Friday, September 29, 2017

Read cayce, bible, puranas on why women wear make up.

If you read Cayce, some Rabbis, Bible, Book of Enoch, Hindu Puranas... You will see there were many hominids around millions of years ago...but one group were astral projections originally and were condused sexually as the were Hermaphrodites...This caused the descent of Adam and the devolop Homo Sapiens out of an advanced hominid.. Even Adams first wife Lilith was a projection into the animal world and according to the Kabbalah ' she wanted to be on top in sex'...this may be a hint to a mixture or hermaphrodite even.. Then came homo sapiens Eve and the Evicas... This is one of the causes of homosexuality---some could not make the move to a single sex...And later living in different sexes left tendencies when the change from one sex to another took place... This is why the female sex, especially, enhance their sexuality with make up and emphasise the difference as hermaphrodites were confused on what sex they wanted to be ...T

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