Monday, May 30, 2011

The basic attraction of human lov

The basic attraction of human love is the ground or prana as we are all prani, but the ego adds attachment and distorts it into pollyanna sentimental emotionalism. Love in action is helping without thinking one is helping...

Friday, May 27, 2011

If your guru cannot teach through silence he is just an entertainer

If your guru cannot teach through silence he is just an entertainer..any other claim is just charlatanry..there are 4 levels of speech only muktas can use the first two prior to thinking the third is mind and the most crude is sound or words..even animals can do better than that..It is the easiest yardstick...more obvious than asking for donations even....

Rafe and tony on youtube

Rafe and tony on youtube

Part One

Part Two

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How CAn One Recognize a Realized Teacher or Sadguru

How CAn One Recognize a Realized Teacher or Sadguru by Tony O'Clery.

How CAn One Recognize a Realized Teacher or Sadguru by Tony O'Clery.
First of all a True Guru will call you and you will know from inside...the heart..However they usually share some common signals.

1. Teach vegetarianism .....for Daya, Ahimsa and self purification.

2. Teach recognisable Teachings from Vedanta and other Muktas. All is One and the small 'I' is false.

3. Usually they are not over active and don't travel a lot if possible....Nowhere to go!!!

4. They teach a lot by silence like Dakshinamurthi.....and are not given to long road show discourses...

5. They do not write copiously..but may answer questions.....but not usually from dilletantes..

6. Have the ability to answer obtuse questions without being tertiary educated...

7. You can usually feel their energy and they can give Diksha or initiation and Saktipat....

8. They are usually not making, generating and selling Books, DVDs, and asking for donations.

9. They are not given to siddhis and miracles although things may happen around them.

10. Regard all beings as being equal including animals.

11. Sometimes grant Moksha to animals......and advanced humans...

12. They usually prefer to more reclusive than expansive....

13. Demonstrate or advise some kind of sadhana...and meditation.

Those road show gurus are not usually Muktas and although do good work for everybody and themselves cannot impart initiation as only a Mukta with power of the Self can do that...

Of course the easiest way is to become a Mukta..............

Monday, May 23, 2011

Turn the other cheek.

Turn the other cheek.
.by Tony O'Clery on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 7:56am. Falling out and arguments with family and friends isn't about 'making up' and mending fences or giving love. It is about getting over the attachment and surrendering. Jesus' turn the other cheek isn't about non violence per se but about the absolute futility in doing anything about it all...You may as well turn the other cheek ; The cheek of detachment and non karma...that is real love not sentiment...( The point of this is the per se...what is going to happen will happen anyway, mending fences or giving 'love', is the external action and human love is mostly attachment, things should be done for the Self's sake).
Like the yogi whose coat was stolen by a thief and he ran after him to give him his second garment so he wouldn't be attached...It takes a lot of attachment and pleasure to finally realise all is insanity and dukkha and that life in total is actually death.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

All his classics are there, including a rare one by Paul Bruton

Hi all,
Romy Thomas
I have accumulated these over time from various sources. They are good quality PDF files.
All his classics are there, including a rare one by Paul Bruton, who as you know "revealed" this Jnani to the world at large.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sex is the vasana

Sex is the vasana that is the Portal to the Creation Impulse of the Universe. Meditation has to reverse the Portal to achieve Realisation or Moksha.

Friday, May 06, 2011

In the end result

In the end result expecting any permanent good from illusion and its deluded inhabitants is ephemeral is what it is or isn't. All one does is allow one's mind/ego to wander out and receive temporary pleasure between two griefs...a distraction or diversion that is all...No 'good' can be created out of dream stuff.