Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Aussies kick muslims out of palestine at beersheba

Beersheba was the greatest loss to the muslims, they lost Jerusalem and their occupation of the Holy Land ceased...only the loss of Mecca would be worse for them.. 400 year occupation by the Turks and add a thousand years for muslims...T

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Psychism and communications with astral lokas, especially lower preta lokas is not spirituality....There is much nonsense in the astrallokas and heavens. People who have passed over know no more than they did when they were in the body. Some may have a limited knowledge of some future but not much. It is all as much a part of delusion as the physical material but just subtler but still in mind and can be a diversion. The highest mental level is a Sathya or Brahma loka which leads to moksha at pralaya and maha pralaya. This is the loka of the Bhodisattva and the Avatars and Karana Janmas.. All this is in MIND and therefore delusion..and has to progressed beyond...T


Saktipat is the power of the Sakti or Self and is present in all times past present and future at the same time...So a Muktas spoken or written word is as powerful , and present now as when it was first spoken or written...T People say a lot of stuff is non comprehensible to many people... That is the reason only to take note of the Muktas or realised people as their words are eternal and carry SAKTIPAT.....That way they penetrate the minds of the ignorant and seekers without confusion...T

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

No time in the mind child statements....

I remember as a child of about 10+ my father asking me if i thought there were past civilisations...I told him yes and he asked me.-where are they?..I told him at the bottom of the sea...He asked how did they get there....I answered blown up by some great bombs or similar.I also told him man would walk on the moon.... I remember looking out at the back garden and asking my Mum , Do you ever think what it would be like if there were was no creation? She answered no why do you think such things? I once told her that in the future phones would have an image on them and we could see and talk to the people we were talking to...We had no home phone at the time... Shows no time in the mind...T

Astral heavens are a trap of mind in mind.

The astral heavens are a trap of mind.in the mind,.for they are temporary for humans and even the permanent or almost the Devas seek birth on earth so they may be freed from their happiness... The only astral heaven that leads to Moksha is sathyaloka or Brahaloka for at pralaya one gets moksha.... Do not seek relief or rest seek and end to it all......seek moksha..T

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Having Divinity will save one at the clear out...

Having Divinity as Babaji will save you at the clear out...Using the mantra Om Namah Sivaya , he says is the most powerful and the one i use myself...But just thinking that all is prana or all is god is enough....T

The only policy left is Ahimsa nothing else will change

The only policy that is left is AHIMSA...NOTHING ELSE WILL CHANGE...We are close to the end of this civilisation so one has to take to oneself and ones own spirituality.. Remember if you have no Divinity your survival in 20 years is much in doubt...As 80% of the population is going to be removed and will stay in the pretalokas a long time 1k years just means a long time... Gay marriage etc is just symptomatic of how far society has come to a stage of NO RULES, NO RESTRAINTS...DO WHAT YOU WANT, don't accept your karma etc. Being gay is a transition not a third sex...Now Australia is going down the same road of a third sex legally... The Egos en masse have come to the stage where they think they belong on this material planet, many die and are reborn without much interim consciousness T

Friday, October 20, 2017

Somebody has pirated my book westminstertimefiles online....

Somebody has pirated my book westminstertimefiles online.... I only sell through amazon and companies or lulu....plus one company in Victoria Canada, all the rest are illegal...Tony.

FB and Diksha in my room

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Only the Self...or Saguna concept can ultimately destroy the Ego...we cannot do it with our clever minds.

1. Only the Self...or Saguna concept can ultimately destroy the Ego...we cannot do it with our clever minds. 2. Vasanas...ie..tendencies, desires, attributes prevent final Sahaja NirVikalpa and these go back millions of lives and are not available to the conscious mind.Meditation helps in removing the vasanas. They are like the scum on the pond or the dust on the mirror...the sun is shining all the time...but until the scum is removed from the surface of the pond it cannot reflect the sun.. As Lakshmana says the mind can take you to a false non-dual state that mimics realisation so to speak,,,Mathru Sri Sarada was in this state prior to realisation and even she thought she was liberated, but Lakshmana could see the ego, albeit only a shadow and subtle, and so he actually destroyed the ego so she could become realised. Otherwise at that time the ego was trying to kill the body and get another one...She went blue and cold in a death state, as do all muktas and it took quite some time for her to come back so to speak.T. The physical difference between an ape and a human is essentially a more developled front lobes area of the brain...a computer using verbal binary numbers so to speak..This was induced in the brain by astral many years ago..T

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Masons normans and templars

The British Empire was NOT founded by the British as they were a subject race of the Norman Conquerors. They eliminated the, British ...Anglo Aristocracy and replaced them in Britain and Ireland...So founding the seeds of Empire. Now here is the juicy bit the Normans were entertaining the Knights Templar , from the Norman Angevins and Plantagenets to this very day...The FREEMASONS GREW OUT THE TEMPLARS...QUEEN MATILDA DONATED PROPERTY TO THEM .. The sons of BELIAL always take over organizations ....like business free contractors ...Mason's ?to British East India Coy , and Govts...T

Monday, October 09, 2017

BEI coy and USA.

is important to note that, while the British Empire as a world government lost the American Revolution, the power structure behind it did not lose the war. The most visible of the power-structure identities was the East India Company, an entirely private enterprise whose flag as adopted by Queen Elizabeth in 1600 happened to have thirteen red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle in its upper lefthand corner. The blue rectangle bore in red and white the superimposed crosses of St. Andrew and St. George. When the Boston Tea Party occurred, the colonists dressed as Indians boarded the East India Company's three ships and threw overboard their entire cargoes of high-tax tea. They also took the flag from the masthead of the largest of the "East Indiamen"—the Dartmouth. George Washington took command of the U.S. Continental Army under an elm tree in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The flag used for that occasion was the East India Company's flag, which by pure coincidence had the thirteen red and white stripes. Though it was only coincidence, most of those present thought the thirteen red and white stripes did represent the thirteen American colonies—ergo, was very appropriate—but they complained about the included British flag's superimposed crosses in the blue rectangle in the top corner. George Washington conferred with Betsy Ross, after which came the thirteen white, five-pointed stars in the blue field with the thirteen red and white horizontal stripes. While the British government lost the 1776 war, the East India Company's owners who constituted the invisible power structure behind the British government not only did not lose but moved right into the new U.S.A. economy along with the latter's most powerful landowners.from below http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masonry/Essays/friday13.html The British East India Coy set up the modern system of capitalism and banking , trade etc...Their mantle was taken of over by the new USA who even used the exact BEIcoy flag of the masonic 13 stripes...to prove the point...T By pure chance I happened to uncover this popularly unknown episode of American history. Commissioned in 1970 by the Indian government to design new airports in Bombay, New Delhi, and Madras, I was visiting the grand palace of the British fortress in Madras, where the English first established themselves in India in 1600. There I saw a picture of Queen Elizabeth I and the flag of the East India Company of 1600 a.d., with its thirteen red and white horizontal stripes and its superimposed crosses in the upper corner. What astonished me was that this flag (which seemed to be the American flag) was apparently being used in 1600 a.d., 175 years before the American Revolution. Displayed on the stairway landing wall together with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I painted on canvas, the flag was painted on the wall itself, as was the seal of the East India Company. The supreme leaders of the American Revolution were of the southern type—George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both were great landowners with direct royal grants for their lands, in contradistinction to the relatively meager individual landholdings of the individual northern Puritan colonists.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

4 levels and psycho emontions of so called humans

A recent report showed that humans have more neanderthal, denisovan and other dna...This means the most people are not only mixture egos but are in fact mixture bodies -not homo sapiens... There are already 4 levels 1. animal human -eats meat, lives and defends....Most humans. 2. Aspiring humans....some vegetarians some upward process. 3. Human Beings ---small percentage vegans or vegetarians and spiritual. 4. Divine Humans,,,,avatars, muktas, siddhas and karana janmas.... Except for Divine levels most humans have tendencies or vasanas they brought from the animal mixture beings...This is why they are so difficult to change or progress and they are so enmeshed in sensuality and negative emotions from animals without control,,, There were only ever about 135 million homo sapiens to start and many mixed with other hominids, mixtures and sons of belial... This accounts for the behavioural state of human minds and desires...T