Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Two descents only planet with animal like bodies

The Astrals that developed us from an hominid..had to do it twice( Bhagavata Purana), for the first descents, sat around meditating to get out and not breeding enough. So a second descent was required who would breed more, whether they used a more sexual hominid or not we don't know.. So as the Astrals were not Muktas of course they hit and miss somewhat and the result has been overkill, a polluted planet, and an infestation of humans displacing the natural owners the animals.. The Siddhas tried to correct it by letting apprehended karma go and sinking Atlantis and 60 million people in one night. That would be a major part of the total world population at that time. The population has over recovered and has not learned anything so a major release of our own karma is imminent, again. In the end most of the astrals here will not make it to moksha and will be consigned back the astral... This planet is the only one in the universes to have animal type life on it..all ufos are from our own past and future ..T

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