Thursday, February 08, 2018

Realisation -How can the Mukta continue to Act?

There is a flimsy attachment that is actually the Manomayakosa common to all beings as body/mind.The Vijnanamayakosa is used by the Self as it is purified of thought---;So is the Self Mind so to speak. The Manomayakosa can feel and function, just like it does in an animal with no possessing astra entiy ego. On death of the body of the body there is no ego entity to return or species mind of the animal to carry on. Hence the the death experience at Moksha when the Astral ego entity dies is killed by the Self. (The nerves can still react with the Manomayakosa even though they were churned up at the death experience of Moksha...-Sri Lakshmana talks of this body damage: As the ego had integrated itself even in the non early months of the foetus in the womb to the body and for years of early childhood. This is how a Mukta can react in the world until the total body/mind drops.....Tony.

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