Saturday, October 21, 2017

The only policy left is Ahimsa nothing else will change

The only policy that is left is AHIMSA...NOTHING ELSE WILL CHANGE...We are close to the end of this civilisation so one has to take to oneself and ones own spirituality.. Remember if you have no Divinity your survival in 20 years is much in doubt...As 80% of the population is going to be removed and will stay in the pretalokas a long time 1k years just means a long time... Gay marriage etc is just symptomatic of how far society has come to a stage of NO RULES, NO RESTRAINTS...DO WHAT YOU WANT, don't accept your karma etc. Being gay is a transition not a third sex...Now Australia is going down the same road of a third sex legally... The Egos en masse have come to the stage where they think they belong on this material planet, many die and are reborn without much interim consciousness T

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