Sunday, October 08, 2017

4 levels and psycho emontions of so called humans

A recent report showed that humans have more neanderthal, denisovan and other dna...This means the most people are not only mixture egos but are in fact mixture bodies -not homo sapiens... There are already 4 levels 1. animal human -eats meat, lives and defends....Most humans. 2. Aspiring humans....some vegetarians some upward process. 3. Human Beings ---small percentage vegans or vegetarians and spiritual. 4. Divine Humans,,,,avatars, muktas, siddhas and karana janmas.... Except for Divine levels most humans have tendencies or vasanas they brought from the animal mixture beings...This is why they are so difficult to change or progress and they are so enmeshed in sensuality and negative emotions from animals without control,,, There were only ever about 135 million homo sapiens to start and many mixed with other hominids, mixtures and sons of belial... This accounts for the behavioural state of human minds and desires...T

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