Monday, February 28, 2011

Attachment is a false version by the ego-jiva

Attachment is a false version by the ego-jiva of what true Bhakti is the innate desire to become the Sakti, that we are.We should love other beings for the Self's sake not our sake or it causes both joy and pain,,,,and not just bliss,,and peace.

The pain of separation from the Self caused by vasanas is what causes attachment to anything but...the Self ;For the Ego is in love with itself alone...

We don't clean the Vasanas so we cannot see The Self so we look for the Self everywhere looking for glasses which are already on one's head...we go outwards instead of inwards.------We look through a glass darkly.

This is the cause of all pain and fear-- the individual ego, which innately wants to survive but at the same time is suffering because of the pangs of separation.Its own vasanas prevent it from realising the Self and it realises that only the Self or a Mukta Guru can kill the ego...A totally purified mind or vijnanamayakosa is required....

The tanha or thirst for existence is a distorted attempt at the immortality and peace of the Self...It is always the Self looking for the Self the little I looking for the I-I. It is the fear associated with the Ego-Ahamkara that also created an impediment,,,for fear is the original vasana of the the fear and thirst are what cause the separation so to speak.It is an inbuilt survival instinct layered on top of the fear-ego. Whilst the ego exists in ahamkara it will distort everything into building the phantom that it is.

Even the attachment to false teachers and charlatans is part of this searching for what we already are. For we are searching for The Self...

Attachment is also the Primal desire of the Universe's, outward expression, inward desire, and energies of attraction, repulsion and balance. Springing from Prakriti or creative potentiality then repeating the cycle.

Outward instead of Inward but are all dimly aware that all is one and we are The Self. This allows as The Self to see and experience the illusion----but not to realise it. There is no beginning to the Ego but an end to localised consciousness.

It is difficult to figure out but you can look for the 'I' and find it is not there.
This takes the mind to its source as a result. Once the source of attachment is found attachment ends for there is nothing to be attached to...To What?...There is only the 'I-I'.

The further from the ground the more diluted and localised the consciousness becomes. Until it can only hold on to its own local construct; It is only aware locally like a whirlpool in the ocean not being aware of the ocean...
The mind follows its own creation outwards as long as there is desire for outward expression, as a driving force.

Consciousness seems to dilute itself apparently into composite illusory parts.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awareness means different things.

Awareness means different ordinary terms with spirituality it means the Ego is observing its own mind---the sutra string is observing the beads of thought on its own string.It may even observe the rise and falling of thoughts but it is not liberation, thousands of people have done Vipassana course in 'concentration' essentially but they are not liberated...the ego is still there...Goenka was far more advanced than the present proponents and teachers of 'now' and 'awareness'. Who in most cases seem to the blind leading the blind as Ramana said.

Real awareness is The Self and can only be reached through a minimum of Kevala NirVikalpa Samadhi.....Although various experiences of the instrument of the Self/Sakti ie...Prana can be felt on the way up and down so to speak..Sometimes I have woken in this state, after apparently waking directly from the deep sleep state and not tallying in the dream state...Many people or mystics also may experience Savikalpa Samadhi but that is still with in illusion,,,albeit instruments of the Self..This the ecstasy of all the mystics, Christian, Sufi, Yogi and all...

Many are teaching 'awareness' but it is not different from the normal preparation for meditation, concentration, withdrawal of senses, one pointedness and finally meditation. So this awareness or power of now is all but preliminary exercises in yoga leading to meditation for some people...True meditation is always beyond the is within The Self itself.

What is not taught even though donations of money,services,books and dvds are sold by these new teachers teaching the 'easy way'; Is the fact that subconscious drives, desires and impediments have to cleansed from the subconscious mind or in sanskrit--the vasana citta...These according to Ramana can only be removed by practise and meditation. Grace or the Self is also involved but the amount of Grace available is in direct proportion to the amount of vasanas, obscuring that Grace are removed.

The vasanas are ingrained in the mind and species mind particularly and go back through all the tendencies the entity had in all its lives as and animal or a plant. Some of these are violent and hard to control, some are otherwise, but in humans the misuse of a more developed intellect has a result of making all these vasanas available and active in the mind, whereas in an animal the instinct dominates and nothing is out of season or dharma as it is in the ego of humans...Vasanas are also added to in this life by over satisfying natural desires and eating meat, absorbing all the vibrations from the animal and conflicting in the mind..

These vasanas are also connected to the emotions, with which it shares the subconscious mind, and direct throught the autonomous nervous system and subtle mind, energies to various organs such as the sex organs and others..Once the energy has moved to a particular organ it is hard to reverse...All thoughts and drives are ultimately subliminal and the conscious person is mostly unaware of them, although some may be available on the dream plane. Without dealing with these almost 'Freudian' conditions and vasanas with practise and meditation, no amount of non-dual conscious thinking and mind will succeed and those selling this idea or misguieded or are charlatans..

Monday, February 14, 2011

'At the end of the Ramayana,' he said,

'At the end of the Ramayana,' he said, 'all the animals who had helped Ram to win the war were given rewards. The monkeys were all told that they could go to a monkey heaven. Now, what is heaven to a monkey? Vast quantities of food, lots of fighting, and limitless sex. So, all the monkeys were reborn as human beings in the West in the twentieth century to experience their idea of "heaven". After some time, though, they all began to get bored of all this excess. One by one, they all started coming back to India because they wanted to find Ram and be with him again.'NIZ

Friday, February 11, 2011

I cannot tell you about enlightenment

I cannot tell you about enlightenment as I am not enlightened....I cannot tell you about beyond it all as there is 'nothing' to experience...Can you describe your deep sleep even.....I cannot describe or right books on NirVikalpa Samadhi.
Material non-duality is not hard to grasp....can you grasp the big bang? Then you know all is one materially.
Put your 500mmX microscope glasses on and see nothing but energy soup all one unified field...take them off and see 'duality' put them back on see non duality...Now that saves time in buying books and listening to charlatans doesn't it,,lower than that we have the Heisenberg principle of uncertainty...Max Planck etc and not being to observe sub atomic particles with affecting their behaviour as we are observing ourselves...........There is only prana and karma in the universe..............
Beyond prana and karma....are the subtle fields and prakriti beyond all is meditation and realisation...
So why do we not take note of this non duality....The mind, thoughts prana and karma which bring the universe and everything into this illusionary manifestation...the disturbance of the gunas...or modes.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

All thoughts we will ever have pre-exist us....Ego reaches out...

All thoughts we will ever have pre-exist us....Ego reaches out...

All thoughts we will ever have pre-exist us....they are part of the species mind and universal mind...our ego just reaches out and grabs an appropriate thought at the time................And the ego itself is just a thought, a basic thought or origination without qualification.

We and everything is a stream of thought....only.....and that is in illusion. The Universes are in the mind also...

However even granting some validity to the mind , which is essentially a bundle of thoughts, there are no original thoughts that haven't been thought before, in the aeons of time...So the Ego, which is the sutra to string the thoughts on identifies with the thought it desires and then we have thought is this association of thoughts that we call mind....and it is what gives so called individuals their personalities, desires and impulses...............These impulses and thoughts become deep seated Vasanas in the subconscious mind or vasana citta.....They are an impediment to realisation and have to be removed so the illusion of Ego is all that is left.....and it will be found that the individual has disappeared along with the sutra of thoughts...and all that stands is The Self or Big I Am, which in itself is an illusion also....However The Self itself must remove the last vestige of mind or the pure it is an illusion projected by The Self itself....The Self can shine forth after Vasanas are removed.....However most will need an outer Guru as well, to kill the Ego.....Unless one has a purified vijnanamayakosa and is on the verge of realisation as Ramana Maharshi was....and only need one more life to realise the illusion. The Phantom cannot kill is not its own dream so to speak.

So it is not enough to add to the sutra of ego more thoughts of non they just add to the total. The Ego doesn't care what kind of thoughts they are, dual or non dual it doesn't discriminate it is just more fodder, more thoughts. That is why meditation and sadhana or practise are necessary to remove the subconscious vasanas that support the illusion of ego..not more thought to reinforce it.

Otherwise one could end up with a complete mind full of non dual thoughts but continually reincarnating....due to the subconscious mind which is called the Vasana Citta in Sanskrit anyway..

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Clear and Present real danger of इनेक्स्पेर्ट Guru/Teacher with no training ...

An untrained or inexpert guru/teacher can be a real and present physical danger. I have seen it happen so I do not talk from theory or clever hypothesis..
When I first got on the Yoga Path it was almost by 'accident'. I had been reading and following all kinds of spirituality, when one day on Boxing Day 1985...I was in Sears looking at the $1. books and in there was a beautiful book on yoga...with positons, mantras, meditation, breathing and concentrations...It was obviously not a $1 clearance book...'Richard Hittleman's'30 day yoga meditation plan'.1978..Bantam Books. At this time I knew nothing about yoga and meditation, and was a alcoholic. I started the exercises and surprisingly I found it understandable and natural to me. So I was off doing the meditation exercises and the breathing/pranayama excercises. I found it very relaxing and I did it the same time everyday..My drinking became more controlled and within three months stopped altogether. One day as I sat cross legged on the floor doing the exercises a sudden surge of energy hit me in the chest and knocked me on my back. I was shocked and thought I must have done something wrong...I didn't know it at the time but this was the Kundalini-Prana rising and cleansing...I could feel the energy after this in meditation and still do...I also was reading the Sufis at the time.....and had this imaginary guide Ibn El Rasa who used to tell me to take the middle way.He was always there in my mind when I prepared for meditation...or what I took to be meditation at the time--concentration.

I did another trip to Australia at this time...and ran into a talk given by a man called Sadguru Butler from was free and in a large Hotel Hall. I was reading about the Huna at the time and had read all of Max Freedom Long's books, so I asked him a few questions but he couldn't answer them. Anyway he gave out a picture of Krishna to everyone, the one with the deer and I still have it. I was still doing my yoga exercises and meditation everyday but I had a feeling to learn more about this philosophy. So I went to the Adyar Bookshop and bought the Bhagavad Gita and The Upanishads---Penguin Version..This essentially started my path in Vedanta, reading everything Sankara, Texts, Upanishads, and as much as I could find. I ended up in my ignorance following a fake guru, but luckily for me within 18 months I found 'Be as you are' by David Godman in the library and took it out several times until I bought my own version. I was au fait with the sanskrit and concepts now but the non-duality and Advaita of it all took me some time to absorb properly. So even though I followed the fake guru Sai Baba for 15 years, even becoming an office holder, the philosophy I was learning on the side was Ramana and Vedanta...This really saved me.....As I knew of people that had lost their lives or committed suicide around this organisation, but I was unstable -far from it.I had strange things happening at my house as well...strange appearances not only to me but to my wife as well. One one day Ramanavami Day....the incense we used for our home Bhajan formed three perfect concentric circles, which it had done often before. I thought it was just the type of incense but on this day it did that and then unraveled itself and formed a perfect Sanskrit 1....Myself and the kids all saw it and it was only when I was describing it at the 'Temple' that they told me incense cannot do that as it would break and crumble....One pointedness was apparently the message...
Anyway later on another trip to Australia....(I moved a lot between both countries)I knew a person that had been reading all the Brunton books and trying all kinds of meditation at home, as he was out of work at the time...He had no guru,,,,or teacher and unfortunately he became mentally unbalanced or 'went round the twist' as his wife said...

Another time I was meditating and I ended up in a completely 'dark' place or plane, a plane of nothing just me the observer of it..It was pretty scary and if I hadn't of known some mantras and gurus....I may have been stuck there, as I couldn't wake up so to speak...As it happened I managed to return from this non-dual plane, and I changed my concentration method in meditation afterwards.........always preparing well with mantras and bhajan music and doing japa as a preliminary...There were others who I knew who were unstable and doing pranayama, whether they were like that prior to the pranayama or afterwards I don't know...

The lesson to me was that it is dangerous to play around with the mind, meditation and pranayama unless you have a qualified guru. As it happened, my Guru who I didn't know at the time,...was with me at the mind level and beyond all the time....Also the fact that I was into Vedanta and being into all the Ancient Hindu practises helped me a lot..

Many of the non dual teachers, satsanghers, charlatans, donation takers not know or apparently care who they area talking to and so called 'teaching'. They never publish names of people who have had mental destabilisation or they blame it on pre-existing conditions...They can never tell what an unguided person may do when their mind is brought out of a lifetime of conditioning and belief systems.
It is highly dangerous a path to step on is the spiritual path without a guide. That is why so many of these verbose verbal non dualists are actually a real and present danger to some of the people they become the unrealised teachers of...In India it is a science hoary with age and timeless...all the kinks have been worked out thousands of years ago psychologically.. These new non dual charlatans probably haven't even qualified in western psychology never mind yoga psychology....Being a clever speaker and being clever with words is still in the conscious mind,,,,not in the subconscious mind or vasana citta....Also these non dual speakers bring this tendency with them from a previous lifetime, which shows it didn't work for them then either and won't now....It is superficial and knowing what a Kind is doesn't make one a King.....and it can be very dangerous to others. Who may become mentally unstable and even commit suicide.......I say this as I know about such events......Om Namah Sivaya ..Tony.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Papaji said his own disciple-teachers,mooji, gangaji etc, were not even temporarily enlightened.MY VIDEO

Papaji said his own disciple-teachers,mooji, gangaji etc, were not even temporarily enlightened.MY VIDEO

Namaste, Mooji is mentioned a is Papaji's opinion of him....

On my video I quoted Papaji the guru of cohen, gangaji, mooji etc.............I was not stating my own belief but Papaji's own statements to David Godman...I mention neo- advaitins and meat eaters like Mooji..who is famous for his 'lazy man's road to enlightenment' video on youtube. If you look you will see nervousness before he speaks and realises he has the crowd,,,only egos get nervous...My contention with the neo advaitins is that they essentially teach that sadhana to remove vasanas is not really necessary....although Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharshi did sadhanA before and after Moksha...........The Mundakya Upanishad says it is better to read the Upanishads and follow the teachings of real Gurus or Muktas..THAN FOLLOW NON REALISED TEACHERS...that is my advice and what I follow....I only know two muktas on the planet and they are Sr Mathru Sarada and Sri Lakshmana Swamy...both in the Ramana line..Also a death experience is necessary before complete realisation.... What I am saying is that many so called teachers and self-styled gurus are superflous--just entertainment............Tony

Papaji made it clear in the book "Nothing Ever Happened"--David Godman, that those he sent to

teach not only are not enlightened, they are not even temporarily enlightened.

#1. When asked about those he sent to teach, Papaji said that the purpose was to

have them point the way to Lucknow, not to pose as awakenened teachers.

#2. Papaji said that many can fool others into thinking they are liberated but

they are the false coin.

#3. When asked about the experiences that so many people had in Lucknow, he said

they were false experiences.... See More

#4. When asked, "Why did you give them false experiences?" he said to get the

leeches off my back.

#5. Papaji said he met only two Jnani's in his lifetime. One was Ramana

Maharshi. The other was a man who appeared from out of the jungle into the town

of Krishnagiri.

#6. Ramana Maharshi said that there is a false sense of liberation that

aspirants reach that very few ever go beyond.

Papajis sent out disciple-teachers include ..Mooji, Gangaji, Cohen and a whole host of neo advaitins ...These are all small fry in comparison to Nithyananda and Sai Baba.

-Papaji-In fact, he stated, the Westerners never requested nor received true teachings; what they received, he recounted, were “lollipops for the ignorant” which he dispensed to them. He called the Western teachers “fake coins, which glittered like gold but have no real value.” Nobody, Papaji claimed, was “worthy to receive his final teachings.”-

Friday, February 04, 2011

Letter to a neophyte sadhaka

Letter to a neophyte sadhaka..
by Tony O'Clery on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 10:57am

That is very good....but my advice to you and take it as you that you are at the cross-roads...I talk from experience as I am old man hahaha. You have an excellent grip on the non dual mentality and how it all works in the mind. Which is not ultimately progress but intellectualisation, Although ordinary people will find it impressive and stimulating,,,I have been at the spiritual search for many years....26 years at least into Hindu thought and philosophy...However you both brought these tendencies with you from a previous incarnation, which indicates that they alone did not work for both of you are still here...Reincarnation exists and is as real as you are...once one has cleansed the vasanas, desires and tendencies from the subconscious can be open to the Self and liberation...As Maharaj said ' man needs oxygen, water and sex to survive as a human. The sex vasana/desire is the last to go as it goes directly agains the move of liberation and meditation, which is a withdrawal of the senses withing. Sex is the creative impulse and can only be linear and outward, not inward, and is the last vasana or impediment to liberation to go..Mahatma Ghandi had a strong struggle with it.

Oxygen and Water or food are vasanas that are not an impediment, they are a natural vasana or need...Many yogis in India and elsewhere can do without food....and live on Blessed Theresa Newman did in retold by Swami Yogananda...She lived on prana energy from sunlight...One of the dangers and impediments to liberation is the impulse to teach...and get 'donations' for survival...or even worse like Tolle and the neo advaitins turn it into a business...The best message on Liberation, was by Jesus, Buddha, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Lakshmana Swami...Saradamma etc...who were all renunciants, and not given to great activity..or piling writings upon writings...Jesus wrote in the dust with a stick, the others scribbled aphorisms and poems on bit of paper...There are two living Jnanis or liberated one living in Tiru right the line of Ramana...but they are hard to get to these days as they avoid the intellectual discussion of the mind which is ultimately unreal...Lakshmana teaches at a much subtler level in the Self.

Look at the eyes....there is not time or space for a Mukta...

This is the reason I don't write books on spirituality.I would be the blind leading the blind...I comment and write here on FB as a diversion but out of the 500 MM people on FB there is not one liberated Mukta...

There are literally thousands of people in the spiritual business...and it is a multi billion dollar business...I myself was an officer in the sai baba sect...and they have over 3 billion dollars at last count some years ago...and he is a patent fraud...

In the end result we need to use a thorn to remove a thorn....and throw them both away not hang on.........Om Namah Sivaya Tony.