Monday, February 28, 2011

Attachment is a false version by the ego-jiva

Attachment is a false version by the ego-jiva of what true Bhakti is the innate desire to become the Sakti, that we are.We should love other beings for the Self's sake not our sake or it causes both joy and pain,,,,and not just bliss,,and peace.

The pain of separation from the Self caused by vasanas is what causes attachment to anything but...the Self ;For the Ego is in love with itself alone...

We don't clean the Vasanas so we cannot see The Self so we look for the Self everywhere looking for glasses which are already on one's head...we go outwards instead of inwards.------We look through a glass darkly.

This is the cause of all pain and fear-- the individual ego, which innately wants to survive but at the same time is suffering because of the pangs of separation.Its own vasanas prevent it from realising the Self and it realises that only the Self or a Mukta Guru can kill the ego...A totally purified mind or vijnanamayakosa is required....

The tanha or thirst for existence is a distorted attempt at the immortality and peace of the Self...It is always the Self looking for the Self the little I looking for the I-I. It is the fear associated with the Ego-Ahamkara that also created an impediment,,,for fear is the original vasana of the the fear and thirst are what cause the separation so to speak.It is an inbuilt survival instinct layered on top of the fear-ego. Whilst the ego exists in ahamkara it will distort everything into building the phantom that it is.

Even the attachment to false teachers and charlatans is part of this searching for what we already are. For we are searching for The Self...

Attachment is also the Primal desire of the Universe's, outward expression, inward desire, and energies of attraction, repulsion and balance. Springing from Prakriti or creative potentiality then repeating the cycle.

Outward instead of Inward but are all dimly aware that all is one and we are The Self. This allows as The Self to see and experience the illusion----but not to realise it. There is no beginning to the Ego but an end to localised consciousness.

It is difficult to figure out but you can look for the 'I' and find it is not there.
This takes the mind to its source as a result. Once the source of attachment is found attachment ends for there is nothing to be attached to...To What?...There is only the 'I-I'.

The further from the ground the more diluted and localised the consciousness becomes. Until it can only hold on to its own local construct; It is only aware locally like a whirlpool in the ocean not being aware of the ocean...
The mind follows its own creation outwards as long as there is desire for outward expression, as a driving force.

Consciousness seems to dilute itself apparently into composite illusory parts.

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