Friday, February 04, 2011

Letter to a neophyte sadhaka

Letter to a neophyte sadhaka..
by Tony O'Clery on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 10:57am

That is very good....but my advice to you and take it as you that you are at the cross-roads...I talk from experience as I am old man hahaha. You have an excellent grip on the non dual mentality and how it all works in the mind. Which is not ultimately progress but intellectualisation, Although ordinary people will find it impressive and stimulating,,,I have been at the spiritual search for many years....26 years at least into Hindu thought and philosophy...However you both brought these tendencies with you from a previous incarnation, which indicates that they alone did not work for both of you are still here...Reincarnation exists and is as real as you are...once one has cleansed the vasanas, desires and tendencies from the subconscious can be open to the Self and liberation...As Maharaj said ' man needs oxygen, water and sex to survive as a human. The sex vasana/desire is the last to go as it goes directly agains the move of liberation and meditation, which is a withdrawal of the senses withing. Sex is the creative impulse and can only be linear and outward, not inward, and is the last vasana or impediment to liberation to go..Mahatma Ghandi had a strong struggle with it.

Oxygen and Water or food are vasanas that are not an impediment, they are a natural vasana or need...Many yogis in India and elsewhere can do without food....and live on Blessed Theresa Newman did in retold by Swami Yogananda...She lived on prana energy from sunlight...One of the dangers and impediments to liberation is the impulse to teach...and get 'donations' for survival...or even worse like Tolle and the neo advaitins turn it into a business...The best message on Liberation, was by Jesus, Buddha, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Lakshmana Swami...Saradamma etc...who were all renunciants, and not given to great activity..or piling writings upon writings...Jesus wrote in the dust with a stick, the others scribbled aphorisms and poems on bit of paper...There are two living Jnanis or liberated one living in Tiru right the line of Ramana...but they are hard to get to these days as they avoid the intellectual discussion of the mind which is ultimately unreal...Lakshmana teaches at a much subtler level in the Self.

Look at the eyes....there is not time or space for a Mukta...

This is the reason I don't write books on spirituality.I would be the blind leading the blind...I comment and write here on FB as a diversion but out of the 500 MM people on FB there is not one liberated Mukta...

There are literally thousands of people in the spiritual business...and it is a multi billion dollar business...I myself was an officer in the sai baba sect...and they have over 3 billion dollars at last count some years ago...and he is a patent fraud...

In the end result we need to use a thorn to remove a thorn....and throw them both away not hang on.........Om Namah Sivaya Tony.

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