in Atlantis even in thet time of Adam.. ADAM......AT MAN......ADI MANU.....FIRST MAN...SAPIENS...T

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ARE,,,,,E Cayce and the Hopi.... Atlantis and Mu sinking and the Hopi story...t WE ARE IN 4TH WORLD NOW...T Elements of the Hopi Creation myth corroborate these details: …the world…teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice…This was the end of the Second World. …Sótuknang came to Spider Woman and said, ”…It will be difficult; with all this destruction going on, for them to gather at the far end of the world I have designated…Then you will save them when I destroy this world with water.” So he loosed the waters upon the earth. Waves higher than mountains rolled in upon the land. Continents broke asunder and sank beneath the seas. …they saw they were on a little piece of land that had been the top of one of their highest mountains. All else…was water. So Spider Woman directed them to make round, flat boats…For a long time they drifted…and came to another rocky island. So the people kept traveling toward the rising sun in their reed boats… At last they saw land stretching from north to south as far as they could see…Before long they landed and joyfully jumped out upon a sandy shore. Soon all the others arrived and when they were gathered together, Sótuknang appeared…”Look now at the way you have come.” Looking to the west and south, the people could see…the islands upon which they had rested. “These are the footprints of your journey…the tops of the high mountains of the Third World, which I destroyed. Now watch.” As the people watched them, the closest one sank under the water, then the next, until all were gone…ii Now in the Third World they multiplied in such numbers and advanced so rapidly that they created big cities, countries, a whole civilization. This made it difficult for them to conform to the plan of Creation and to sing praises to Taiowa and Sótuknang. More and more of them became wholly occupied with their own earthly plans…So many people were using their reproductive power in wicked ways…they began to use their creative power in another evil and destructive way…some of them made a pátuwvota [shield made of hide] and with their creative power made it fly through the air. On this many of the people flew to a big city, attacked it, and returned so fast no one knew where they came from…So corruption and war came to the Third World as it had to the others. This time Sótuknang came to Spider Woman and said, “There is no use waiting until the thread runs out this time. Something has to be done lest the people with the song in their hearts are corrupted…you will save them when I destroy this world with water.” vii

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WESTMINSTERTIMEFILES ON LULU PAPERBACK... 12 mins ·…/westmin…/paperback/product-683581.html Review: The author takes contemporary myth and adventure, moulding them into something new and enchanting. The Westminster Time Files, does, in every regard, do that. Each character you meet is surprisingly complex while surprisingly ordinary at the same time. Identifying with the characters is surprisingly simple and rewarding. Tony O'Clery has written this book with inspiring visual images. The mind's eye follows the pages into a fantastic world that one can smell, feel and touch. This book is very much a character driven story and the main character of the story is brave and full of empathy, combined with a true humanity. Every last part of this book is coloured, and I found myself engrossed in how quickly it turned from an adventure story to a real page-turner. The 'Files' still maintains the surreal qualities that make any true adventure through strange and foreign lands extraordinarily well. Tony has taken the most basic concepts of adventure, and myth and redesigned them in a unique way. He has succeeded in creating a complex storyline, with complex characters, and organized it into an engrossing and compelling 'can't put down the book', adventure...S.N. Your book is awesome, Tony. I'm having a terrific time reading it, and I'm also having lots of terrific experiences with it, as I read along. Wheee, are you SURE it's just a novel? Things are really clicking in my brain. It has hunches and bunches of Truth, for when I read it, it is surely having an enlarging effect on my mind. It is REALLY fun! I can see you've been everywhere, read and researched a lot, and intuited endless amounts of wisdom. Tell me again why you called it a novel? Big smile. I jest with you, but it really does ring true in so many places... even verifies things I have examined, intuited, learned, etc. Thanks for being a great force in taking out evil and entertaining us while it is done..B.D. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT IN DEPTH REVIEW, BARBARA.) EXTRACT AND PARTIAL SYNOPSIS. This is a story about a man, or rather a young man, named John Thomas Noble, who becomes Tom Fell, and whose real name is unknown; For he woke up in a hotel in Liverpool with amnesia of some kind. However he did have some documents and a train ticket to London. He moves to London, and works part time at Westminster Hall, where he witnesses a secret meeting of the power elite, and some strange beings. In fact an old mystic, with a, 'spirit dog', gives him control of some tapes, and a memory-stick, with names and minutes on. These are very damaging to many prominent people, so he has to go on the run, and it becomes an odyssey, with his friend Mike. John becomes Tom Fell, and meets and falls in love with a Belgian girl, Melissa, in Europe. He leaves Melissa in Greece, and Mike in Germany, to follow later and takes a ship to Australia. Melisssa is a devotee of a strange Guru in India, who unbeknowns to her was in the meeting in Westminster Hall. He is followed by his Nemesis, Dyer 'the agent', of the world power elite who observed The Old Mystic/Fakir giving him the files. Dyer pursues them all around the world from Ireland and Europe to Sydney Australia,the Pacific Islands, Mexico and India. There are many escapes and battles involved, where he is saved, by the little spirit dog, and the old Mystic. However, he is also helped by, Anti-Globalisation Groups, Self-Determination Groups, and lived with nomadic Aborigines, and experiences their psychic powers. There are interesting stories of Sydney, Fiji, Tahiti, India, (where he visits the guru with Melissa, and they flee for their lives). A plane they were traveling in crashes and they end up living with hunter-gatherers in the Northern Territory of Australia. There are also constant appearances of UFOs, which are directly related to what he is doing. He eventually ends up with Melissa in the Mayan area of Yucatan, Mexico. Here he meets the old Indian Fakir, and his little dog Jai-Jai and also a Shaman. He is led to a secret city where he is taken on a ‘time vehicle’ to the past and the future, and participates in many adventures. He also sees the origins of mankind and the mystery of the sphinx is solved, and mixture beings. The past he views is related to the happenings in the present and will continue. They visit the Essenes and listens to Jesus and Mary Magdala. Melissa and Tom take part in the great battle between the 'Pre-Human Ogres' and Adamic Man, led by the great Indian Avatar, Re-Mu, and meet all kinds of talking mixture animals, and befriends them. These beings are mentioned in the great Hindu and other spiritual epics and also by people like the psychic Edgar Cayce. He travels to the future and sees the earth after climatic and earth changes have occurred and sees the future of the human race. In the past he witnesses the return of descendants of colonizers from space, and the continents of Atlantis and Mu, where they make many great friendships. The cities and flying craft are fantastic and surreal and technology is highly developed. On return to the present time he again is pursued by Dyer and is attacked in the Yucatan, and Dyer murders their Mayan associates. The past he views is related to the happenings in the present and will continue. The Earth is up for grabs. We have polluted and despoiled it and ourselves as a race. Perhaps we have given up the right to be stewards of the planet. The first humans came to this planet very late in its development. A long time ago, when the earth was very young and fresh, there were rolling prairies of blue-green grass and the forests were steamy, tropical and full of fruit and nut trees. Also the mountains had white tops and the air was crystal clean and so were the rivers and streams. The water was sweet and the geese wore no shoes in those days, and come to think of it they still wear no shoes. Well upon these beautiful scene came "Spirit Beings", from the subtle dimensions. Whether they had come from a previous Pralaya, or Dissolution of the Universe, or were always in the spirit, or up from the animal world, I don't know. However it seems that they had already fallen far away from the God Source. Their consciousness was drifting in and out, and they became aware of the rolling steamy mists of Earth. Fantastic reptiles in rainbow colours moved through green-brown swamps and herds moved over the rolling blue-grass prairies. Somewhere a sound vibration was flying from the throat of a gliding air animal. As the subtle beings became more aware and attached to this planet; they saw and felt many life forms. Some of these were small and slow, some agile apes and monkeys. They hovered around them and wished to emulate their behaviour. They felt the delight as the animals ate the fruit, scampered around, made love, made sounds, filling everything with vibrations. These Beings became so attached that they began to think, or morph up bodies for themselves, in order to enjoy this planet, but they would still go back and forth between the planes. Eventually they thickened their vibrations, by slowing them down, and they partook of the earth. They ate the food and experienced the senses and the more they did this the more they couldn't return to their spiritual home. They led the flocks of birds and herds of animals. They in fact morphed and became trapped in animal bodies of fantastic shapes, sizes and mixtures. (Some were not trapped permanently, but developed Yogic powers, over the millions of years and some misused them.) It was a big mess and they eventually forgot where they had come from. This distortion of evolution continued for many millions of years until some of the normal animals had evolved into higher animals, apes, and manlike beings. So there was a downward devolution as well as an upward evolution on this planet. Now the beings were mixing more and creating all kinds of monsters. So it was decided that the Deity of the planet would descend with the "Sons of God", or Kumaras, Divine Beings, and help save these beings and natural evolution. They took an advanced hairless man-like Ape as their model. The first descent failed for they sat around and meditated, and didn’t procreate enough, so a further descent of Kumaras was required. This second descent was too successful however.(These were the "Sons of God", and Giants mentioned in the Bible, Gen :6, "When mankind had spread all over the world and girls were being born, some of the supernatural beings saw that these girls were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked." 6:4 " In those days, and even later, there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the supernatural beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago."" So here we have these hybrids or Nefilm! Or the Annunaki of the Ancient Sumerians.) {Gen 2:7 St Paul,1 Corinthians`15:47-50, ‘The Book of Enoch’, 6-9. The Kumaras; Bhagavata Purana, Skanda 3, 7:20, Skanda 4, 1, Skanda 3, 11:12 Skanda 3, 5:3:12.) Many people have told similar stories and there is a Kabbalistic tradition about the first woman Lilith, and not forgetting The Indian Ramayana. The Ramayana is full of stories of these various beings. Really the story of the Ramayana is about the battle for supremacy between the Rakshasas or Ogre Humans and the New Humans. The Ogre or Shape-Shifter Humans have been trying to regain dominance ever since, and are still with us now. Why weren't the train lines taking millions to the death camps by the Nazis, bombed? Why is it that the top five arms dealing countries and suppliers in the world, are also the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, dedicated to Peace? We ourselves are, perhaps. Engineered, beings, why else would our genetics be 98% the same as chimpanzees? Who came first, the human or the chimp? Is the chimp a human, or a mixture? Recent studies in DNA at Harvard and MIT have shown that chimps and humans diverged about 10 million years ago, then remerged into a hybrid some thousands of years later. They then split into two forms of hybrid. This raises a lot of questions on whether this was a voluntary breeding or organized. Also were there more mixing and experiments later on? The ten million year figure of the emergence of early man corresponds with the dates given by Cayce. Chapter 3, Sydney. (extract). Jimbo's Newcastle Pub was a favourite with all classes and seemed to be always full. It also served food so that under age customers could use the pub, not that anywhere in Europe or Australia anyone was ever asked for identification. The front of the pub inside consisted of a horseshoe shape bar and was mainly the haunt of the working, men and women. Along the left there was a hallway, partitioned off and leading to the back bar or saloon. There were stairs up to the living quarters from the back bar or from a street entrance. The gent's washroom was downstairs in the back and the ladies was upstairs. All around the pub the walls were covered in paintings. Artists used to display their wares this way and it made the hotel very cosmopolitan. Jimbo's was an oasis from the horror of all the modernists and their cigar box buildings and polished brass bars. The young people and hippy types all drank in the front, and many were very young. I stood under Drury's picture of the boat on the mudflats and waited for my contact from the Aggies people, (Anti-Globalisation Groups, including Animal Rights, Save the Whales, Anarchists, Indigenous Peoples and a whole spectrum from non-violent to `Direct Action', people). Eventually a young dark haired fellow came up and said, " Remember Caradoc", this was the codeword. I answered: 'Yes and Boadicea.' This was the response password. He turned out to have lived in Britain for some years, and we sat and had a drink. His name was Peter and he gave me their club's address and invited me over for a drink the next weekend. I accepted and he left, but I stayed to have a few drinks with the locals. A big Irishman named Sean Coggs introduced himself to me, as I was drinking Guinness and that was a talking point. " You like the Guinness then", he asked. " I answered that I had the occasional jar. He then introduced himself and it seemed he lived a long time in Nottingham. I noticed that he was slow on buying so I went ahead and paid for more drinks, for a while actually. I didn't realise it at the time but this was the first of many drinks that I would buy Sean. He asked where I was staying and suggested that I move into the pub. Nearer to bite a drink, I suppose. It was a good idea though, so I booked in for the end of the week. I moved into Jimbo's the next Saturday. My room was basic, bed, dresser and chairs with the bathroom down the hall. I didn't mind that it wasn't as good as the Plaza for it was much cheaper and in the City Centre more or less. Also my contacts seem to use it so it would be convenient in many ways until Melissa came down. One of the places to visit, could be reached by hydrafoil ferry, it was called Manly. I decided to do a little work for the postcard scenes in London. As the foil took off it zipped by the Opera House giving a beautiful view of the building and its terraces; Its polished sails, looking as if they were filled with air. As we moved out into the harbour we passed Fort Denison or `Pinchgut', which had been a maximum, security jail. It was a small reddish brick for with a round " Martello Tower", quite romantic today. The view was becoming more interesting, I could see small coves and houses perched on the wooded sides of the harbour. In the distance I could see the gap of `The Heads', or the entrance to the harbour. I could also see Manly coming into view and I was shooting every frame. On arrival at Manly I walked along the pier and down the main street, `The Corso', to the beach. The beach was typically Sydney similar to Bondi except it was straight and backed with stands of Norfolk Pines, from Norfolk Island. I strolled around taking photos and spent a happy few hours there. On returning I decided to take the regular ferry back. It would be slower but yet another experience. It was a wooden structure about fifty years old or more I guess. It was a couple of enclosed decks with lounges and open decks near the funnels.I was taking shots on the top deck, in the sun, and feeling a little tired. I felt I had taken enough slides to keep me in sustenance and my London agency happy. (I had already signed up to an agency when I was in London). As I sat and watched the passengers I noticed they were a mixed bunch, with city types and bathers with towels and paraphernalia. Amongst all these was a clergyman who was talking to all the kids and giving them sweets. He also was lecturing some people about the error of their ways or something like that. Eventually he lay on a bench and fell asleep snoring loudly, clutching his large brown shopping bag, (full of beer). My attention was diverted by a beautiful shot of the Opera House and Bridge together, and then we came in to dock at Circular Quay. I was putting my gear away and preparing to disembark when I notice the Priest still snoring away on the bench. Chapter 16, Final Battles.(extract On arrival at the mustering place, we made our way down to the gathering of the monkey clans. Which was in an open swathe, running through the generally wooded area. The trees were massive and there was a multitude of equally large plants and shrubs in a profusion of colours. The grass had a bluish tint to it and the smell in the air was of a thousand different perfumed essences. There were huge dragonflies and other types flying around the area; the butterflies were absolutely gigantic and a profusion of colours and designs. They seemed to be almost a metre across and were casting significant shadows, when they were overhead. Here we met Han's Commander, Hupa-Sep. He was bigger than most monkey-mixtures, about the same height as myself, and light coloured. Even his brown hair seemed far less coarse than the other monkeys, and it was tied up behind his head in a bun. He had a military bearing, dressed in his bronze armour, with multi coloured clothes of red, green and yellow. At his side he bore a sword and a raygun as a sidearm. He was delighted to see Han and embraced him enthusiastically, as soon as they met. He said: 'My friend, my friend, it is good to see you, I have many philosophical questions to ask.' He then patted and petted, the always present, Jai-Jai, (the little dog), who always seemed to be associated with Han. Westminster Time Files. by Tony O'Clery (Paperback) - Lulu Buy Westminster Time Files. by Tony O'Clery (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews. LULU.COM

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I find FB as a forum after the other onelists etc became more or less defunct..T

I find FB as a forum after the other onelists etc became more or less defunct..T. Otherwise it becomes only this---a strengthner of the ego illusion....Even Zuckerberg said people feel happier being connected...i am not even sure that he realises that FB for general reasons, not particular, is programming the participant and then there are ads...It gives pleasure to the ego as it feels pleasure in being realised.. FACEBOOK ETC SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR PARTICULAR REASONS..T "People try to strengthen their ties with others by speaking to them respectfully and congratulating each other over small things. In this way, they feel that they are happy in life. They act as if this is a respectable bad habit."SM

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Understanding jnana intellectually...

If you can grasp this then you understand the Truth intellectually at least....T "People try to strengthen their ties with others by speaking to them respectfully and congratulating each other over small things. In this way, they feel that they are happy in life. They act as if this is a respectable bad habit."SM One who will die with his ties of affection for the family he will not be able to understand the gist of this matter the secret of this knowledge.....There is no 'I' .Nisargadatta Maharaj.

The concept of the devil.

The Christian concept of the 'devil' being the universal personification of evil is over stated. But the idea of a astral demi god or asuric demon is not...;As there are many on the dark side in the Astral... So the Devil/Lucifer could be a powerful astral being... The word Devil contains the sanskrit DEV which means divinity or powerful 'angel'...T

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Most of the population in the world do not know they are an ego entity possessing a simian body

Most of the population in the world do not know they are an ego entity possessing a simian body...They do not know what an ego soul is...Most , even in the religions do not have any spiritual dimension......just lip service....and they contribute to HIMSA. One cannot start a new root race with 12 cakras with such woeful ignorance and attachment to the material... This is why the pent up karma must be released after 2038 and 80% of the population the lower astral and kept there for hundreds of earth years or more... This is so that the 20% can start on the way to realisation/moksha and and the lower astrals can be introduced in small numbers after a 'thousand years'. Even this will not result in the realisation of all ego humans, except for those with the will and basic knowledge they are an ego that should not be here and get over that attachment. DESIRE FOR SEX, GREED, POWER, CONTROL AND FEEDING THE SENSES KEEPS THEM IN IGNORANCE..T

On the lower astrals the ego entitied dream up their environment instantly.

On the lower astrals the ego entitied dream up their environment instantly...On earth they have to manipulate nature and create physical buildings, machines etc...However they area all made of 'dream stuff' even science shows no solidify...Desire for the senses is what has trapped the ego entities here, and until that is overcome there is no freedom. Trying to improve the world is like a prisoner painting the walls of his prison cell..: we have to get out not improve..If we help people it is just to dilute our ego as karma takes care of them anyway...we have to surrender our actions to avoid incurring karma...Nishkarma Karma...Ultimately even the dream stuff did not happen...t

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In he beginning there were many hominids but the humans were hermaphrodites...which caused confusion and distracted from the spiritual path...Adam's wife was Lilith.

1. In he beginning there were many hominids but the humans were hermaphrodites...which caused confusion and distracted from the spiritual path...Adam's wife was Lilith. 2. Energies were split, (Adams Rib)...Adam and Eve, Adhi Manu and Sata Rupa. 3. There were two groups in Atlantis a, followers of the law of one. b. sons of belial or sensual materialists. As a result of all these problems, pent up karma came into play and Atlantis sank...along with 60 million people---Noah's time 28k BCE. 4. The pyramid prophecy shows the end of this age at 2038 finally. 5. So I have nothing against gays but gay marriage is ...institutionalising non normal marriage and sexual confusion again. This and other amoral and aspiritual trends will result in the release of pent up karma again after 2038 and 80% clear out of population. Refs; Edgar Cayce, Book of Enoch, Bagavatha Purana and other Hindu texts....Various Jewish Rabbi Ari Lobel...Revelations and Bible....T