Friday, April 27, 2012

Death process

Tony O'Clery The death process of ego is that the entity or cloud of attributes and tendencies and ego enter the foetus from 20 weeks to full term somewhere..sometimes in first 24 birth cycle and sometimes switch.. The child then takes years to learn how to function, attach/bond and walk etc etc. The ego is the string or sutra all the thoughts are strung the person dies the entitiy starts to withdraw looking for a new body..As it does this the mind starts to lose its string and the thoughts become disorganised and random and may even seem imbalanced but is just because there is no constant driver so to speak..Also the instincts and emotions come to the fore as they are unrestricted and behaviour changes and sometimes can be violent even just as simian instincts are. Eventually the transition is made and that is what we call death.....·There is no time and the ego has to shake its attachment as it has to realise the old body cannot function to entertain the desires, attachments and needs This entity or ego goes back and forth in the transfer process to the new body and eventually the transition occurs...All this only happens as long as one thinks one is or needs a body... A body does not have to be a human simian material one...It can be subtle or Ramana says 'there is always a body'. Some advanced unrealised yogis have been know to enter and revitalise a human body on the funeral pyre...and walk away rather than be reborn somewhere....This is even recorded in the annals of Alexander the Great...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Only a seeker or Sadhaka and Mukta can understand

Only a seeker or Sadhaka and Mukta can understand another sadhaka...As what you are becoming is completely anathema to ordinary people...People will regard your emotional detachment as a lack of compassion, and your lack of interest in the mundane activities of the world as hostile..........It is a lonely road and if you talk about it people will dislike or hate you as they want to remain in the pollyanna emotional delusion.....where warm fuzzies are mistaken for progress..........

Monday, April 09, 2012

When people die they either attain moksha or they enter the subtle realms of the illusion

When people die they either attain moksha or they enter the subtle realms of the illusion no matter how much they cry to Jesus or God or an alpha ape in the sky...It is only the alpha ape concept that makes them superstitious as the are full of fear as the ego is fear itself and cannot face the memories of its previous death experiences or after death rather and the hell consciousness of the omissions and deed that they themselves perceive to be right or wrong... They want imaginary god to forgive them and take them his arms and comfort such luck the angels/devas and or the ghoulies are waiting for you created them. This is part of the fear of death the memory of the hellish guilty consciousness and of course separation from out attachments.....................

Tony O'Clery Niz says what survives is like a cloud of attributes and tendencies and memories...Ramana goes into deeper descriptions of the death experience..and remember i was initiated by the Siddha in the ashram in the 1989..and went consciously through the dimensions and koas to 'No Mind'........
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Sunday, April 01, 2012


It looks like a small step but the step into vegetarianism is a like bridging a gulf of immense size. As the habit, addiction, alibis, and social programming is difficult to overcome as it has to do with awareness and the development of the vijnanamayakosa. It has to do with sensitivity to the suffering of an animal never mind the health issues. If one cannot have compassion for the suffering of the animal then one can never see all as one..and one only lives in the frontal lobes of illusory intelligence and ego...AHIMSA AND DAYA=MOKSHA a simple equation. If one cannot grasp that then one is condemned to live in the windmills of the mind./
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