Saturday, August 19, 2017

feel good factor is not spirituality

The power elite sons of belial have displaced people like me in the liberal/left movement, which I grew up in... They have refound the key they fought the Adamo-Kum arics with ...AMORALITY.....just feed the quiet indulgent desires of the ego and make it nice confusing that with spirituality....And quoting MLK---of suspect sexual appetites....and Gandhiji who had an extremely disciplined sadhana... BUT TAKE NOTE; Those that survive the coming destruction and confinement to the lower astral will not be the nice peaceful tolerant people....but those do not tolerate the dominance of ego and have an ishtadevata or god form/idea to follow---spiritual people... Remember Jesus said I come not to bring peace but a sword.....There is the difference between the peace and tolerance of the sons of belial---and true disciplined spirituality... The SOB have conned everybody with their new amoral liberal/leftist humanism....T

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