Tuesday, May 01, 2018

most people live in 3 cakras etc

Most people have only the 3 lower cakras open, basic animal, desires and attachments, so they have nowhere to go but use their intellect/ego as it is..;So they double back on the physical with all its desires and attachments, and as the ego cannot tolerate itself they build sports and all kinds of diversions.. This all relates to the lower astral or pretaloka planes...and not until the Heart Cakra is fully open is the spiritual journey really begun,hence the higher astral planes and eventually mental planes and more... Also because are most humans are limited to the lower cakras Belials or not. they are forced to pursue sophisticaraltion, and masses of materials, in mistaken belief this is a way up... On my first opening of my Heart Cakra I was meditating and it was so energetic it put me on my back..I was on the way so to speak. My next revelation was in India when the Siddha initiated me to all the astral and mental planes and I entered nirvikalpa Samadhi kevala. I had being doing this meditation but not noting the planes, this Diksha sealed that I did not want any of the planes, only samadhi and Moksha or Sahaja...T

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