Sunday, December 24, 2017

ARE,,,,,E Cayce and the Hopi.... Atlantis and Mu sinking and the Hopi story...t WE ARE IN 4TH WORLD NOW...T Elements of the Hopi Creation myth corroborate these details: …the world…teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice…This was the end of the Second World. …Sótuknang came to Spider Woman and said, ”…It will be difficult; with all this destruction going on, for them to gather at the far end of the world I have designated…Then you will save them when I destroy this world with water.” So he loosed the waters upon the earth. Waves higher than mountains rolled in upon the land. Continents broke asunder and sank beneath the seas. …they saw they were on a little piece of land that had been the top of one of their highest mountains. All else…was water. So Spider Woman directed them to make round, flat boats…For a long time they drifted…and came to another rocky island. So the people kept traveling toward the rising sun in their reed boats… At last they saw land stretching from north to south as far as they could see…Before long they landed and joyfully jumped out upon a sandy shore. Soon all the others arrived and when they were gathered together, Sótuknang appeared…”Look now at the way you have come.” Looking to the west and south, the people could see…the islands upon which they had rested. “These are the footprints of your journey…the tops of the high mountains of the Third World, which I destroyed. Now watch.” As the people watched them, the closest one sank under the water, then the next, until all were gone…ii Now in the Third World they multiplied in such numbers and advanced so rapidly that they created big cities, countries, a whole civilization. This made it difficult for them to conform to the plan of Creation and to sing praises to Taiowa and Sótuknang. More and more of them became wholly occupied with their own earthly plans…So many people were using their reproductive power in wicked ways…they began to use their creative power in another evil and destructive way…some of them made a pátuwvota [shield made of hide] and with their creative power made it fly through the air. On this many of the people flew to a big city, attacked it, and returned so fast no one knew where they came from…So corruption and war came to the Third World as it had to the others. This time Sótuknang came to Spider Woman and said, “There is no use waiting until the thread runs out this time. Something has to be done lest the people with the song in their hearts are corrupted…you will save them when I destroy this world with water.” vii

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