Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Every thought and event in all our lives as a Jiva is in our minds

Every thought and event in all our lives as a Jiva is in our minds. Some appear as dreams , some manifest as karma. It is impossible to process the karma in one life...hence rebirth into many bodies, even in different dimensions. They are all there to be remembered if you learn how to access. Meditation sometimes triggers it more obviously. We can only get beyond it all. With Moksha. The imprint is even in the body...i had a stiff neck all my life until i had the regression about being killed by a shot at Shiloh on my neck....ever after the condition in my neck disappeared. These are what make you different from the next person and identifiying with these samskaras and tendencies thoughts cloud out the Self we are.... This is one of my stories except I was sent to the caribeann as a slave on a sugar plantation....I escaped and was taken to New Orleans by an Irish Captain Kelly.. I learned English and entered some kind of council or legislature.............I died in that life a the Battle of Shiloh leading a cavalry charge 1862.for the Confederacy...I remember black feathers in my hat...I left behind in Ireland a wife and a child on the dock but could never go back under pain of execution........So the fields of Athenry is my song from another time and another person... That was my first spontaneous regression when i started meditation.............. Fields Of Athenry - The Dubliners [15/16] With Pady Reilly RTE Festival Folk 1984 Like · · Share

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It is fascinating how in Sanathana Dharma ideas,energies and the esoteric are personified

It is fascinating how in Sanathana Dharma ideas, energies and the esoteric are personified and objectified for those that do not have the capacity to understand the concepts and also to preserve the concepts in times of destruction and lack of technology and philosophy. This is Hinduism an umbrella of 350 belief systems and is NOT RELIGION PER SE but some modern day fundamentalists are trying to religionise it.........T One of the worst things that has happenes is the 'one god' idea of the Jews, Christians, and it is not the life force of siva/sakit but just one big composite superstition a huge Deva with attributes......It deflects away from the truth that we are all Prana................................ This is only a recent aberration in human historhy arising within the last couple of thousand years with Akhenaten ( Moses?) in Egypt....before that there was no relgion but various spiritualities.............. Unfortunately there is no way of preventing some Hindus from worshipping the idea as reality.idols .due to lack of development of vijananamayakosa........

The problem with believing bullshit superstition is that shit happens

The problem with believing bullshit superstition is that shit happens... All the religions protect each other as they don't want a brick in the wall to come out and cause a disaster like critical thinking and people waking up. All this man of belief and faith crap just means they have a lack of critical thinking even at the top level.....or pay lip service to superstition ......T It comes from the ancient pre religion tradition of tolerating other peoples superstitions within spirituality..which was pretty harmless at that level as the idols represented energies the modern relgions of a made up god, one god, is dangerous as its evidenced by the total violence that has been attracted over the last 2-3 thousands years since religion was invented....