Thursday, August 10, 2017

Adamic and Kumaric Law....

What is the Adamic and Kumaric Law. 1. It is essentially the 10 commandments plus the other 40. 2. Marriage is male plus female ----one man one women. 3. Ahimsa as much as possible.....non harm. 4. No practising of deviant sexuality... 5,Family is the nucleus of society. 6. Recognising Divinity and practising some sadhana/discipline. 7. Structured Society and organisation...Varnas x4...Democratic and equality of sexes. o 8.Direction of music, and entertainment mostly to Bhakti. 9. Love thy neighbour as thyself... 10. Understand that everything is about the fact all is one..and one has to work for Realisation or Moksha... Many of the Laws of Manu are based on them but also cover a lot of other cultural issues...So some may be in conflict.. SACRED-TEXTS.COM

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