Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Niz...nisarga means natural no birth or death

Maharaj : Nisarga means natural, natural,no birth, no death , just there. In this universe , species take birth and return back to nature , they go no where. Sattva , Rajas and Tamas 9 the three gunas ) are the limbs of nature , the five elements and three gunas are inherent in nature. This body is born in nature and nature only , nothing else and is without identity. The world is created out of dirt, natural physical emissions turn into beautiful human forms. I am going to sign - NISARGADATTA - nature itself. Any stance has limitations but i am beyond that, nature only, vast nature , no shape or form and no limitations. If you want to be Nisargadatta , do only one thing, be in that state of harmony which is consciousness, being in natural harmony , all the puzzles will be solved. After one has accepted this state ( the knowledge of one's just Being) , many kinds of things can happen. Some will have long life ; others will have a glimpse of what is generally known as heaven , that state ( Beingness) will itself create heaven. Beingness is the cause and lord of all manifestations - Vishnu , Ishwara. when this foof-body disappears , this Beingness also will disappear. In nature - Nisargadatta - there are millions of years and lives, what has happened to them ? What are they doing ? Reincarnation and the rest are all just concepts to while away time. There are millions of fish, can you have kundalini for them ?Because of identification we have created trouble. Fish have no trouble , since they have no identity ; concepts help only to pass time. Everybody wants things when alive , we do this and we do that , after death , when breath has gone , what is of oneself that reamins ? Ntaure konws no end, no beginning , all concepts are only moments in consciousness ; one considers oneself as an individual and suffers.

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