Monday, June 25, 2018

Frontal lobes and speech and mind..creates a meaning.

This shows how the frontal lobe of speech create thoughts as animals deal only in images with limited speech...Humans enhance and extrapolate ideas and images with speech like a programmed computer...T ‎Tony O'Clery‎ to NON DUALITY -AVATARS AND MUKTAS. 1 hr "Do not try to become anything. Do nothing! Without thinking on any of your words, remain quiet. Once a word sprouts it creates a meaning and then you ride on it. You follow the meanings of your words and claim that you are in search of your self. So be wakeful to that state which is prior to the sprouting of words."NIsarga..

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Humans apes and how it happened to the egos

Most humans are no different from the ape except for the intellect of the most that is very limited only a few points above the higher animals. There is not separate god, as there is no separate forest without the sum total of the trees.. The idea of god came from lower astrals worshipping higher astrals on the astral....demi-gods. Astrals dropped down to earth and became hypnotised by illusion and other higher astrals came down to help them escape..So far it has generally failed. Even developing homos sapiens has failed... And only 1 in 10 million fully understand non-duality -NIS. That is why religions talk of heaven as that is where 99.9% are going to end up, especially after the planet become uninhabitable...T