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PURIFICATION OF THE BUDDHI,AND SELF-SADHANA. 29/03/98-Vancouver.-edited. P=Participant.

Before I start let me say that because I can talk about all this, doesn't mean I can do it. Also I believe Creation didn't happen and all this is just an appearance, but as Sankara said,its real whilst you are in it. (Actually the appearance didn't happen either, IMO-Tony.).

Purification of the Buddhi, or the individualised version of the universal Mahat, is necessary for spiritual progress. The Buddhi is an aspect of the Vijnanamayakosha or Awareness Sheath, it is the Inner Mind or Antahkarana. When it is turned inwards it pierces through Maya and leads to Moksha or Liberation. When it is turned outward it only succeeds in enhancing the power of the Lower Mind or Manamayakosha. This part of the mind is turned out to desires and satisfaction of the senses. A Buddhi turned outwards is a distortion of its'function. For man can manipulate his mind to enjoy the senses, out of season, so to speak. Unlike the animal,which only operates instinctively within its' Dharma.

I will briefly talk about the five koshas and how this purification process works. It is a reversal of consciousness as we know it, to its' "Natural" State. The five koshas are the ANNAMAYA,PRANAMAYA,MANOMAYA,JNANAMAYA,ANANDAMAYA KOSHAS. THAT IS THE FOOD,ENERGY,MIND,AWARENESS OR INTELLECTUAL,BLISS OR CAUSAL SHEATHS.

These Sheaths all relate to different planes of consciousness of course. The first thing you have to do when washing dirty clothes is loosen the dirt first then you can wash the clothes.

This is all illusion,for example do you get involved in a T.V. show? Do you feel for the person suffering? Well this world is also an illusion, why get involved in it? Feel compassion yet but do not get attached.

We must start self-sadhana by purifying the food sheath and work our way up so to speak. We purify the food sheath by regulating our food and avoiding tamasic food and meat. Eating meat means we absorb bad vibrations plus we are sending billions of Jivas to the subtle world many of which are born again as humans. Billions of people were these animals in their last lives and they bring their resentment of human beings with them. The resentment of their bad treatment and having their lives cut short. Hence this contributes to violence, mass slaughters and so on. People don't realise this,and they wonder why kids kill kids or there are massacres like Ruanda.

We purify the energy sheath by controlling our desires. This is also connected to the mind sheath where desires and attachment to the senses have to be controlled. The important sheath in this process is the awareness sheath which is part and parcel of the Buddhi, and controls and guides the lower sheaths particularly the mind. Intelligence isn't awareness, some geniuses are spiritually ignorant and unaware.

The Guru. "SPARSHAN,DARSHAN AND SAMBHASHAN.That is awareness of His presence, receiving the impact of His Divinity and assimilating and actualising His teaching,not just seeing,touching and listening.

Darshan is the Insight of Divine Beauty acquired from meditation. Sparshan means the installation of the lotus feet,and all that means,in one's heart. Sambharshan means praying directly before Him and listening to His response before the inner altar of one's heart.Meditation in other words.

Only a deserving Shisya gets a proper Guru.....Gita 4:39.40,and Sankara's Viveka Chudamani 19,20,and 363. So Buddhi should control the mind and not the reversal.S.S. and Gita 2:62.Gita 9:22. It is said that desire (for purification or Liberation) without effort is useless, Self-Sadhana purifies our impulses. "Manas Sathyate Shuddhate". Only Truth can purify and sublimate the mind.

To achieve this purification there are Four Exercises.

1) Swadhaya,that is reading spiritual books, bhajan, satsang, to make us aware of the Atma.

2) Japa, this should go on unceasingly, be aware and only come out into the world when it is necessary. To think of 'God' at death is very difficult, if you haven't practiced the Name all your waking life. It is better to start at about eight or nine years of age. Some people die and don't even realise they have died, others get distracted at the last moment, or are confused by the memories of their life. It is not so easy to be like Ghandiji and remember Rama as we die. Nobody experiences death for one is unconscious. Except if you are a Yogi then there is no death of course. Sankara says death is being separated from our desires.

3)Homa, Japa becomes Homa, offer all activities to The Lord all day long.Don't offer Grace just for meals, Brahmarpnam etc is to purify our inner being for all is food for the senses.

4)Brahmiya Kriyate Tanuhu.A Divine Inner Body".(1)

Finally this inner balance leads to purification of the Buddhi. Cessation of the mind is the goal.

The Buddhi is not present in deep sleep just the thought "I am sleeping", we must purify even that thought and become God. Once we have stilled all thought we are God, we enter the fourth or Turiya stage of consciousness.

See all as God, Do all as God.This is through DAYA,KSHAMA,AND SHANTI; Compassion, Forgiving those that trespass against us, and Peace to all, all is God. Love,Love,Love,Prema,Prema,Prema. All is One!This is were helping others comes in for it lessens our preoccupation with ourselves and therefore weakens the ego sense,and helps expand our vision.

KOHAM.............SOHAM.Who am I? I am He!' Drive the thought inward to the Universal "I". By eliminating the illusion of an individual ego. "I"is that background feeling of awareness that suffuses everything.

All these exercises are to purify one's Buddhi so that one may have one-pointedness and achieve Liberation, or loss of illusion and Moha. For a purified Buddhi is essentially a state of no mind,which is Liberation. Love is the answer, infuse our thoughts!

(When a stage is reached that one feels deeply that whatever is being done is happening and one has not got anything to do with it,then it becomes such a deep conviction that whatever is happening is not happening really;And that whatever seems to be happening is also an illusion.)Sri Nisagardatta Maharaj.

We move from thinking we are our own thought, to realising we are God's thought and eventually we realise there was no thought at all,just Bliss.

Questions and statements,Tony and Participants.(It is all opinions.)

Tony.....How do you purify yourself?I'll throw it out to the male side first.

Joyce(Co-ordinator.).....Let's have a minutes meditation first!

P(participant.).....What is the relationship between internal and external purification?Is physical purification required for internal purification?

Tony.....We live in a polluted world,everything is polluted;the water we drink is polluted,the food we eat is polluted,the people we talk to are polluted,we are polluted.There is no difference.Everything is One.We divide the bodies and consciousness up into different planes,but it is actually just one.You cannot have impure mind,body and be physically impure and then try and purify the inner mind.It would be exremely difficult to do,it is all one,the body is what we eat,and our mind is what we hear,read or think.There is no difference between outer and inner purification it's all the same thing.(It seems we have to have purification of the outer to some degree in order to work on the inner.Eventually when reaching the light of the Self all impurity would be burned up.)

P....I think the most purest form of purification would be early childhood,four or five years old,to start the purification process.I have a question.You are saying Sparshan, Darshan and Sambarshan.....If you go through all three of those,in the presence of a Yogi,and touch the feet etc,does the purification process increase?

Tony.....Well I'm not a Yogi but they say if you touch the feet of a Yogi, the fact that you are near the energy, it would help you along in the purification process obviously, but if you go inside yourself then that is as far away as 'God' is . So you can have it come from inside as well. So it helps,it's not absolutely necessary but,for a lot of people,it helps.

P.....Purification can be achieved by first recognising and searching within yourself.First learn to love yourself because by loving yourself you can give this love.Once you have Divine Love to other human beings,towards the Earth,towards Mankind,towards the Universe purification is automatic.

Tony.....That's exactly the fourth exercise..Shanti..Love,Love,Love, Prema,Prema,Prema.It comes under Shanti one of the four exercises...It's Shanti.

P.....I think purification starts with control of the senses,not eating meat and if watching television,watching only non-violent shows.

Tony.....That's how it all started whether you descended as a Being or came up from the animals. Those big girls painted on the side of hoardings in India,shouldn't even look at that.It changes the direction of the mind all the time....Mental Pollution..exactly.

P.....You are what you eat...Purification Process starts with Compassion....eating habits,eliminate killing...etc.


P....(Joyce the Co-Ordinator.)Talking about not positive but negative emotions.Feelings like;anger,greed,jealousy,fear,envy...we have them all in one degree or another. Pray about it,meditate about it,....clean your heart everyday you go into meditation and ask to be helped to be cleaned out.Without that you will never be pure.Our feelings bring us to our troubles and we simply got ourselvles into it with what we have been given as a gift....our minds.We can get ourselves out of it.Sometimes people will hold on to a feeling ,a negative feeling intil they die rather than give it up.I've seen it over and over and over.So you have to be honest with yourself.First deal with it...ask for help and may be just may be we will be purified.

Tony..Right..Somebody over here now?

P.....You mention Pollution,I think we are surrounded by negative influences,sensuality,television etc.We have to control our energies,thoughts and direct them on the path of meditation and purification.

P.....Purifying our thoughts starts within,but there are so many outside influences.One thing that comes to my mind,was the onion.Peeling away our faults,no matter how many tears to get rid of negative emotions.Going through all negative emotions peeling away slowly one at a time,slowly but surely.

Tony.....That's a good method,a lot of Yogis use it,they say Neti...Neti...not this ...not this...All the bad thoughts and so called good thoughts and things they eliminate one at a time.They end up with the one thought....Yes..that's what we have to do.

Tony.....There are many different ways and everyone has mentioned an angle of the same thing.So many different people,so many different levels of awareness.So people are coming from different directions all the time.

P.....This gentleman touched on what I wanted to say about continuing to ask the question "Who am I?". Joyce referred to emotions,so often our thought patterns which continually jump up from simple thoughts result in negative emotions,that she listed.But if we go back further the problem stems from believing that we are the body and I think continuing to ask the question"Who am I?" has to be the greatest purification.

Tony....By asking the question "Who am I?",that is the original thought of human beings,the Ego,that is the original fall of human beings:I".Every thought is connected with the "I"-because you own the thought,therefore if you go back to the feeling of "Who am I?",and you eliminate the "I" or you try and find the "I" you'll find the "I"does not exist.There is only one Universal "I".At that point the originator of all your problems and all your impurities and all your thoughts are gone.The chain is broken-the mind doesn't exist-it's just a bundle of thoughts and desires--and they are all connected to the"I" thought.The feeling of"I, once the "I" thought is gone then they go.This is the whole process of elimination.Is to bring the mind in and in and in,whether it's through different practical exercises or meditating.It's to get one pointedness,one pointedness,of concentration and go in and get the feeling like you were a little child.Jesus said "suffer little children come unto me".What He meant was be like little children,an innocent child.

P...(Same person.)...Having said what I have said,I also believe that a certain degree of subtley of mind is required to even be in a level of consciousness to even want to ask the question"Who am I?".To grasp the purpose of asking it,so a certain level of basic purification is already necessary.

Tony.Yes... they say there are "horses for courses",what suits one doesn't suit another.(There are different levels of awareness.)

P...Male..Love All.?.

Tony.....What does it mean?--well someone over here just mentioned it,start off by loving yourself and realising you are not an individual.You are everything and the purpose of loving all and serving all is getting your mind off yourself.It has all got to do with concentration,when you help people,it's not the people that you are helping.You've been given the opportunity to help them so you can help yourself.If you don't help them,they are God's people,God's poor,God will help them anyway.You're helping them to help yourself.It's to reduce your own ego,your own "I" feeling,the more you help people.Many many years ago when I stopped drinking and I used to go to A.A..They had a saying that if you are thinking of other people you can't get depressed,if you are out helping other people it's pretty hard to get depressed,because you aren't thinking of yourself.This is one of the main reasons for Seva,your mind isn't thinking about yourself,you are thinking of this person and that person,and you're not thinking of yourself,and that reduces your"I",thought.That's why "Love All".

P...same person.Enslavement,you are a slave?

Tony.....No,No,it's not being a slave,a slave is somebody that has no will,there is no karma(Seva),in being a slave,for he has to do as he is told.There is no good or bad karma in being a slave,he has to do as he is told.When you are doing good work like this,you are creating good karma of course,if you can eliminate the "I" thought,you eliminate that as well.It's not enslavemenat helping other people,a slave has no choice.

P.... The best method is Namasmarana,and only seeing God,seeing everything pure,and you will see yourself pure.

Tony.....Japa is the same thing.It's like the psychiatrist programming one's mind,he doesn't eliminate the problem thoughts but reduces them to say 5%.The other 95% is the programming the psychiatrist put in there.So for all intents and purposes the bad thoughts are gone.With Japa you are programming yourself,you are programming your mind with God.The Name of God,The Form of God and God are all the same thing,there's no difference.So by doing Japa you increase the Love,you purify by "eliminating" other thoughts from the mind,and constant Japa....well it creates Liberation.

P...same person..In the Baghavad Gita Lord Krishna says see all equally as God.See only the Pure no dirt,everything is Pure.

P.....To purify ourselves,to engage ourselves in good satsang and meditation,jnana,which is a step towards purifying ourself.Talking about food--the concept here is Hindus not eating meat,for more sathwik food,but there are more tamasic food in vegetables.

Tony.....Like eating too many onions and chillis?

P....same person.Correct!In Ayuraveda there are more Tamasik vegetables mentioned--in a book by Sankara--I can't remember the name--advising not eating tamasik food.Talking about eating meat there are so many Saints eating meat,talking about the Buddha.There is a Buddhist concept we take food from other people,whatever they offer we eat.But they are highly spiritual Saints and all.

Tony.....To a highly evolved Yogi(Jivanmukti),it doesn't matter what you eat anyway.

P...same person.Yes!Basically not eating meat to avoid killing.There are lots of people eating meat,they are more spiritual than those who are eating vegetables.

Tony.....It depends on what your level of awareness is,there are four types of Human Being,Human animal,Aspiring Human Being,Human Being and Divine Human Being.

If you are a Human Animal you can do all the things that animals do-mate,eat,sleep,defend whatever.If you are an Aspiring Human Being you have to change yourself from an animal.You have to take on Ahimsa,not killing an animal to eat its meat.

Human Beings are like a flower,a flower bursts into creation and it gets to a certain point,at the end of the day when it closes its petals and it goes back in again.Human Beings are the same,not every flower bursts into creation and comes back in at the same time.Some close earlier some close later,the person still coming out into manifestation,they are more likely to be a Human Animal.If they have decided to close in the petals and come back;whereas they are more likely to be an aspiring Human Being.

Tony....And now we can have the last speaker.

P.....A last thought --to say that cleanliness is next to Godliness,cleanliness spiritually and physically its the same.So for the spiritual and mental we shall take a bath.We take a mental bath whilst we are doing our prayers and meditation,so it washes our mind.It should wash our mind but we don't know how pure we are,or where we are at.So by just doing it,we should eliminate some of the impurities that we think and receive.

Tony....It's no good in wanting to be Liberated unless you have a method of Sadhana.You have to have a practice,you have to have a system.It's no good saying I want to be Liberated,you've got to have a system.You say Morning Prayers,how much Japa do you do on a regular basis,how much Seva do you do.You have to have a Sadhana,if you don't have a Sadhana you're not going to get anywhere,Even if it's just thinking I'm not the "I".

Joyce...Thank you Tony for giving us this opportunity to think about ourselves.I was just thinking you can't love yourself unless you purify yourself,you have guilt about whatever you are doing,that will destroy that self love.Thank you again.

Om Namah Sivaya.... Tony.

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Neo-Advaitins still misread

..Neo-Advaitins still misread me continually and I put this down to the fact that they are a neo advaitin and that I have come up through Hindu Advaita Vedanta....Let me put it this way...A highly intelligent person can have a mental problem....the psychiatrist talks and talks and eventually the problem becomes comparatively small...because the mind is .. More a person can have a high IQ and still have a problem in the mind---samskaras. This is in parts of the mind which are not immediately used daily...namely the vijnanamayakosa versus the daily we don't know really where we are!!!!!!!Even Maharaj continued with bhajans and his method of I AM, is supposed to be felt as a sadhana it is not an intellectual exercise..........There is a reason why the ancients still used a science of practise.....take what you want from neo advaitinism will only lead you to different states of consciousness and not Moksha.

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From: Tony O'Clery <

Avatar just means 'cross-down', in Sanskrit. So we are
all avatars but in the usually accepted meaning of the
word we mean a 'fully conscious integrated awareness
descent'. I suppose Purna-Avatar or Full-Cross-Down is
a better word.

Talking about K; The staff of Hermes,(Toth), was the
Druid's wand and has been used since the time of Mu.(
The Druids even called themselves serpents.) These are
the so-called snakes that St. Patrick chased out of
Ireland, unfortunately. Well not completely they kind
of combined with the Christian Orders.

It is found carved in petroglyphs in various places.
The staff is the Sushumna and the snakes are the Ida
and Pingala nadis running from the Muladhara to the
left and right nostril respectively.( There are
believed to be 720 million nadis,or subtle nerve
channels in the body.) The Ida is called the Moon nadi
because of its cooling effect, the Pingala the Sun
nadi because of its heating effect.

Kundalini Sakti runs up a channel in the Sushumna
called the 'Chitrini nadi'. However 'Moksha', does not
come about with the rise of Kundalini to the Sahasrara
Chakra. It has to go down the Paranadi into the right
side of the chest to the 'Heart Centre', ( note Centre
not Chakra). I think the Caduceus is used by medicine
because people with an awakened Kundalini Sakti are
healthy. For She/Sakti cures illnesses and gives even
mentally ill people a new intellect.

So called 'bad effects', and dramatic sensations from
the rise of Kundalini, which most describe as the
actual K, are in fact not K-Sakti but the Prana
Kundalini clearing out the dross, even bringing out
illness. This is to prepare the way for the Kundalini
Sakti, so to speak. (My first experience was dramatic
but since has been more steady.

With regard to Leadbetter, it is my humble opinion
that he 'saw', the lower etheric form of Chakra as
opposed to the higher subtle.

In the end result K is risen and totally integrated
desireless integrated awareness. Admittedly for some
there is a certain enjoyment in the cleansing prana
activity, for others it may be painful. There is a
danger at this stage to mistake this as K-Sakti as
opposed to prana, and become attached to these
sensations. Enjoyment and even bliss are still
obstacles to overcome. Until one realises that one is
actually the 'God', with no attributes at all.

I feel if one can visualise the K then that is Prana.

In the final analysis both Kundalini and Sakti are but
temporary illusions on awareness.

All this can be found in the works of , Swami
Sathyananda Saraswati, Sri Ramana Maharishi, Swami
Sivananda, Hiroshi Motoyama , Purananda, Yoga Cudamani
Upanishad, Yoga Kundalini Upanishad, Yoga-Shikka


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Only 'No I' can be free....there is no freedom even with a submissive mind....Ahamkara has to go....what is left is the I Am-Sakti using the vijnanamayakosa which is it self when purified.........As there is no time things have already happend at the material level..This is why Raman reacted and reflected the minds of his audience...he was gone as ... See Morean ego and therefore didn't decide what to say or do...A slight trace of buried ego can come roaring to life at any time. It is a trickster and can hide and give one a false impression of freedom or is the thief in the palace of Emperor Parikshit.....

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Astral Descents

Astral Descents....It is my birthday so my wife took me off to the Ballet again....Nutcracker of course Tchaikovsky and all that....thouroughly enjoyed myself again. However couldn't help thinking as I watched all the beauty and artistry of the dance and music that it is so so is all at that level of mind.......Now that is a secret...about that and the people who like and are associated with it........10 hours ago .
The fact is that withing illusion, there is not only an evoluton but a descent down as well. These entities meet, those that are evolving and those that descended. Most of the yogis and descents are descended from the second or third wave of astral descents....hence the remarkable differences between the levels of awareness in humans....and the distortions thereof....

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Human Ego.

There is no human ego mind..per just the misuse of a 'defence reaction mechanism'.All animals have a defence reaction mechanism,,,when attacked or in danger, otherwise how would they know that it is them being attacked. Humans have expanded this limited feeling into a full blown imaginery ego.-Who am I? who is being attacked oh it is me that is under attack. So now we have strengthened the feeling that 'I am the body idea'. It is just an animal reaction that has been built up into a phantom by the mind, and its Vasanas and desires.All layered on to the original phantom ego ahamkara...

Human Ego.

The mind builds up its phantom layer by layer, illusion by delusion until there is a substantial thoughtform or entity. Like attracts like in vibrations...however the whole thing is strung on the sutra of 'I' or ego, which doesn't really exist.

Just pull the string and the knitting comes undone. And what pulls the string is the removal of vasanas and the Guru/Self itself....We can take ourselves to Kevala NirVikalpa Samadhi but the Vasanas prevent it being permanent realisation or Sahaja NirVikalpa Samadhi...

To put it simply the dream of ego is not yours but the Selfs....can you stop your own dream ,yet stop anybody else's never mind the Self's. ?

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Overcoming karma..

Overcoming karma..

Karma is made of mind stuff it is memory of an action and its reward. Most karma is memory karma....all other karma is just action/reaction in kaos and evolution.

Karma is on the physical plane, karma memory is on the non karmic mind level. So it can be overcome with the same stuff it is made of -energy or prana. It can be overwhelmed by other actions and prana, so it is buried and doesn't take over manifestation.....So all being karma is true in one sense but living one's life in a certain way, thinking that is Karma and one can't help is not true........All is illusion in the end anyway,,,

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Free Will and Karma.

Namaste All,Free Will and Karma, Memory Karma...

Karma is actually action so lets not confuse that with human memory karma..

First of all it seems that ‘all’, is actually mind. Sakti is mind, Mahat is mind, so really apart from so called individual thoughts, all is thought. The projected appearance of Saguna Brahman, or 'God' within illusion.

In the first place all is a dream and an illusion , and we are operating at two levels, relative and absolute. Also there are the constituents of the dream to

consider. If we take Einstein and relativity etc, then physically there is no time, beyond the speed of light. (In fact quarks and

sub-atomic particles travel back in time.)

This is Kala or time, and Universal Consciousness is Kala or Time. So Time itself is an illusion and doesn't

exist really. It is all a dream of the concept "God". So in this dream everything is really happening at the same time, it is just the

play of consciousness that gives the illusion of progression and time. It is like lives, they are like a cartwheel and the lives are the

spokes. Consciousness is the hub, and we concentrate consciousness on one spoke at a time, hence lives, but they all happen at

once! However because consciousness has become associated with the illusion it has to free itself with free will.

This entails taking

responsibility for our actions , as if we were making things happen. It is said that we see our future life before taking birth, so

everything that is going to happen has happened or rather is happening. So at birth a veil is drawn over our consciousness, so to

speak and then we have to literally, "Act out ", the drama, as if we are making decisions , that effect a really non-existent future.

So in fact when we ponder over a decision and them make it, that was the decision we had already made anyway. There was just

the illusion that we were making it, so that we could take responsibility for it and learn. Learn what? Learn that we are part of a


So the illusion of experiencing causes pain etc and eventually the "Consciousness Realises this and wakes

up------Liberated". However as Sankara says it is real enough whilst you are in it. This is where karma comes into play for at this

level of relativity there is the law of "action and reaction ", that keeps the illusion going so to speak. Until you realise you are the source and the truth.

and it is all a dream. "Understand there is no free will for individuals. They are constrained by various limitations. Universal consciouness alone has

total free will. All others are bound in one way or another. Whatever one's efforts ,the ultimate outcome lies beyond one's day to day control. Yes even the decision to work or not to work is determined. So raising ourselves by our own effort was also determined, the effort was the choice of the mind, a choice already having been made. I'm not saying sit down and do nothing, but if one did that would be determined also. The Gita also talks at different levels that's why it is so popular----the different yogas. It is only the body mind complex that receives the karma anyway not the real You. My point again is we have to surrender for we are not the doer, and literally everything is preordained. The only choice we have is to make the mental choice.One should understand that karma literally means action, and that there are different types of karma including memory karma. Now everything happens at once so when we do an action the opposite action is also completed, even though it doesn't manifest until a 'future' life. So our choice is to learn, so if we make the right mental choice then that happened at the same time as the bad choice and nullifies that karma for the future. However there is karma and memory karma. Karma is much like Chaos and consists of action and reaction. Memory karma is where the human entity due to memory and need to learn, puts itself in a certain physical situation. This is a personal karma and is not available to animals as they do not have guilt. However we have to play out our role until Moksha cancels all our future karmas.....ONS..Tony.



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climate conference failed again

I see the climate conference failed again---still....I did this some time ago but it is topical still.

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This is a version of cognitive dissonance that specifically applies
to spirituality, especially Buddhism and Hinduism and their
adherents. The Oxford Dictionary gives this meaning for Carnalitas;-
Sensuality, Unspirituality and Fleshiness.... Read More
In the Eastern Philosophies there is a basic tenet called Ahimsa or
resistance to the practice of violence;--in other words practice non-
violence. It is the essential teaching of the Buddha and all the
Hindu teachers, Avatars and Yogis. This is why `meat-eating' is not
practiced by these people.
However there are many on the `so called' spiritual path, especially
Westerners, who have a conflict with this. They know and understand
the teaching on Ahimsa and meat eating but yet ignore it and worse,
try and rationalize it, with innumerable excuses on why they still
partake of meat.

Usually with ideas like; `All is one', it doesn't matter what one
eats and so on. There seems to be a gap between the tenet of non-
violence and what they consume. They do not seem to connect the
torture and suffering of animals and what is on their plate.
Obviously there is some Egoistic desire and habit associated with
meat eating, which is stronger than their professed spirituality,
which demands Ahimsa.
I have studied this condition in spiritual seekers for some years
and could never understand the `disconnect'.
I finally decided that it is similar to the `True Believer
Syndrome', and also `Cognitive Dissonance', both of which are
cognitive disfunctions.
So I have coined the phrase `Cognitive Dissonance Carnalitas', to
describe this condition.
It only applies to `Eastern Spiritual Seekers', or 'spiritual seekers',for other people who eat meat have no conflict, as it is accepted as part of their
culture; So no cognitive dissonance arises…………….Tony.

You cannot have 'God' in your Heart....and meat on your plate..That is just the idea of god in your mind...not Heart.

Daya or universal compassion and Ahimsa or resistance to harm, cannot co-exist with Tamas and Rajas...It is the difference between a human animal and an aspiring human being........Spirituality=Sattva...So even though a person may be a loving kind person, if they eat meat it indicates a lack of awareness if they claim to be spiritual or Yoga seekers...If indicates an undeveloped vijnanamayakosa....which is actually the state of the animal...This is why Ramana Maharshi says that those on the path of true yoga must be vegetarian......Tony O'Clery.

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Sir, what happens after death?

A devotee: Revered Sir, what happens after death?

Ramakrishna: Keshab Sen asked me the same question.So long as a man remains in ignorance, in other words,so long as he has not realized God, he will be subject to rebirth; but after Divine realization one does not come back to this earth, nor is he born in any other world.

Potters after making earthen pots dry them in the sun. Have you not seen that there are pots which are baked in fire and others that are unbaked? When a pot of unbaked clay is broken, the potter uses the same clay to make a new pot; but if a baked pot is broken, the pieces are of no further use and he throws them away.

Similarly, when the ego is not baked in the fire of wisdom, after death it will appear in another form and be born again and again. If a fried grain is planted .it will not germinate; in the same manner, he whose inner nature is fried in the fire of wisdom is no longer subject to evolution, but attains to absolute freedom from rebirth. [p. 278]



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Alice, (Eilish) ......Seances

I will call her (A*****) AND I TALK TO Alice, (Eilish) 10th February 1996.

A**** had smelt "death",and soon after I told her about Eilish's death she was in contact with her. It seems if a person who has passed over is thinking about a particular person, or the reverse situation, and a medium is involved, that sets up the link or channel. It is a three way connection, to start with, with the lower minds involved, especially if the deceased is still in the border plane.

This chapter covers our questions and answer period with the newly dead Eilish.Who had only just passed away on the ninth of February 1996.The language may be stilted but this is how it was .

A acted as the conscious medium and relayed all the messages. Without meditation I was unable to hear or see Eilish, but I could see the images in my mind's eye. Eilish suffered from bone-cancer and died of pneumonia, in hospital. (Her family had kept from her, the fact that she was dying,which was unfortunate, but she indicated to A***** and I that she was aware of the fact, but didn't indicate why.)


She knows about the after-life now. She went to the green hills, straight after leaving the body.

Talking about Bridget-A grand-daughter?

She has a small antique oblong box, with a latch and wooden carvings. She wants Marie and Rosaleen to have it, (her eldest daughters.)

She wants a mass at the funeral and food for all afterwards. A white sweet, (probably blancmange.) She also said that she didn't like the idea of being buried in the ground. Her body that is.

She says that she is confused right now, what about Paul? (my brother whom she had a problem with.) I'd be happy to live in the hills. There is a wall, a brick wall, in the house, that needs painting.

She thought there was a judgment but everything is so different from what she expected in the afterlife.

Happy that the girls are at home with her husband, Greg.

Uncle Ted is here and another man, he will come in a dream. People are meeting her in the hills. There's a lady there to help her.


I liked his eyes when he was a baby. You could tell that he was different, from his eyes. They were violet, and looked different.

Can she hold her rosary beads and cross? Are there steps to the light? (We had told her to look for the light, the clear light.) She remembers sunsets being beautiful in the hills.

We asked E whether she would mind if we asked a Deva, Angel, to help protect her. She said I could if I wanted to. At that moment two appeared, one each side of her, they were golden in colour. (This was of course her own wish).

At this point I held her hand for a while, I could feel the warmth.

She has a message for my mother, her sister , that she will see her soon enough.

Thanks to Marie and Rosaleen and thanks to someone for financial help/money??---Likely the late Reverend Father Ted?-her brother.
There is a Holy Cloth for Marie to put on her lap, light yellow khaki in colour.(Marie is a Eucharistic Minister, and this cloth was probably a vestment that the late Father Ted owned and left to Eilish.)

She will come and visit her husband, Greg whilst he is quiet in his chair.

She mentioned the wooden box for the girls again.

She said that it's good that it's all alright with Paul, regrets not knowing his family but will see them.

She wants her stuff to be given away not kept. Someone is going to have a baby, she'll see the baby in the spirit world and will visit after the baby is born.

Tell Marie that we didn't have a friendship as adults for we lived too far apart but the bond is there.(my mother, Marie lived in Australia, at that time before returning to Ireland.)


Eilish said that, "we have a special bond. Thank you, I'll come in your dreams. A piece of my heart belongs to you". Appreciated me in her grief over Basil. I used to hold on to her legs and I had a little red tricycle.

Eilish says that A*****, has a lot of psychic gifts to be proud of.

Says that her eyes aren't weak anymore and feels relieved that she's not responsible for people, and sacrificing in the meantime; now she can rest.

She asked that on the day of the funeral I spend a minute thinking of her. (Thursday in the Canada.)



Eilish not so confused in the border plane now, happy to communicate and starting to understand her present condition. She says that Angels/Devas appear as soon as she thinks of them.

During the session I held Esha's hand twice and felt the vibration and heat; Esha was happy about it.

A saw her take form twice whilst talking to her. She said that she talked sweetly and was small and pale but happy. She also said that Esha was wearing a white or pearl necklace. I saw Esha's face in my mind, or in A*****'s. Esha said again that the after-death experience was nothing like she had been taught, (Catholic teaching.) (Eilish at this time of course was still in the Border Planes, or Bardos.)

We didn't push the reading as Esha had only been over twenty four hours and it was very tiring to A*****. Esha was happy to talk and enjoyed it. She also said that someone else was coming up soon, but I wasn't attached to this person.(Within two years Wally, my mother -in -law's husband died, it may have been him. Although in July 1998,her own husband Greg died.) She was obviously seeing the future so we asked her about earth changes and she said that they would be noticed. She said that we will talk again before she moves on, she really does understand her situation now. I asked if she was unhappy that I couldn't make the funeral, she said that I had done enough already.

She said that, before she died, her bones were painful and her lungs and throat were full of fluid. Esha said that she was glad to leave that old body. She also couldn't understand why I was a vegetarian and so I explained it to her, about non-violence, especially with regard to animals.

This session had been in two parts; at a later session with A******, Esha talked about visiting India and seeing the markets. She said that my father was fixed in his belief systems.

She stayed with A for an hour just visiting at her apartment and said that she was quite a little missy .She said that some suffering my wife had as a child was.....(Private message). Esha was very impressed with this type of "radio" she was using to communicate with A, and she was happy she could be where she wanted immediately she thought of it. She also said that a lot of Anthony's friends are up here; (my friends).

The next day I did a meditation , and I explained the bhajan/chanting meditation to her. She asked what I was doing with the flame. I explained the Arti, Maya. (It seems that my psychic ability is far stronger on the astral and mental than it is on the lower bardos,where I am somewhat weaker, due to the late period of life that I took it up)

During one meditation I took Esha by the hand and we went up through the dimensions. As happened to me at an ashram in India. The next time I tried I was stopped by two Devas whe didn't want us doing it, for whatever reason. (She wanted her grand-daughter to have one of her names. I was to put the request in an envelope and send it to the family, to be opened after the little girl was born. This was done and the little girl was so named.)

On the 17th of February, 1997 I was meditating in the bath but could not hear Esha. I took my consciousness up to the vital plane, asking for my Higher Self's, Blessing, passing mishapen ghoulies on the way. I found her shell floating with mouth open. Either abandoned or asleep, I decided abandoned, she had moved on. This was the second death.(I asked my Higher Self, for help during these sessions, and the process I used was to completely relax my body and go into a state of meditation, then visualise as much as possible until the visions came by themselves.)

I went up to see my uncle, Father Ted, on the Astral. He said Eilish had been there to his church but was not there now. Uncle Jo was dancing somewhere. T apologised for his rigidness whilst alive. I said not to worry, that was his belief system..

I went up to higher planes, there were formless beings, still couldn't find Eilish. Good blissful vibrations at this level.

I heard Eilish call my name, she said lots of my friends are up here and lots of God's Devotees have been helping and instructing her. I explained a little about God's Dream, Avatars and about all being One, Also that all was a dream no matter what level or plane we're on.

She was very happy and blissful and I talked about her husband Greg. She said that she knew about him, she told me to buy him a book and send it to him. She was obviously very spiritual and could move through the different levels herself.

She talked whilst I was writing. She says lifetimes don't matter anymore, and there are lots of advanced beings or Spiritual Teachers on this plane. She knows that there's no past, present or future, all is now. She can see the progression of lives but she's not attached to any of it.

The Chanting Meeting was a big help to her and she said that "It moved me on,". She said that she now understands the symbolism of rites.( some people need the imprinting), She said that she knows I am with His/God's people now Anthony". Your life will go well now Anthony. you will help people, you are beloved of "The Lord" because you have surrendered to Him. "My death was also a help to you." "We had a strong bond, you were really my first child, but that is just at an Earthly level. I know they were just roles, All is One, play the game Anthony and enjoy it, you will succeed. "Love Eilish.

(It is an interesting comment that I don't believe in a Lord or Personal God, but only the Transcendental Nirguna).


Eilish visited A***** again with another woman, around fifty? years of age. (Probably younger but in A*****'s mind she guessed older). She said "The Truth you know is inside yourself. The Truth is real turning on a wheel of sorts. Life is an ongoing cycle. Remember the stone within that glows. She said to remember when you were a child. A******* said that Eilish looked fresher and younger this time.

Around about this time I was getting visits in meditation from a soldier in uniform. He would appear as I was coming down through the dream plane. I mentioned it to my wife a few times, that a soldier was visiting me. I realised after a few visits that it was Basil Weston and that he was coming to me, looking for Eilish. Perhaps he was on a different plane from her. However I did have a vison of them together. He was her partner and had been killed in Burma during WWII, and received the V.C. for sacrificing his life for his platoon. On 22/4/96 I met Eilish again, she appeared young, with long hair and a coat. She was quiet at first, and I thought she was mad at me, but no, she embraced me-a thank you, I think.

I have seen Eilish since, looking young, wearing a white gown, waist-cord and going to some kind of school on a higher plane. I have gone up there several times and I know that Eilish is happy in the school. Eilish also told A******* that she would come back and would be a cousin of her children. I didn't follow up whether Basil was still with her, in a spiritual sense. I had a feeling he was somewhere else, perhaps reincarnated.
I have found that I can communicate with Eilish if I meditate, go up the dimensions and visualise her. Last time I heard her "voice," saying that the image wasn't her, she was something else ,the image it seems is my mind's way of communicating with her. The image is just the message that I am trying to communicate.

The states that Eilish was in are pretty typical of the Karmic Bardos. That is self created worlds, as in the dream plane. One it seems will create according to one's belief. If one is a Christian there may be saints etc, other beliefs would have their own structures. According to mystic and psychic tradition when one dies, one immediately checks in with the Lord or Clear Light of consciousness. If one is able to recognise this then one merges and becomes liberated. Most have Karma that drags them down and they awake on the border plane, just above the material plane. They stay there for a time before moving up to their appropriate level of consciousness. Where they stay until their karma runs out and they take rebirth. Undeveloped souls would re-incarnate immediately, which is what happens to the majority, according to some.....The End.

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Interesting discussion on non duality

Interesting discussion on non duality

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Some thoughts on States and Illusion.

Some thoughts on States and Illusion.

I find this interesting for within illusion, the dream or astral

does operate as its own world as well as use impressions from the

waking state......So my experiences whether from the Astral, Imagination, Day-Dream, Dream are all from the 'Dream Plane'.....Take you pick so to speak...

First giving validity to the illusion lets discuss the Soul. What is

it? How is it separate from the original Universal?

It is not that complicated really, the soul is an entity made up of

aggregates or mental constructs. Whether we call them kosas,

samkaras, vasanas or whatever they are all mental constructs in the

mind. They are like beads on a sutra, and the thread of the sutra is

the Ego or 'I' sense. This comes first and all other thoughts are

added to it. Consequently when the Ego/I is eliminated as an

illusion the entire thread collapses-------------HENCE MOKSHA! For

there is really only one soul in the entire universe.

People may say well a separate soul must exist in Muktas like Ramana

Maharshi etc. This is only partially true for the construct of body

and mind will only hold together as long as the prarabda karma

exists. Other than that there is no Ego existing at all, only the

Sakti using the Purified Vijnanamayakosa, for the time alloted by


This is why on Moksha and dropping the body, re-birth can never

occur for there isn't an ego to take rebirth. Ego is a thought and

one thought will cause rebirth. This is what I have learned reading,

The Gita, The Vedas, Sankara, Gaudapada, Ramana, Nisargadatta etc


Ultimately there is only the concept of ajativada, but having said

that, a hypothesis is drishti-srishti or 'creation' arising with

one's perception of it. An illusory 'I' creating an illusory world.

This really indicates that the common substratum itself is an

illusion. However it does show that even if we give the substratum

some validity for arguments sake, that 'All is One' and we all

perceive the same or similar world. With the proviso that we seem to

add to the illusion with the sutra of ego


Ramana says that the Ajativada is the ultimate truth but the most

difficult to appreciate. He therefore advises people to entertain

the hypothesis of Drishti-Shristi Vada. The question you are posing

is much tied up with the ego or I thought, for it never wishes to

negate itself or its existence. One may not be aware of the creation

in deep sleep for it doesn't exist in full. What exists is the one

thought of ignorant bliss. The mind has withdrawn from the other

level of materiality and they have collapsed as not having existed

as in waking up from a dream.

So the problem stems from not being realised, and still entertaining

the 'I' thought. The I is believing that everything in creation is

existing whilst it was asleep. This is not so for the 'I' is an

illusion even in creation. So an illusion is making judgements on a


Does the personal dream state exist and the same dream continue when

one wakes up in the morning? No of course not, so each level has its

own temporary delusional validity that's all.

The question one should ask oneself is; Can the 'I' remember what

happened in the deep sleep state? Was it awake in the deep sleep

state? Can it narrate what it remembered?

The fact that all disappears in the deep sleep state just reinforces

the oneness of all even in illusion. So the doubt is just the 'I'

thought grasping at straws, the thief in the palace that's all, it

feels threatened.

Just to continue;

IMHO, The 'I' believing the world exists while it sleeps is an

attachment a grasping mechanism. For the 'I' identifies strongly

with the world and is reinforced in its belief of its own existence.

By believing that which it is attached to exists in deep sleep. This

is an anchor for the ego and an impediment to realisation. For it is

the mind believing in the mind instead of using a thorn to remove a


Thought Forms.

Thought Forms.

Thought forms can change the world, if even this is an illusion as all things happen at once. This I believe will be achieved on the subconscious level, or Universal Mind Level. Similar thought vibrations are attracted to each other and form "Thought Forms." So a build up of good forms effects all humanity, as do bad thoughts. A thought is a thing as is our mind, for the mind is after all just a bundle of thoughts. People chanting has improved the planet and prevented many disasters already. Jesus and many other Great Masters also set up patterns at the Universal Mind Level. Even the Yogi in the cave does the same thing. Babaji was doing this for many years in the Himalayas.

For example violence of any kind builds up a huge "Thought Form", which is more powerful than most individual minds. So the slaughter of animals for food builds up the power of this form and then people wonder where the impulse for war, violence, earthquakes and natural disasters comes from. Some of these influences are very old indeed and go back to the beginning of time.

There are many forms and captive spirits left on the psychic planes from the days of the Aztecan Priests and even to Atlantis, Lemuria and before. There is probably a twenty million year build up at least. Most people are unaware of this fact, because they cannot see it. Science is incapable of measuring it, so as far as the scientists are concerned it doesn't exist. Although Jungian followers may have a better chance of accepting the idea.

Thought forms influence the way we are ruled for example and the Instruments of Power are Spiritually and Morally corrupt.

This is no doubt helped and influenced by ancient Thought Forms and Spirits. This includes all forms of power, such as Business, Government and Religions even. People with Egoistic tendencies are attracted to these fields and are easy prey for the great influences of the "thought forms" and spirits. There are ancient massive thoughtforms for every human activity. Soon even the honest are corrupted and become a contributor to this problem, where untruth is regarded as truth and appearances becomes the order of the day. The lie of the advertising industry and the manipulation of the truth is another symptom. These influences can appear in many disguises, such as abolishing prayer in schools and the so called separation of Church and State. The elimination of Christ from Christmas and turning St. Nicholas into a materialist Santa, for example. This fight between the followers of God and the followers of Materialism is as old as time itself and was responsible for the demise of civilisations such as Atlantis and Lanka. These influences have returned and are masquerading as honest leaders in our society. Ask yourself what kind of society bans prayer in school and you will have your answer on who is in power. Is it the followers of The Lord or the followers of Selfishness and Materialism. Evil can have a nice face even Hitler loved his budgie and cried when it died. So the" Power Elite" is plugged into and controlled by these ancient "thought forms" and is adding to the forms at an alarming rate. This is so overwhelming that a Divine Descent is almost necessary to help mankind build good forms and overcome this evil that has taken over the world again. Anything which denies Divinity is part of this immense evil. Even Humanistic ideas that exclude Divinity are part of it. There is only a follower of God and a follower of Egoistic Selfishness, no in between. The collapse of Communism, has freed up the thoughtsphere so to speak, for there were huge dark thoughtforms of fear covering those countries.

The collapse of the Eastern Block commenced with the fall of the Berlin Wall, on 9th,of Novembera,1989. If you examine the numerology you will see, the ninth day of the ninth year of the decade.1989 adds up to 27,which is a 9, 9 is the day and November, even though it is the 11th month, in Latin means ninth month. So here we have three 9s and that is 27,which is a 9,the Divine number. Russia and Eastern Europe were the last of the Demon, Rakshasa States, the others were the Nazis, the Italian Fascists and the Japanese. There were other smaller ones later, like Pol Pot's Kampuchea, but they didn't present the global threat the others did. There is now only the Red Chinese to come, and not forgetting Capitalism also.

In the Cayce readings(1),there are two groups called the followers of "The Law of One"[Hear O Israel(,seekers), The Lord thy God is One", was the cry of Atlantis; "Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Elohaynu Adonai Echad"], and the "Sons of Belial". They are both here today in incarnation,I n thought form and in spirit influence. This is the real "Satan" of some of the Religions. There is of course no real personified being as the "Devil". Satan is part of this massive" Thought Form." People are not aware that when they enter this field that their minds are influenced and even taken over by it. See how politicians will execute someone just to buy votes in an election. This happens in the U.S. for example right up to the highest positions in the land.

There is proof of the Universal Mind, even for the most sceptical. For example it is a known fact that doing a difficult crossword, for example, in the evening instead of the morning is easier to complete. This is no doubt because many people have already completed it in the morning and the answers are already in the Universal Subconscious. Some people like the English Philosopher Rupert Sheldrake have carried out tests on crossword buffs and found that by doing the crossword in the evening it was completed 20% faster! He calls it Morphic Resonance which is just another way of describing what the mystics would call Mind. Then of course we have the Universal Archetypes that Carl Jung talks about. These are common to all mankind and each group or religion also has its own .That is why when we leave the body we see the forms and Gods of our own religion, we enter the Bardo of our own group. The principle of like attracting like also applies when we are reincarnating. We pick up our thought forms or Samskaras as we descend through each of the planes to our new body. Each form being particular to each plane, these are our Karmas!

Ideas arise exponentially in different parts of the world at the same time. This accounts for similarities in music and invention and so on. For the mind had no distance or time really and we are only parts of the whole not separate from it. It's strange but whilst I was writing this chapter I had a visit from a friend of my daughters, who is a musician. Jason had sometime before made some changes to a popular song. He never did play these changes in public. Sometime later the original performers made exactly the same changes, which startled Jason. How I explained this to him was this way. I explained that the song and lyrics formed a vibratory "thought form". Something like information on a computer disc. Now by thinking about this particular thought form Jason and his friend connected with it. They in fact programmed the variances and alterations into the form. The next time the original musicians plugged into the form they of course picked up on the changes, and that's how it happens. Jason vowed never to leave changes fallow again. So following this idea it is so important to watch one's thoughts. For they contribute to the evolving habits and instincts of the common mind, which in turn affect action and individual thinking.

Monkeys in Japan learn how to wash food and other monkeys on isolated islands adopt the same behaviour, without meeting the other monkeys. This could be explained by reincarnation but then there is still the mind the information comes from. This is "instinct", pre- learned behaviour and tendencies, common to animal and human animal alike.

The difference between animal and human animal is that humans have a awareness potentiality which is far more developed than animals. Most don't ever use this potential so aren't much different from animals. This accounts for people who are very intelligent, geniuses even, still eating meat and contributing to the suffering of animals. Their awareness or Buddhi sheath is only potential and is not developed. What we call intellectual is not the intellectual sheath at all but a developed mind sheath, with a modicum of the intellectual sheath. This accounts for the spiritual ignorance of so called great minds It is like a pyramid starting at the apex and working down. First there are the individual thought forms; then the family, then the tribe, then the Nation ,then the Race, then the culture, then the Genus, then the Species. So we all have group souls but humans have the Ego developed, which animals don't, but all this is probably only up to the level of the "mind sheath" or manomayakosha. We have to purify the Buddhi or Intellectual Awareness Vijnanamayakosha. This will allow us to evolve to the Divine Human Level! At the Divine Level all the dream disappears and was found not to have happened. We are all One.


Jai-Jai. April 1990-March 2006.

Jai-Jai came to us in a strange way.

We were at Mt Gravatt Shopping Mall outside in the car park, when I had vision of myself going over the gateway bridge to the north side of Brisbane. Why I didn’t know?

I had thought that getting a dog may make my wife more happy in Brisbane, and I knew that she always wanted a little hairy dog. So looking in the papers, I called up an ad with shih-tzus for sale. It was at an address on the northern side of the river over the gateway bridge!

We went over and met a couple, who actually were into Buddhism. Jean sat and played with the pups who were about six months old. Jai-Jai was called JL McCabe after a TV personality who liked to eat. So we immediately renamed him Jai-Jai or Jai for short, which means victory in Sanskrit. He had a couple of defects so he was cheap, $100 instead of about $600. He had a blue eye and a brown one and also had a stomach hernia. We had him ‘fixed’ and the hernia repaired at the same time.

We took him home and gave him a flea bath and brushed him up.

He was an aggressive little guard dog though and would launch himself into space at the insect screen on the front door, when somebody came. He was a little scoundrel and not a peaceable dog at all, he was very bossy, and would give you a nip.

Not long after this we decided to return to Canada and we weren’t going to leave him behind. So I went ahead and he was boxed up and sent after me. Unfortunately he was lost by the airline and ended up in Japan and the USA. However he did arrive eventually a couple of days late and I put him into a shelter for a week. I first took him for a walk in Central Park and he experienced snow for the first time.

We all eventually moved into a house and he joined us there. A joy and a delight, to everyone.

His next big challenge came at about 10 years. He did suffer from some kind of neurological disease and was taken to seizures.

At one point his back legs went and so we had to take him in for aggressive anti-inflammatory treatment. He couldn’t walk, so I attached a basket to an airline suitcase wheels and took him for walks. I would take him out for a pee and poop, and let him walk a little. I nursed him for six months in this way until he could walk and run again.

He had to go into the vet’s again for some bad teeth removal and have some stones removed from his stomach. He overcame this also.

Eventually we moved to a house in Delta with a big back yard, which we shared with our daughter Brigid and her three dogs.

This was a happy time for a couple of year until it became obvious that he was mostly deaf and was going blind with cataracts. The downhill trend didn’t accelerate until his last few months, where he was totally blind and didn’t want to walk anymore. I nursed him and looked after him until the 31 March 2006, he had a debilitating stroke and had to be released from his old body, almost sixteen years old.

We loved him dearly as a child, and he carried us through some turbulent and emotional times. He held me up when I felt I should lay down. There were no empty spaces in our hearts with Jai-Jai around. He taught us so much and asked for so little, unconditional love for us. Combined with Brigid’s dogs we had a pack of four and in less that twelve months that was reduced to one, yet I know that three are together on the Astral/Heaven planes.

In fact just about ten days before he died, I saw Rumbles and Brodi standing staring at me as I was starting to awake one morning. I guessed then that they were telling me that Jai-Jai was coming up to join them soon. However then an anal infection he had cleared up with anti-biotics and I thought he may last until after Easter, but a sudden stroke in the night rendered him in a spasmic state and unable to walk. He was quite distressed about it and it got steadily worse through the day. I had booked him for his last visit to the Vet for 5:20 so Jean could be there when he left. My daughter Brigid came over and when Jai-Jai awoke he was distressed again. So I gave him some analgesics and a shot of brandy, which made him sleep again. When Jean came home he awoke again but we were ready for the trip to the Vets, and although he was distressed and barking his passing was mercifully quick and painless.

I cannot describe the pain and sense of loss we felt. I had been through the grieving process before but this bowled me over. I take consolation that he is now happy with his buddies and has all his faculties again.

I did a meditation and saw him. He was very close and looked younger with more hair.

I told him that I loved him and he said that he didn’t want to leave, but thanked me for allowing him to come here—Astral Doggie Heaven. He said that he can see, hear and everything and is very happy. I told him I was happy for him and we would meet again, that he really hadn’t gone away. Rumbles, Brodi were there and the other dogs. Also the Blue Devas were there also, doing their work minding and teaching the dogs. He said again that he didn’t want to leave me but the suffering was great. I told him again that I loved him and that we were not really apart. Some days later, as I was sitting watching TV, he paid us a goodbye visit. I could feel the love energy in my chest and heart, just as when I held him. I said to Jean, 'Jai-Jai is here I can feel him. So this was where he said goodbye to this plane and completed all his visits. To add to this the last two license tags, his rabies tag, and his micro chip tag all added up to the universal number 9. In Sanskrit and Eastern Philosophy and Numerology 9 is Jaya or Victory, which is also what Jai-Jai Means. Sometime later, I meditated and went up again. I first saw Rumbles and then Brodi and I talked to them. Jai-Jai then came over and he was staring at me, trying to remember me. Just as he would after I had been away for a while, when he was still in the body. I picked him up and hugged him the way I used to do, and I was filled with surging Blissful Energy or Love. The last time I went up; I was confronted by a Deva filling my complete line of sight. I told him we were all Devas and then I saw the dogs again, and hugged Jai-Jai. On reflection I feel my Astral Visits are disturbing their work and there is no point in my going there for my personal attachment and grief reasons. For Jai-Jai in his old form cannot come back and my visits in this way may be destabilizing him. I resolved not to do it again and leave it to when we are both in the ‘Dream World’, where it won’t have the same effect. We are all one anyway!



Rumbles lived in a dog’s body, but he had a soul that filled up the room, and Love that would knock you over. He came to my daughter Brigid, about six years ago or so. She overheard some fellow workers talking about needing to find a home for a dog, otherwise it would be ‘put down’.

She intervened and took the dog, deciding to find a home for him. However during the first two weeks she became quite impressed with his intelligence and his projection of Love. He was a funny looking Cockapoo, with black wooly curly hair, but was ‘lovely’, as she would say. Her partner, at the time, asked when Rumbles would be going and Brigid said that she was keeping him. I remember her calling me at the time, and I suggested she should keep him, if she wished. As it seemed to me that he had been sent to her’ She was going to anyway. It was also coincidental that we had previously had a golden Labrador on the Gold Coast in Australia named Rumbles. Brigid felt that this was ‘this’ Rumbles reincarnated.

After a few years Brigid broke up with her partner and she and Rumbles and her two other Shi-Tzus; Brody and Buddy, moved in with us also. We also had our own Shi-Tzu, Jai-Jai, who we had brought from a trip to Australia some years before.

I came back from another trip to Australia and the landlord was already starting to ask about the dogs. So we decided the only solution was to go and buy a house together with a large garden.

We bought a house in Delta full of trees, plants and bushes, with a big back yard, including a lawn. The dogs loved it and were happy with their new walks and area. This was in 2002.

On one of her walks Brigid met Ken, who is her fiancé at this time of writing. He also became attached to the dogs.

As I was home most of the days, I was the ‘dog-minder’ so to speak, and got to know Rumbles well. He was a very loving dog and by far the most intelligent dog that I had ever known. Not for tricks but for understanding, love and communication. Brigid put a doggy door on her basement door but the little dogs were afraid of the flap. So Rumbles, who was a middle sized dog, would stand astride the door, holding the flap for the little dog to get out. Eventually a couple of the little dogs learned how to use the door.

Rumbles developed some fatty lumps and had them removed in 2003, but soon developed newer ones and irritated skin. He had another traumatic surgery on the new fatty lumps. By 2005, he also developed diabetes and tumours internally, it seems. He also had become deaf, which may or may not have been due to the results of general anesthesia, as dogs don’t handle this very well.

I noticed him going down fairly quickly, and he was having problems walking, climbing stairs and getting around. Eventually over a couple of weeks, he was just lying down most of the time. On one good day a few days before he died, he came up to me on the bottom step, and I gave him a pat. It was a nice warm spot in the sun, but I didn’t realise that he was saying goodbye to me.

His eyes reflected the pain he was in, and he wasn’t having ‘good days’ anymore. Brigid checked with the Vet and it seemed the only way out for Rumbles was to end his pain.

Brigid nursed him all the weekend of 2nd April 2005, and after tearful farewells from the rest of us, on 5th April, Rumbles took his last trip to the Vets. We had all come down and said our goodbyes, and I repeated the Gayatri Mantra into his head, so he would feel the vibrations. When I had finished he lifted his head up and looked straight at me for a moment. (Brigid also repeated the mantra into his head all the time she was holding him at the vets.) Brigid said that he looked into her eyes when the pain had gone, and she saw that after he died.

This resulted in a lot of grief for the entire family, and of course Brigid was virtually unconsolable. She was lucky to have her fiancé Ken and the other two dogs to soften the blow.

On one of my meditations, the next day, at Brigid’s request, I tried to contact him. I went to the Border Plane and soon enough he sneaked up on my back to right side. He was bewildered and confused, whether due to the drugs or just his situation. I told him where he was and that soon he would get help and cross over. I expected he would visit Brigid and his home in the meantime. She felt his energy around her and on her chest, where he died.

I had previously said to Brigid that he probably would come in a dream, and sure enough a couple of days later, he had crossed over to the astral and they met. She petted him and he communicated to her that he was happy she stopped the pain and he showed her how he could now run again. “Thank you for taking away the pain; “ Look Mummy how I can run”. Brigid said he looked younger and healthier.

The next day, I decided to pay him one more visit. So in my meditation preparations, I visited the Astral and found him. I told him it was Grandpa, and he came over from a group of dogs. He sniffed, acknowledged me and then ran back to his friends. His earthly ties were weakening and he was happy with his friends. At that point I noticed ‘Light Beings’, from the mental plane, around the area. I had seen these beings in India, on one strange occasion, discussed elsewhere. They were White Light and Blue, and amorphous. I asked them, ‘What are you doing?’ and they intimated the dogs were learning. The Beings were all around them keeping them in an area or field of energy. I guessed they were being trained in a school of preparation for them to return as humans.

Everybody is still sad, but happy that Rumbles is in good hands and progressing.

The strangest thing is that intellectually I know nothing is happening but emotion has its own course, disconnected from that.

Monday, October 19, 2009


ANTHONY TONY O'CLERY.MY ESCAPE FROM THE SPIDERS! Escaping the web of Sathya Sai Baba! 1st January, 2000.

I write this whilst it is still fresh in my mind. I have just left the Sai Baba organisation and in

fact Sai Baba. I came to this decision after trying to cleverly and rudely refute Anti-Sai

people. In order to do this I needed to do my own research on their allegations of

cheating, trickery, lies, conjuring and sexual impropriety. As a result of my research and

also after receiving emails from present devotees and others, I decided that the weight of

evidence pointed to the fact that Sai Baba was in the least a cheat, and a fraud. Some of

my emails independently backed up statements that were made by the Swedish boy, who

was allegedly molested in some way. One was from a lady who came across a distraught

girl in Prashanti, and found out she was unhappy for Sai had molested her friend allegedly,

the girl was a Swede! This was independent information from an existing devotee, apart

from what Conny Larsson is saying. There is a Swedish magazine coming out with all the

details in from the boys and Conny in mid-January. It is called Sokaren! There was also

overwhelming evidence of homosexual touching from present devotees even. Some may

be ‘tantric healing’, some seems to go further allegedly.

Some email received whilst I was still a devotee:

"Dear Tony, i have been following the controversy on Yahoo's SB discussion page. I am

particularly surprised about David Bailey's new stance. I have heard of sexual stuff and

SB for years - but never took it seriously. However, this time I am paying more attention.

I was in India when a Swedish girl i met came up to me distressed. Her close friend had

told her that SB acted out sexually with him. She would not give me details, but told me

that he was going public in Sweden. I think it is the young man mentioned on this site. Of

course, my information is second hand also. I have been a follower of SB for 9 years. I

have always had doubts but continued to travel to India and try to follow his teachings.

My interaction with Swami has definately changed my life.

At this time, however, I am concerned that these "rumors" may be true. I am surprised

about my lack of emotion about the subject. I had my "shock" early on in my involvement

with SB when I saw him pull a watch out of his chair cushion and "manifest" it. I was

devasted. I had put all my trust in him. He was my "savior". But then, I calmed down over

the years and realized that I need to rely on my "inner swami". That may be why i am not

so upset about these acusations - my not feeling betrayed or fooled or whatever. I see

that watch incident as a gift and feel it made me stronger. There are so many acusations

about molestation and sexual abuse that I have to wonder if they are true. I agree with

you - that there needs to be some sort of investigation into the acuracy of these charges.

there can never be proof - it can only be SB's word against the boy's. There has been so

much molestation in churches and by guru's that it doesn't seem so far fetched.

I am afraid that this time I do feel like I must distance myself from SB. I am cancelling my

trip in January. I feel it is beyond me to comprehend who SB is. I have no doubt that he

has powers like bi-location - but I have read about others who do not claim to be great

avatars who had similar powers. He may just be very gifted by having such paranormal

abilities. I know you love SB very much and this must be difficult for you. I admire how

you hang in there and come to his defence. I hope with all my heart that you are right. My

husband is curious that I would let rumors affect my personal experiences. He has also

pointed out that certain wealthy, close-to-Baba Indian families that we know- would not

send their son's to Swami's school if these rumors were true. We also have students from

swami's school in our center - don't you think they would be aware of this type of thing? I

guess my husband's point is not to get too excited about this unless there is some proof

available. Even when David says that there are investigations going on in England - I

wonder - how does he know this? Has he been contacted by the authorities personally or

has he "heard" this from others? The danger of the Internet is that so much information is

passed on and there is no possibility of knowing it's quality. I am also curious about what

personal experience Faye had - kissing and french kissing? who? her son? None of this is

very clear. I don't know what to think about the young man in sweden. I don't know him -

I have no way of knowing how stable he is.

Do you know Al Drucker. I have reason to

believe he could shed some light on this. I hope you know how to contact him - I don't. I

hope you don't mind my e-mailing you. I don't like public forums. Take care, M."

"Dear Tony, Thanks for replying. I guess I am grasping at straws!! I have heard all this

stuff before, but not so intensely. I am particularly taken with David's accounts -

everything I have ever heard before was second hand (including the friend of the boy in

Sweden). My inclination is to distance myself from SB at this time - keeping in mind that i

have benefited greatly from my association with him. Again, for some reason I am pretty

calm about all this. If the "truth" comes out and Swami is innocent of all these charges - I

can make my way back - if so inclined. I don't feel it is an issue of loyalty - but of being

true to ones intuition and conscience. I don't feel this is a battle I need to get involved in to

any great extent. However, I have always been curious about Al Drucker's take on these

matters. I believe that he has remained a devotee despite these allegations or perhaps

"facts". I'm curious how he comes to term with the possibility of sexual acting out on the

part of SB. If you get any answers - please let me know. I wish you well. You are a

courageous soul. M."

With regard to the so-called miracle gifts. Sai even says himself that he doesn’t materialise

all the time check ch 14 of ‘Holyman and Psychiatrist’, by S. Sandweiss. However this is

just a convenient escape clause for the impression he gives is that he is materialising

everything. Sandweiss even gives an account of Sai palming Japamalas, but explains it

away as some type of test.

" Swami creates some objects in just the same way that he

created the Universe. Certain other objects are brought from where they were." Swami, p

122, Ch 13 HMAP, Sathya Sai Trust, 1975.

Also Sandweiss wrote this;

'I said to myself ah ha, I bet Baba is going to create a Japamala for Jeff. As I watched him, He brought out from behind His back in His left hand what indeed appeared to be a Japamala. He continued speaking to Jeff and it seemed to me that nobody else was looking at His left hand, that I was the only one who noticed it ……etc etc ". Sandweiss p 137, Ch 14. .

There are many other quotes including one where an author talks about the presence of

Devas at a major materialisation. Evidence from many videos indicates that much of what

he does is conjuring and sleight of hand. His uncle was a tantric conjurer but they didn’t

have videos in those days. I am talking about the Gurubusters video, the 1993

presentation to the hospital builders or architects, the 1996 Xmas Small Bible video, the

presentation to the Prime Minister video, God lives in India and more, where the sleight of

hand is obvious. So it had to be faced that if this had to be done then he couldn’t be who

he says he is---the Avatar. Never mind the allegations of sexual touching or whatever.

Also the many contradictions in his statements and taking different positions at different

times worried me for it indicated something less than omniscience. The test was could I

see Shirdi, Maharshi, Maharaj, or even Jesus doing this? The answer was no, so Sai

couldn’t be an Avatar.

The different versions about the murders in 1993, also had me worried. For if he was the

Avatar how come he let all those people die? His assistant Rahdhakrishna Menon was

supposedly ratting on people embezzling. Then four assasins get in with knives and

swords on to the verandah? The murderers of Menon are killed in turn, which seems

more than convenient to me. My question is where they shot after they were dead or

what, there are many questions unanswered.

Now I am not saying that he didn’t have powers/siddhis or that he still may have some. I

feel they are diminishing as he ages or are being conserved for some reason?? however do not indicate Divinity.

What about the vibhuti and other manifestations in people’s homes,

including some strange things in my own home. Well Sai doesn’t claim ownership of these

he just says it is due to the devotees devotion. In other words it is kinetic from some level

of the devotees mind. In other heavy manifestations I suspect the aid of spirits, as well. So

you see I am not a sceptic totally or a rationalist. Some may be outright fraud as well of


How did I get in this mess? Well it seems I was recruited unbeknowns to me. One

morning at Bondi Beach in Sydney, I ate a hamburger. Well I fell asleep on the beach and

dreamed that I was a cow going to slaughter, and knew what was happening. This was

very vivid and was accompanied by the sense of terror, smells etc. On awakening I said.’

They know they are going to die cruelly’, and at that time I decided to become a

vegetarian. Later in the day, I was in the Theosophical bookshop browsing around, as

was my habit. For I was reading a lot of stuff about Huna, the Sufis, Meditation, Edgar

Cayce etc. I had also stopped drinking some nine months before after taking up

meditation. As I moved along the shelves I came across some books of Sai Baba that

were displayed covers flat out. I was looking at this Jimmy Hendrix looking character

when a clerk asked me if I was interested in this Baba. I asked who he was and she gave

me a quick description and then asked would I like to buy a book. She said she could get

me a cheaper one from the back as a clerk was a devotee. So she got me Sandweiss’s,

‘Holyman and the Psychiatrist’, for only $6 or so in 1985.( Of course when I was still a

devotee I translated this as he working through the girl and leading me to the books etc. I

was being personally chosen.) I read the maxims, including vegetarianism, and decided

that this Sai Baba must be a real live ‘High Self’, or Aumakua in Hawaiian Huna. I took it

on face value and the girl had given me the address of a Centre, Sara Pavan’s

Mirrabrook. So the next week I went and was given a medal to wear. I returned to

Vancouver the next week and joined the group here, who were mainly Hindus. Of course

they reinforced all the ideas about being individually called by Baba and I had hardly time

to think about anything. I was in hook line and sinker! My wife refused to have anything

to do with it but I took the kids to the ‘Sunday School’, where they learnt the message

and all about Indian Gods and nothing about Moses, Mohammed, Jesus, Nanak or

anybody else. I thought this was strange for that isn’t what Sai said things should be.

Anyway I liked languages so I soon learnt how to sing in Sanskrit, I was converted. I was

now suffering from ‘true believer syndrome’.

I went back and forth a few times to Australia and we all continued in the society. All the

time I was being encouraged, told stories of miracles constantly, which I duly passed on.

Even my wife was regarded as a potential threat and commisserations were extended me

as she wasn’t a devotee. I was well into the ‘True believer syndrome’, even had a little

shrine and everything plus pictures all over the place. We were told to ignore any

negatives, as that would prove we had a doubt. ‘You don’t have a doubt do you?’

Everyone seemed to think they were specially selected and wanted to teach everybody

about it all. At one point in 1987 I was appointed Secretary by default for the favoured

candidate didn’t turn up for the election/selection. Some time later the President and the

treasurer took me into a little room and showed me a legal file. This was either a court

document or a lawyers copy. It was all about the misdeeds and charges against a member

who it seemed was accosting female members. I was surprised they had such a document

and asked where they got it. They answered from someone in the system. I wondered

who else they had files on, but I dismissed it as all Swami’s will and his work. I visited

Prashanti and was allowed to touch his feet, Padanamaskar,( a great honour), plus talk to

him in the darshan line, and get something touched and blessed by him. I didn’t go inside

for I was by myself on both occasions. I stayed nearly a month each time, so I was well

familiar with the goings on.

However after a couple of years I took down the shrine but kept the pictures up. I had

discovered Sri Ramana Maharshi, and Vivekananda so I was tending toward the Jnana or

Knowledge Path. However I was still hooked into Sai Baba as an Avatar even if I now

understood we were both God. I believed his consciousness was in union with the

Universal and mine wasn’t. I still started with his image in meditation before going

formless. I was a true believing devotee. I had heard the negative stories and dismissed

them as lies of course. It wasn’t until much later when videos started to circulate that other

questions arose. I dismissed these as well including the Gurubuster phony materialisation.

There are none so blind as those that won’t see!! Even the junky and shoddy nature of

some of the materialisations didn’t wake me up. I continued on, even ending up giving

talks and speeches in the Centres and I was very active on the internet and Sainet. I was

probably their most prolific poster, I was doing work for Sai. I even took time out and

wrote a couple of books which, as it happened didn’t yet get published and now are just

paper. Apart from this I had several articles published in Sai magazines around the world.

I was doing well but they still didn’t trust me. In fact I stopped giving talks after the

Secretary said that I had to submit my talks for approval. The excuse being that some of

my stuff was too early for the minds of the newer devotees and it might frighten them! The executive of course suspected that I was going to wake up to this scam which they

obviously already knew about, but stayed in for position and power and just ego.

The President had been with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of T.M. fame previously. So he

was well versed in the management of a cult, even went with his wife to the school in

Switzerland. I was starting to wonder about the relationship in Canada with the Visva

Hindu Parishad and the Sai-Org. As many prominent Indians, including officers, were

members, even participating on the shrine/altar etc. The VHP was banned in India by

Prime Minister N.Rao ,a devotee, and their members imprisoned after the mosque at

Ayodhya was sacked resulting in thousands of deaths around the country. Even though it

was a proscribed organisation the members in Canada were still attending and Sai

functions were held at the Parishad Hall. Also as nobody seemed to take any notice of

Baba’s orders for including local language, songs, and culture, I wondered!! These were

prominent Hindu people and here they are ignoring the Avatar. Perhaps they knew

something that I didn’t.

Now every Saturday, I used to do service work giving out books

and videos from our Centre library. I noticed how the co-ordinators would sidle up to

hear what you were telling visitors or what the conversation was. On one occasion

someone brought in Scallions future map and this caused a big fuss. One guy was actually

told to throw the holder out of the Centre! There was much fuss and people saying we

are devotees Sai will save us from any disasters. The next week the ‘thought police’, in

the form of the President, and the V.P. , came in to check if anybody was talking about ‘

Earthchanges’, or any other non-Sai stuff! They were strutting around showing the flag

and trying to intimidate the devotees.

As time went on I started to notice that videos were going missing or were ‘out’, a long

time. I later found out that they were the videos which showed Sai palming and conjuring

his phony materialisations, like the little Bible etc. I never really questioned anything for

being a devotee entailed complete surrender to the Guru. I am surprised at myself, now

that I have again become myself, and can look back objectively. I, like all, believed his

presence was with us watching all the time, guiding and protecting. I believed he was

talking to me all the time.

With regard to collecting money, there was a box at the back of

the Centre for people to donate to the Sai Trust. Also many N.R.I.s donated large somes

privately to acquire good karma. The Sai-Org organ the Sanathana Sarathi also

advertises for tax dedutible donations as well. So money is collected on a grand scale

even though they say they don’t ask for money or preach like other religious groups. Of

course there was the Seva or service work that was performed but it was never

overwhelming. Worshipping activities were always the most important. These were

usually elaborate functions including food with no expenses spared. Hiring big halls and

erecting big altars. All for the worship and glorification of Sai. Just one function would

have fed many unfortunates but then the officers wouldn’t have the opportunity to give

speeches, grandstand and feed their egos. Everything was of an exremely fundamentalist

Hindu nature with barely even lip-service to other beliefs.

I was never asked to sing at these functions although I was good enough to be the ‘token

Westerner’, singing in Sanskrit on the main day Thursday. The other groups such as the

Japanese, Chinese, and English were segregated out and relegated to other nights. Most

of the controversial teachings were never taught, so as not to upset the members. Quantity

was far more important than quality! There was never any real pressure to keep devotees

but then who is going to leave God? Sai has said it is an opportunity that comes along

only every few thousand years and it would be just our fate to not utilise it. What kind of

bad karma would that bring? It is all like a common mind or shared ego. It is primitive and tribal and even similar to how animals share their minds and instincts. It is like a computer programme that is shared by many, and if that is the only programme you have, that is what one plays. The ego becomes attached to the programme for thoughts are things and they become posessions.

We all thought we belonged to an exclusive group that had been individually called by the

great Avatar. This imparted an incredible pressure and instilled an even more incredible

arrogance. Even as a devotee, I was fed up with idiots coming up to me and telling me the

wisdom of the ages. Usually a fundamentalist who thought Sai talked through him. They all

felt superior to non-devotees the misguided members of other religions. Of course the

usual lip-service was given about all being one and God has many names, but they all

knew it was Sai Baba really. A name that Sathyanarayana Raju had given himself.

Probably because there were millions of ready made Shirdi Baba devotees. Many of

these could be persuaded to follow a real life version of their Guru. It is all very strange

how normal people come in pranaming to pictures of Sai Baba and the mixture, elephant

headed God Ganesha. They do this to increase the sense of belonging and this why they

adopt Saris and Indian dress. Sai-Org is really aimed at India but these Westerners

coerce themselves. Most of them would not know any Vedanta at all. It is all tribal

manipulation and human inadequacy. The need to belong seems to be a basic human

instinct and leaves one open to exploitation. Especially in the West where there is a

spiritual vacuum. Also most of the Centres are highly politicised and full of ego

competition, not really spiritual at all. So there were all the personal agendas needing to

keep control as well. This isn’t exclusive to Sai-Org, many religions and cults are very

similar. For some reason attending group functions seems to have not only a binding effect

but a blocking effect as well. Take my own case for example; before I came across the

yahoo club I had already walked out of the centre, some time before. I still considered

myself a devotee but not a member of Sai-Org anymore. As soon as I freed myself from

the reinforcing vibrations, my thinking started to ‘free-up’, so to speak. The mind has a

tendency to go out and grasp, so overcompensating ,( to eliminate its other aspect,

‘doubt’), seems to result in self-deception/attachment. I had the advantage of being a bit

of a rebel anyway. This freed me from the Sai-Org, but freeing myself from Sai Baba was

like a divorce or grieving over a death. Perhaps like a nervous breakdown. It is all the

true believer syndrome, and one has to live through the destruction of ones future before

the new future starts to manifest.

However the first morning that I awoke free, I was happy and relaxed and back to my

old jolly Irish self. It must have been a strain for me to be a devotee. My personality was

not similar to the other devotees at all for I was extremely extroverted. I was perhaps

trying to fill a hole in my life. Perhaps my childhood and my bad experiences with the

Catholic Church, for I had walked out of that also. I was actually reading the Sufis and

wanted to sit around with a group of mystics, that brought me to Sai Baba…..Some

mystical group!! The Sai-Org was a fundamentalist group, which I really didn’t appreciate

until I had left. Then I realised it was all about numbers and the lowest common

denominator. No wonder I, as an aspiring Jnani was looked upon with suspicion. It also

explains why Sai is contradictory in his teachings, keep everyone in whilst the money is

coming. I believe that most if not all of the executives in the Sai-Org are aware of the truth

but are willing participants. For it is another Sect/Cult with wide open opportunities for

advancement. There are many Tammy and Fayes around and other religious frauds. It is

strange that even now that I write against him. People write me and tell me that I am doing

his work, playing a role in this leela/play. The mental gymnastics of devotees never will

cease to amaze me. I am sceptical but I am not a true sceptic/rationalist for I have

experienced too much of Sai Baba and other stuff on the subtle planes, I believe in the


I know that he is an Astral Being of some kind, a Deva or Asura or even Fallen Angel. A Bhrashta or fallen yogi probably would be a better description of him.

Even in the birthday discoures of 23-11-99 he says that people shouldn’t be ashamed to say they are going to Puttaparthi to see God! Combine that with his proven phony materialisation miracles on video and it all fits???? ‘True-believer syndrome’ The need to believe in phony wonders sometimes exceed not only logic but, seemingly, even sanity. --The Rev. Canon William V. Rauscher

The true-believer syndrome merits study by science. What is it that compels a person,

past all reason, to believe the unbelievable. How can an otherwise sane individual become so enamored of a fantasy, an imposture, that even after it's exposed in the bright light of day he still clings to it--indeed, clings to it all the harder? --M. Lamar Keene

One of the greatest tragedies in all of this; is the amount of people that have family

problems, lose spouses, lose businesses, all for this Sai-Org. The purpose being to get

money to India, where it translates into power and influence. All the Seva work and

E.H.V. work is all free, cost nothing, and put a good face on an empire…I am extremely

fortunate that my wife, Jean, stuck with me during the fifteen years of this madness and

never was conned herself…For that I thank the true God!

It is strange but when I was working in Miami Fla, in 1968/69, a girl told me

some of my past and future. She wanted me to go to Bimini to scuba dive over some

ancient ruins, with some University People. She said they were Atlantean and that I would

remember them. She also predicted that I would go to India and meet Sai Baba, whom

she had already met. Some other stuff about my first wife dying at a young age and how

many children I would have also came true. I think her name was Phyliss and her friend

was, called Ray and his mother was called Yolanta, she was from Albania, I think. I

didn’t think of Sai Baba again, until 1985, perhaps I should have!

Another thing that I found was that prophecies were distorted to suit Sai Baba. Like

distorting Revelations:19, and Aurobindo’s announcement about the descent of Krishna

Consciousness. Not being able to find the Mohammed prophecies and that

Nostradamus’s don’t fit Sai Baba. The one good thing that has come out of this is that I

am now more into ‘formlessness’, no images, no gurus.! Also it is worth noting that when one is a devotee in a cult, one’s own subconscious mind imagines all sort of external phenonema. There are projections of thought forms from oneself, which are then seen. I’m not saying there isn’t spirit interference, but that most manifestations come from one’s own mind.................................................................................................................. Namaste, ******************************** “NONE of this astonishingly confused information was finally printed in the official version in Sathya Sai Speaks, XXIX, but in a note on page 393 we learn that: “[Bhagavan gave a brief account of the Jewish concept of the creation of the cosmos and referred to the birth of Jesus as the son of Mary and Joseph.]” Doubtless, the editors saw that SB had had a ‘bad day’, but readers of their version will never know that”. “Three hundred and fifty years B.C., before Christ, Jews lived. However, among Jews, there were religions such as Islam and Christianity. People of that land, they are all Jews. That land is the birthplace of both the religions, Islam and Christianity. The Hebrew language was very prominent. This Hebrew language is more or less equal to our Sanskrit. …” “Christianity is not just 2,000 years in its origin. It was there even before Christ, 350 years. There the divinity is explained very clearly.” “The name and the fame of Jesus Christ have spread far and wide. Here, at this moment, there are two schools of thought. The first group of thought - Roman Catholics. There is another group that fought with this group. This group is called Protestants. As they protested, they are Protestants. So among Jews there are these two groups: Catholics and Protestants. The difference of opinion has increased day by day. This led to Jesus, whose life was in danger. Jews there in Jerusalem did not permit Jesus to go there. Like this, religious conflict and fighting was ever on the rise. There were 250 schools of thought, divisions there. They also monopolized certain countries.” “Because of so many groups there, they all attempted even to harm Jesus. Romans on one side. Catholics on the other side. Luther on another side. There were so many groups that went on changing. All these differences are based on violence, and that led to madness. Because of this attachment to group affiliations, naturally there was conflict and fighting.” “Religious affiliation leads to ego. This led to confusion among them as to what Jesus said right or wrong.” ..So you see when sai baba speaks by himself it is mostly rubbish.....

Tony O'Clery.