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Papaji said his own disciple-teachers,mooji, gangaji etc, were not even temporarily enlightened.MY VIDEO

Papaji said his own disciple-teachers,mooji, gangaji etc, were not even temporarily enlightened.MY VIDEO

Namaste, Mooji is mentioned a is Papaji's opinion of him....

On my video I quoted Papaji the guru of cohen, gangaji, mooji etc.............I was not stating my own belief but Papaji's own statements to David Godman...I mention neo- advaitins and meat eaters like Mooji..who is famous for his 'lazy man's road to enlightenment' video on youtube. If you look you will see nervousness before he speaks and realises he has the crowd,,,only egos get nervous...My contention with the neo advaitins is that they essentially teach that sadhana to remove vasanas is not really necessary....although Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharshi did sadhanA before and after Moksha...........The Mundakya Upanishad says it is better to read the Upanishads and follow the teachings of real Gurus or Muktas..THAN FOLLOW NON REALISED TEACHERS...that is my advice and what I follow....I only know two muktas on the planet and they are Sr Mathru Sarada and Sri Lakshmana Swamy...both in the Ramana line..Also a death experience is necessary before complete realisation.... What I am saying is that many so called teachers and self-styled gurus are superflous--just entertainment............Tony

Papaji made it clear in the book "Nothing Ever Happened"--David Godman, that those he sent to

teach not only are not enlightened, they are not even temporarily enlightened.

#1. When asked about those he sent to teach, Papaji said that the purpose was to

have them point the way to Lucknow, not to pose as awakenened teachers.

#2. Papaji said that many can fool others into thinking they are liberated but

they are the false coin.

#3. When asked about the experiences that so many people had in Lucknow, he said

they were false experiences.... See More

#4. When asked, "Why did you give them false experiences?" he said to get the

leeches off my back.

#5. Papaji said he met only two Jnani's in his lifetime. One was Ramana

Maharshi. The other was a man who appeared from out of the jungle into the town

of Krishnagiri.

#6. Ramana Maharshi said that there is a false sense of liberation that

aspirants reach that very few ever go beyond.

Papajis sent out disciple-teachers include ..Mooji, Gangaji, Cohen and a whole host of neo advaitins ...These are all small fry in comparison to Nithyananda and Sai Baba.

-Papaji-In fact, he stated, the Westerners never requested nor received true teachings; what they received, he recounted, were “lollipops for the ignorant” which he dispensed to them. He called the Western teachers “fake coins, which glittered like gold but have no real value.” Nobody, Papaji claimed, was “worthy to receive his final teachings.”-

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