Friday, February 23, 2018

2nd amendment based on slave patrol militias and southern police slave state

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Adam and Eve in the Hindu Texts.

The Mahabharata states: "The progeny of Adamis and Hevas (Adam and Eve) soon became so wicked that they were no longer able to coexist peacefully. Brahma therefore decided to punish his creatures "Vishnu" [right] ordered Vaivasvata to build a ship for himself and his family. When the ship was ready, and Vaivasvata and his family were inside with the seeds of every plant and a pair of every species of animal, the big rains began and the rivers began to overflow."...T

Monday, February 12, 2018

The method of control ==the american dream ---Australian Canadian EU lesser

The American dream is likely more attainable in Canada, Australia,NZ, UK and EU these days...However how the power elite or sons of belial control is by nationalist psychosis and patriotism cult, and forwarding looking dream or even greed. Everybody brainwashed into saluting the British East India Coy flag or old glory....and the govt is run by secret was the BEICoy...People are just a resource but they are so brainwashed they don't want social democracy until they have achieved the American dream and become a millionaire.. It is all a gigantic manipulation and it applies to a lessor extent to Australia Canada, EU etc but their people were able to get social democracy and a national health service after WW2.... They are in their last days now so they are trying harder with giving tax breaks to the top 1% sons of belial,,,whilst the old and poor pay for it.... This capitalist infection is likely to spread to Australia and Canada and EU if they can help it...The sons of belial have to be stopped,,,and they will be by their own apprehended karma,,,Tony.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Realisation -How can the Mukta continue to Act?

There is a flimsy attachment that is actually the Manomayakosa common to all beings as body/mind.The Vijnanamayakosa is used by the Self as it is purified of thought---;So is the Self Mind so to speak. The Manomayakosa can feel and function, just like it does in an animal with no possessing astra entiy ego. On death of the body of the body there is no ego entity to return or species mind of the animal to carry on. Hence the the death experience at Moksha when the Astral ego entity dies is killed by the Self. (The nerves can still react with the Manomayakosa even though they were churned up at the death experience of Moksha...-Sri Lakshmana talks of this body damage: As the ego had integrated itself even in the non early months of the foetus in the womb to the body and for years of early childhood. This is how a Mukta can react in the world until the total body/mind drops.....Tony.