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climate conference failed again

I see the climate conference failed again---still....I did this some time ago but it is topical still.

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This is a version of cognitive dissonance that specifically applies
to spirituality, especially Buddhism and Hinduism and their
adherents. The Oxford Dictionary gives this meaning for Carnalitas;-
Sensuality, Unspirituality and Fleshiness.... Read More
In the Eastern Philosophies there is a basic tenet called Ahimsa or
resistance to the practice of violence;--in other words practice non-
violence. It is the essential teaching of the Buddha and all the
Hindu teachers, Avatars and Yogis. This is why `meat-eating' is not
practiced by these people.
However there are many on the `so called' spiritual path, especially
Westerners, who have a conflict with this. They know and understand
the teaching on Ahimsa and meat eating but yet ignore it and worse,
try and rationalize it, with innumerable excuses on why they still
partake of meat.

Usually with ideas like; `All is one', it doesn't matter what one
eats and so on. There seems to be a gap between the tenet of non-
violence and what they consume. They do not seem to connect the
torture and suffering of animals and what is on their plate.
Obviously there is some Egoistic desire and habit associated with
meat eating, which is stronger than their professed spirituality,
which demands Ahimsa.
I have studied this condition in spiritual seekers for some years
and could never understand the `disconnect'.
I finally decided that it is similar to the `True Believer
Syndrome', and also `Cognitive Dissonance', both of which are
cognitive disfunctions.
So I have coined the phrase `Cognitive Dissonance Carnalitas', to
describe this condition.
It only applies to `Eastern Spiritual Seekers', or 'spiritual seekers',for other people who eat meat have no conflict, as it is accepted as part of their
culture; So no cognitive dissonance arises…………….Tony.

You cannot have 'God' in your Heart....and meat on your plate..That is just the idea of god in your mind...not Heart.

Daya or universal compassion and Ahimsa or resistance to harm, cannot co-exist with Tamas and Rajas...It is the difference between a human animal and an aspiring human being........Spirituality=Sattva...So even though a person may be a loving kind person, if they eat meat it indicates a lack of awareness if they claim to be spiritual or Yoga seekers...If indicates an undeveloped vijnanamayakosa....which is actually the state of the animal...This is why Ramana Maharshi says that those on the path of true yoga must be vegetarian......Tony O'Clery.

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Sir, what happens after death?

A devotee: Revered Sir, what happens after death?

Ramakrishna: Keshab Sen asked me the same question.So long as a man remains in ignorance, in other words,so long as he has not realized God, he will be subject to rebirth; but after Divine realization one does not come back to this earth, nor is he born in any other world.

Potters after making earthen pots dry them in the sun. Have you not seen that there are pots which are baked in fire and others that are unbaked? When a pot of unbaked clay is broken, the potter uses the same clay to make a new pot; but if a baked pot is broken, the pieces are of no further use and he throws them away.

Similarly, when the ego is not baked in the fire of wisdom, after death it will appear in another form and be born again and again. If a fried grain is planted .it will not germinate; in the same manner, he whose inner nature is fried in the fire of wisdom is no longer subject to evolution, but attains to absolute freedom from rebirth. [p. 278]



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Alice, (Eilish) ......Seances

I will call her (A*****) AND I TALK TO Alice, (Eilish) 10th February 1996.

A**** had smelt "death",and soon after I told her about Eilish's death she was in contact with her. It seems if a person who has passed over is thinking about a particular person, or the reverse situation, and a medium is involved, that sets up the link or channel. It is a three way connection, to start with, with the lower minds involved, especially if the deceased is still in the border plane.

This chapter covers our questions and answer period with the newly dead Eilish.Who had only just passed away on the ninth of February 1996.The language may be stilted but this is how it was .

A acted as the conscious medium and relayed all the messages. Without meditation I was unable to hear or see Eilish, but I could see the images in my mind's eye. Eilish suffered from bone-cancer and died of pneumonia, in hospital. (Her family had kept from her, the fact that she was dying,which was unfortunate, but she indicated to A***** and I that she was aware of the fact, but didn't indicate why.)


She knows about the after-life now. She went to the green hills, straight after leaving the body.

Talking about Bridget-A grand-daughter?

She has a small antique oblong box, with a latch and wooden carvings. She wants Marie and Rosaleen to have it, (her eldest daughters.)

She wants a mass at the funeral and food for all afterwards. A white sweet, (probably blancmange.) She also said that she didn't like the idea of being buried in the ground. Her body that is.

She says that she is confused right now, what about Paul? (my brother whom she had a problem with.) I'd be happy to live in the hills. There is a wall, a brick wall, in the house, that needs painting.

She thought there was a judgment but everything is so different from what she expected in the afterlife.

Happy that the girls are at home with her husband, Greg.

Uncle Ted is here and another man, he will come in a dream. People are meeting her in the hills. There's a lady there to help her.


I liked his eyes when he was a baby. You could tell that he was different, from his eyes. They were violet, and looked different.

Can she hold her rosary beads and cross? Are there steps to the light? (We had told her to look for the light, the clear light.) She remembers sunsets being beautiful in the hills.

We asked E whether she would mind if we asked a Deva, Angel, to help protect her. She said I could if I wanted to. At that moment two appeared, one each side of her, they were golden in colour. (This was of course her own wish).

At this point I held her hand for a while, I could feel the warmth.

She has a message for my mother, her sister , that she will see her soon enough.

Thanks to Marie and Rosaleen and thanks to someone for financial help/money??---Likely the late Reverend Father Ted?-her brother.
There is a Holy Cloth for Marie to put on her lap, light yellow khaki in colour.(Marie is a Eucharistic Minister, and this cloth was probably a vestment that the late Father Ted owned and left to Eilish.)

She will come and visit her husband, Greg whilst he is quiet in his chair.

She mentioned the wooden box for the girls again.

She said that it's good that it's all alright with Paul, regrets not knowing his family but will see them.

She wants her stuff to be given away not kept. Someone is going to have a baby, she'll see the baby in the spirit world and will visit after the baby is born.

Tell Marie that we didn't have a friendship as adults for we lived too far apart but the bond is there.(my mother, Marie lived in Australia, at that time before returning to Ireland.)


Eilish said that, "we have a special bond. Thank you, I'll come in your dreams. A piece of my heart belongs to you". Appreciated me in her grief over Basil. I used to hold on to her legs and I had a little red tricycle.

Eilish says that A*****, has a lot of psychic gifts to be proud of.

Says that her eyes aren't weak anymore and feels relieved that she's not responsible for people, and sacrificing in the meantime; now she can rest.

She asked that on the day of the funeral I spend a minute thinking of her. (Thursday in the Canada.)



Eilish not so confused in the border plane now, happy to communicate and starting to understand her present condition. She says that Angels/Devas appear as soon as she thinks of them.

During the session I held Esha's hand twice and felt the vibration and heat; Esha was happy about it.

A saw her take form twice whilst talking to her. She said that she talked sweetly and was small and pale but happy. She also said that Esha was wearing a white or pearl necklace. I saw Esha's face in my mind, or in A*****'s. Esha said again that the after-death experience was nothing like she had been taught, (Catholic teaching.) (Eilish at this time of course was still in the Border Planes, or Bardos.)

We didn't push the reading as Esha had only been over twenty four hours and it was very tiring to A*****. Esha was happy to talk and enjoyed it. She also said that someone else was coming up soon, but I wasn't attached to this person.(Within two years Wally, my mother -in -law's husband died, it may have been him. Although in July 1998,her own husband Greg died.) She was obviously seeing the future so we asked her about earth changes and she said that they would be noticed. She said that we will talk again before she moves on, she really does understand her situation now. I asked if she was unhappy that I couldn't make the funeral, she said that I had done enough already.

She said that, before she died, her bones were painful and her lungs and throat were full of fluid. Esha said that she was glad to leave that old body. She also couldn't understand why I was a vegetarian and so I explained it to her, about non-violence, especially with regard to animals.

This session had been in two parts; at a later session with A******, Esha talked about visiting India and seeing the markets. She said that my father was fixed in his belief systems.

She stayed with A for an hour just visiting at her apartment and said that she was quite a little missy .She said that some suffering my wife had as a child was.....(Private message). Esha was very impressed with this type of "radio" she was using to communicate with A, and she was happy she could be where she wanted immediately she thought of it. She also said that a lot of Anthony's friends are up here; (my friends).

The next day I did a meditation , and I explained the bhajan/chanting meditation to her. She asked what I was doing with the flame. I explained the Arti, Maya. (It seems that my psychic ability is far stronger on the astral and mental than it is on the lower bardos,where I am somewhat weaker, due to the late period of life that I took it up)

During one meditation I took Esha by the hand and we went up through the dimensions. As happened to me at an ashram in India. The next time I tried I was stopped by two Devas whe didn't want us doing it, for whatever reason. (She wanted her grand-daughter to have one of her names. I was to put the request in an envelope and send it to the family, to be opened after the little girl was born. This was done and the little girl was so named.)

On the 17th of February, 1997 I was meditating in the bath but could not hear Esha. I took my consciousness up to the vital plane, asking for my Higher Self's, Blessing, passing mishapen ghoulies on the way. I found her shell floating with mouth open. Either abandoned or asleep, I decided abandoned, she had moved on. This was the second death.(I asked my Higher Self, for help during these sessions, and the process I used was to completely relax my body and go into a state of meditation, then visualise as much as possible until the visions came by themselves.)

I went up to see my uncle, Father Ted, on the Astral. He said Eilish had been there to his church but was not there now. Uncle Jo was dancing somewhere. T apologised for his rigidness whilst alive. I said not to worry, that was his belief system..

I went up to higher planes, there were formless beings, still couldn't find Eilish. Good blissful vibrations at this level.

I heard Eilish call my name, she said lots of my friends are up here and lots of God's Devotees have been helping and instructing her. I explained a little about God's Dream, Avatars and about all being One, Also that all was a dream no matter what level or plane we're on.

She was very happy and blissful and I talked about her husband Greg. She said that she knew about him, she told me to buy him a book and send it to him. She was obviously very spiritual and could move through the different levels herself.

She talked whilst I was writing. She says lifetimes don't matter anymore, and there are lots of advanced beings or Spiritual Teachers on this plane. She knows that there's no past, present or future, all is now. She can see the progression of lives but she's not attached to any of it.

The Chanting Meeting was a big help to her and she said that "It moved me on,". She said that she now understands the symbolism of rites.( some people need the imprinting), She said that she knows I am with His/God's people now Anthony". Your life will go well now Anthony. you will help people, you are beloved of "The Lord" because you have surrendered to Him. "My death was also a help to you." "We had a strong bond, you were really my first child, but that is just at an Earthly level. I know they were just roles, All is One, play the game Anthony and enjoy it, you will succeed. "Love Eilish.

(It is an interesting comment that I don't believe in a Lord or Personal God, but only the Transcendental Nirguna).


Eilish visited A***** again with another woman, around fifty? years of age. (Probably younger but in A*****'s mind she guessed older). She said "The Truth you know is inside yourself. The Truth is real turning on a wheel of sorts. Life is an ongoing cycle. Remember the stone within that glows. She said to remember when you were a child. A******* said that Eilish looked fresher and younger this time.

Around about this time I was getting visits in meditation from a soldier in uniform. He would appear as I was coming down through the dream plane. I mentioned it to my wife a few times, that a soldier was visiting me. I realised after a few visits that it was Basil Weston and that he was coming to me, looking for Eilish. Perhaps he was on a different plane from her. However I did have a vison of them together. He was her partner and had been killed in Burma during WWII, and received the V.C. for sacrificing his life for his platoon. On 22/4/96 I met Eilish again, she appeared young, with long hair and a coat. She was quiet at first, and I thought she was mad at me, but no, she embraced me-a thank you, I think.

I have seen Eilish since, looking young, wearing a white gown, waist-cord and going to some kind of school on a higher plane. I have gone up there several times and I know that Eilish is happy in the school. Eilish also told A******* that she would come back and would be a cousin of her children. I didn't follow up whether Basil was still with her, in a spiritual sense. I had a feeling he was somewhere else, perhaps reincarnated.
I have found that I can communicate with Eilish if I meditate, go up the dimensions and visualise her. Last time I heard her "voice," saying that the image wasn't her, she was something else ,the image it seems is my mind's way of communicating with her. The image is just the message that I am trying to communicate.

The states that Eilish was in are pretty typical of the Karmic Bardos. That is self created worlds, as in the dream plane. One it seems will create according to one's belief. If one is a Christian there may be saints etc, other beliefs would have their own structures. According to mystic and psychic tradition when one dies, one immediately checks in with the Lord or Clear Light of consciousness. If one is able to recognise this then one merges and becomes liberated. Most have Karma that drags them down and they awake on the border plane, just above the material plane. They stay there for a time before moving up to their appropriate level of consciousness. Where they stay until their karma runs out and they take rebirth. Undeveloped souls would re-incarnate immediately, which is what happens to the majority, according to some.....The End.