Friday, August 19, 2011

Apparently the Advaita Vedantists were perturbed by my report.

Apparently the Advaita Vedantists were perturbed by my report. That is because they keep one foot in the superstition of Isvara camp....Here is a response to them ...

Namaste S********ji et al,

I think we can take Maharaj literally as he is talking about ajativada which is in complete agreement with what Ramana Maharshi says also..Even 'awareness' which is part of the Saguna Brahman concept is also unreal...for in NirGuna by definition alone, what can be aware of what? Maharaj is consistent in his statements and what he calls the life force is the sakti prana and what he calls the other side of the coin is consciousness or sive, hence siva-sakti..I do not worry too much about the semantics of it all; I just notice that the highest teachings of Ramana and Niz are exactly in agreement, with regard to all this, and literally. I find it somewhat difficult to disagree with two accepted Muktas who are in agreement with each other. They both agree that 'nothing ever happened', not even the appearance, and that is good enough for me.. I am not realised obviously as I am writing on here, however I practise my kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi regularly and there is no world or appearance there......Cheers Tony.

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