Sunday, June 13, 2010

The answer to cognitive dissonance carnalitas.

This is the answer to my question on cognitive dissonance carnalitas.

This study shows why so called spiritual seekers eat meat and make exuses....cognitive dissonance carnalitas I call it....Here is the answer..........they have defective brains and empathy centres....better give up spirituality and watch extreme fighting and bullfights.....unless they can change their brains through a change to vegetarianism....

Study Shows Vegans Are More Empathetic, Neurologically Speaking.Extract from CARE2...8-June ..2010.Heather Moore.
“Does it baffle you how some people—even seemingly kind, caring people—can watch heart-wrenching videos like "Meet Your Meat," read sobering accounts of dairy farm cruelty, and look at disturbing photos of hens in tiny, crowded cages, yet still eat meat, eggs, and dairy products? Many people seem so indifferent to animal suffering, and even believe that cruel farming practices are justified. Are they horrible people, or are they just not "wired" to feel as much empathy for others?
According to a new study by European researchers, meat-eaters have less empathy—for both animals and people—than vegetarians and vegans do. The researchers recruited 60 volunteers—20 meat-eaters, 21 vegans, and 19 vegetarians—and placed them into an MRI machine while showing them a series of random pictures. The MRI scans revealed that, when observing animal or human suffering, the "empathy-related" areas of the brain are more active among vegetarians and vegans. The researchers even found that there are certain brain areas that only vegans and vegetarians seem to activate when witnessing suffering—animal or human. The vegetarians and vegans also scored significantly higher on an empathy quotient questionnaire than the meat-eaters did.
Now, I'm no neurologist and I don't know anything about brain chemistry, but every article I've read on this subject seems to imply that people who choose to eat a vegan diet do so because they are more capable of making compassionate choices. I'm not bringing this up to make vegans or vegetarians feel self-righteous or superior, but it is something for everyone to keep in mind when you're accused of—or accusing someone of—caring more about “.