Friday, February 11, 2011

I cannot tell you about enlightenment

I cannot tell you about enlightenment as I am not enlightened....I cannot tell you about beyond it all as there is 'nothing' to experience...Can you describe your deep sleep even.....I cannot describe or right books on NirVikalpa Samadhi.
Material non-duality is not hard to grasp....can you grasp the big bang? Then you know all is one materially.
Put your 500mmX microscope glasses on and see nothing but energy soup all one unified field...take them off and see 'duality' put them back on see non duality...Now that saves time in buying books and listening to charlatans doesn't it,,lower than that we have the Heisenberg principle of uncertainty...Max Planck etc and not being to observe sub atomic particles with affecting their behaviour as we are observing ourselves...........There is only prana and karma in the universe..............
Beyond prana and karma....are the subtle fields and prakriti beyond all is meditation and realisation...
So why do we not take note of this non duality....The mind, thoughts prana and karma which bring the universe and everything into this illusionary manifestation...the disturbance of the gunas...or modes.

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