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59) Jesus said, "Take heed of the Living One while you are alive, lest you die and seek to see Him and be unable to do so."GThomas.


Take heed of the living Jesus(Mukta), for on death you may not know where you are and where you are going. Also some people don’t even know that they have died, and get distracted. One cannot achieve Liberation after death so easily. Use this opportunity of this life and don’t waste it.

Why do people follow Charlatans and non realised teachers? I think it is because they have not done enough study and sadhana to recognise the difference and they are too lazy to--so they want instant mcdonalds type enlightenment...Also in psychology 101 .Social Psychology...and modern life -Middlebrook- one will fine the definition of a leader as somebody, followers identify with but consider more knowledgeable or better at the job than they are...There is also the pop-idol syndrome and the egotistic need for seeing or Darshan of a spiritual teacher...This is a common identification process...All of this psychology the charlatans are aware of and use....and once you get away from the gurulings to the gurus one comes across transference of imagery on the the inner mind...or naming of ones's inner mind...after the guru...Buddhist call it the counterpart sign and it is more perfect than the original image....

Realised Teachers or Sadgurus IMHO...are the late Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and presently living Sri Lakshmana Swami and Mathru Sri Sarada...There may be a mere handful more...All the non realised guru/teachers are in the mind only.

The Manduka Upanishad and the Muktas say it is better to follow the teachings of a dead Mukta than a live non Mukta. That is because Muktas are the Self and have the Sakitpat of the Self in their words and actions.

Here is the truth ..

Why don't they publish..?...Like Alan Jacobs or David Godman or Maurice Frydman or Fuerstein on Patanjali...but the vindists don't as they are ignorant and have learned a non dual conceptual lingo that is all.

1. Non enlightened Gurus and even Frauds..These pages will build up over time.These are million dollar and billion dollar operators...Using the same system of always have something to be financed so donations keep flowing.

Sathya Sai Baba...'Alleged' pedophile, embezzler and murderer..Teachings are an eclectic mix of Hindu and other religions to suit more people..Claims to be an incarnation of Shirdi Baba.

Nithyananda......Alleged sexual and other irregularities.

Sri Sri Ravishankara....Big Biz...Roadshow Guru..broke away from Mahesh ...

Bhagavan and Sri of Oneness University......Big Biz Roadshow Guru.

Isha Foundation.....Big Biz...

2. Non Realised Neo-Advaitins and Verbal Non Dualists.

There are many of these...of whom their own Guru, Papaji said that they were not even a little bit enlightened and he sent them out to get the leeches off his back, in the hope some people would come to India for the real message..( 'It never happened'-David Godman).

Papaji said his own disciple-teachers,mooji, gangaji etc, were not even temporarily enlightened

I quoted Papaji the guru of cohen, gangaji, mooji etc.............I was not stating my own belief but Papaji's own statements to David Godman...I mention neo- advaitins and meat eaters like Mooji..who is famous for his 'lazy man's road to enlightenment' video on youtube. If you look you will see nervousness before he speaks and realises he has the crowd,,,only egos get nervous...My contention with the neo advaitins is that they essentially teach that sadhana to remove vasanas is not really necessary....although Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharshi did sadhanA before and after Moksha...........The Mundakya Upanishad says it is better to read the Upanishads and follow the teachings of real Gurus or Muktas..THAN FOLLOW NON REALISED TEACHERS...that is my advice and what I follow....I only know two muktas on the planet and they are Sr Mathru Sarada and Sri Lakshmana Swamy...both in the Ramana line..Also a death experience is necessary before complete realisation.... What I am saying is that many so called teachers and self-styled gurus are superflous--just entertainment............Tony

Papaji made it clear in the book "Nothing Ever Happened"--David Godman, that those he sent to

teach not only are not enlightened, they are not even temporarily enlightened.

#1. When asked about those he sent to teach, Papaji said that the purpose was to

have them point the way to Lucknow, not to pose as awakenened teachers.

#2. Papaji said that many can fool others into thinking they are liberated but

they are the false coin.

#3. When asked about the experiences that so many people had in Lucknow, he said

they were false experiences.... See More

#4. When asked, "Why did you give them false experiences?" he said to get the

leeches off my back.

#5. Papaji said he met only two Jnani's in his lifetime. One was Ramana

Maharshi. The other was a man who appeared from out of the jungle into the town

of Krishnagiri.

#6. Ramana Maharshi said that there is a false sense of liberation that

aspirants reach that very few ever go beyond.

Papajis sent out disciple-teachers include ..Mooji, Gangaji, Cohen and a whole host of neo advaitins ...These are all small fry in comparison to Nithyananda and Sai Baba.Then there are all the gurulings sprouting up in the business.

These include Gangaji, Mooji,and all other Papaji disciples who are known teachers..Then we have Adyashanti, Liquorman, Byron Katie,Sailor Bob,Tolle, Parsons, Cohen and more.

All non realised teachers claiming to have the 'philosopher's stone'....and the non dual knowledge..Apparently they have the knowledge to collect donations...and gullible disciples.Some are paying themselves salaries of 59K to 100K a year...and that is only what is declared.

This week we will take a look at;

1.New ones on the gurulings scene are Bentinho Massaro and Karen Richards, who have a good grasp of marketing themselves and their product and the psychology of dealing with disciples and followers...They don't teach anything new...just have learned all the concepts and non dual speak....If they stuck to philosophy they would be fine but like the rest they need to sell the 'Secret of the Philosopher's Stone'...They intimate as they are teachers they 'know' something when like the rest they are the blind leading the blind and taking donations...Essentially what they teach is what they call 'awareness' which in fact is a form of preparation for meditation only. However they take it to a level it doesn't exist on as Awareness is The Self or Universal Consciousness. What they consider to be awareness is just the ego quietly hiding and observing its own thoughts...the 'Thief in the Palace'...the Thief pretending to be the Policeman. So in the concentration and meditation preparation they are useful other than that they only have an entertainment value..As all they do is still in the mind...and is not NirVikalpa Samadhi ..Kevala or Sahaja..Any non dual state they lead to is deceptive and not liberation and only leads to re-birth as is evidenced by the fact they are here teaching the concepts the brought with them from previous lifetimes..

Michael Jeffreys and Cory Bright.

These gentlemen amongst others are enablers and ride point for these 'Actor Philosophers' as Nisargadatta Maharaj calls them....posting much from aspiring mini-mes gurulings like Bentinho Massaro, who collects donations for his 'work', which has a resounding similarity to the words of Muktas but misses the point with his own non-realised additions.. It is all part of the play of consciousness --------------including me writing this....

Sailor Bob Adamson and his new business partnership with Gilbert Schultz...

2.It now seem that Bob has gone in with Gilbert to use paypal to sell products...In fact the money goes to Gilbert's paypal account first..Bob's teaching are a regurgitation of the Jnanis which are given freely with no charge...Essentially the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj,Ramana Maharshi and others. Why people cannot buy the original teachings which are available I don't know...Neither Bob nor Gilbert are anywhere near realised. Even at a stretch they are superfluous....really..go direct to Ramana or Maharaj's sites. Apparently Gilbert Schultz has turned up on Facebook in a different name I am informed..Is William Richardson Gilbert? let me

Sarlo's list of Gururatings..

Sarlo doesn't get into Jnanis and Muktas and just comments on their teachings and not where they come from. He doesn't get into Mysticism, Sadgurus and Muktas like I will. I post Sarlo's site to show the situation with how many are in the business...

Oprah's Forum....Neo-Advaitins.....

Here is a TV report on Eckhart Tolle, who is Oprah's business partner in her new spiritual enterprise or business pushing his books and 200-300 dollars a lecture or 995 dollars for the weekend...........Tolle is an eclectic mix of Long, Gurdjieff, the Vedanta and other spiritual systems..........he claims some kind of enlightenment but contradicts his own teachings continually..........I have read him and he may be of some use to neophytes but a real Guru he is not----he is a businessman.

The Path of Advaita according to Shankara

For the purposes of this article, presented below is a very short

summary of the pre-requisites needed by a seeker before achieving

Self-Realization or Liberation (as specified by Shankara in his

Vivekachudamani - The Crest Jewel of Discrimination translated into

Tamil by Ramana Maharshi and from Tamil into English by Sir Arthur


In order to be qualified for enquiry into the

Self, a man must have a powerful intellect and ability to seize the

essential and reject the inessential besides the various qualities

enumerated in the scriptures. What are these? He must be able to

discriminate between the real and the unreal. He must have an

unattached mind. He must ardently desire liberation. And he must be

tireless in practice Only such one is qualified to enquire into

Brahman. The qualifications are enumerated as follows:

1. Discrimination between the real and the unreal.

2. Disinclination to enjoy the fruit's of one's actions.

3. The six virtues of tranquility, self-control, withdrawal, forbearance, faith, and concentration of the Self.

4. Intense yearning for liberation.

The aspirant must indeed have these qualities in

order to attain abidance in the Self; without them there can be no

realization of the Truth.

This then is the simplified version of Shankara's instructions for truth realization.



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