Friday, August 18, 2017

My first spontaneous regression---irish slave confederate officer,,,,

First spontaneous regression experience--a tid bit My first spontaneous regression occurred in 1986 just a short time after I had started meditation. I was sitting watching TV when I went into a reverie of this past life...I saw myself taken prisoner in Ireland, saw the soldiers in their uniforms and helmets..from the 1700s. I was taken in chains with a whole group down to the docks...I could see my wife and child standing on the dock as I left for the larger ship, never to be seen again....We arrived in the West Indies where we were put to work on sugar cane plantations. There was a rebellion and burning cane at one stage...and I took up a relationship with an African slave girl....I saw myself swim out to a ship of which the captain was a Gaelic speaker,,,and he took me aboard and we sailed for New Orleans...I lived and worked there for years, learned English, and worked my way up some kind of govt or local council, until the Civil War broke out...I was an officer in the cavalry of some kind...with a grey uniform and black feathers in my hat....I was killed in a charge by a cannon ball or shot at a battle called Shiloh... This was not my first regression but it was the first spontaneous one that I remember, as I had been practising regressions on and off for some time. The strange thing was how such a lot could be packed into a reverie. Time was not the normal sequence...and my wife said that she saw me look down and go into a quiet state for a short time. It is strange but when I was working in Miami Fla, in 1968/69, a girl told mesome of my past and future. She wanted me to go to Bimini to scuba dive over someancient ruins, with some University People. She said they were Atlantean and that I wouldremember them. She also predicted that I would go to India and meet Sai Baba, whomshe had already met. Some other stuff about my first wife dying at a young age and how many children I would have also came true. I think her name was Phyliss and her friendwas, called Ray and his mother was called Yolanta, she was from Albania. The divers discovered the Bimini wall or road and some other stuff....I have my own memory of being there associated with the crystal power source...with a present daughter of mine.

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