Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hinduism or Sanathana Dharma is not a religlon

Let us get one thing absolutely clear.. Hinduism or Sanathana Dharma is not a is more than that and a way of life with an exit strategy... Only at the lower mentality level it does mimic religion , but even then the god or devas are regarded as aspects of the one encompassing Brahman, no separation. Religion needs to be dualistic and no exit strategy..with rules and regulations and intermediaries to the idea of 'god', who is separate. There are some cultural mores in Hinduism that have nothing to do with their system...They put down the Vedas and many scriptures and the kama sutra as well.......... Vedanta or the end of the upanishads is the most important but it is not a religion but an umbrella of 350 sects all devoted to aspects of Brahman...T. It is not a religlion like Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the majorty of Buddhism which has become a religion.....

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Ego Astral and what a human is

There are OBEs most of us have done that consciously or asleep, then there is mind travel which is much more subtle and can penetrate the astral levels to the level one is at..............I was initiated into this in India and i used it to help meditation as siddhis are a waste ot time....All astral ego stuff................. Like · · Share Tony O'Clery 28 minutes ago Human egos like hope and markers such as birthdays, baptisms, wedding etc et all seeking to add some permanance to what they call life...The ego does this as it comes from the astral where there is no death so it carries over............all self delusion in illlusion.... Like · · Share Tony O'Clery I suspect this feeds into the human lack of respect for human and other life. 25 minutes ago · Like Tony O'Clery The lower mind or ape mind is still there but the ego mind dominates and that is astral.............spirit if youi wish 14 minutes ago · Like Tony O'Clery Tony O'Clery 2 hours ago The biggest problem with humans is that they do not know they are not supposed to be here....---astral ego ahamkara. Even a so called evil spirit knows it is not supposed to be possessing but the ego entity or human soul is so ingrained over millions of years and vasanas that it doesn't know and the body cannot live through shock of it leaving except for muktas...........T. Like · · Share Puja Sinha likes this. Tony O'Clery the ego is full of future projection and hope for future pleasures . about an hour ago · Like Tony O'Clery Tony O'Clery 2 hours ago not a sin or anything wrong...whether it is self euthanasia or whatever reason....It is karmic to start with and and cannot be avoided or caused if it is not in ones karma... Essentially is just the astra/ego entity dispossessing the human body....where it should not be anyway....This results in so called death, except with a mukta where the universal uses the purified vijnanamayakosa . The Self uses the puified vijnanamayakosa to keep the body going as it burns its last karma out... a few seconds ago · Like Like · · Share Isa Kasanz and Max Kuhn like this. Tony O'Clery It is only the bullshit religions imposing their ideas on everybody that it gets to be thought of as something bad....It is never bad when the ego leaves as there is always another body material or subtle for the unrealised. 2 hours ago · Like · 3 Max Kuhn So Tony you reckon that its time for dudes like you and me to start over ♫♫♫ 2 hours ago · Like Tony O'Clery no just finish 2 hours ago · Like · 2 Tony O'Clery NIS.Q. Is it obligatory to live out one's natural life span? M. Natural -spontaneously -easy-yes. But disease and suffering are not natural. There is noble virtue in unshakable endurance of whatever comes but there is also dignity in the refusal of meaningless torture and humiliation.... about an hour ago · Like · 2 Tony O'Clery