Friday, September 25, 2015

Islam is in the main a animal mixture ego religion/ideology

Islam is in the main a animal mixture ego religion/ doesn't have the intellectual or spiritual giants that are evident in the origins of Christianity, Hindusim, Buddhism and Taoism..........(.Even if many of the adherents are also animal mixture egos-souls-spirits possessed...There is somewhere to go that doesn't insult the intellect like heaven with 72 virgins and other rubbish.).. This is its problem in a high tech world and a traveling world..........It can only ever evangelise by force and coercion as there is nothing to appeal to any mind but the lowest of intellects.....There is nowhere to even the Sufis are totally non islamic and only rent a room in there as they are not understood and predate islam by 100ks years....... ALSO MORE IMPORTANCE THERE ARE NO KARANA JANMAS, AVATARS AND MUKTAS ONLY A SO CALLED PROPHET OF DUBIOUS MENTAL BALANCE ...........T The Hebrews had karana janmas like Melchizadec and Joshua. AND NO DOUBT ENOCH AND JESUS