Thursday, June 15, 2017

Try this one for size.Not about hate at all---scallise attempted assassination.

Try this one for size.Not about hate at all......but who benefits???/ IT IS A WARNING FOR SOME PEOPLE TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT THE ELECTION ETC ETC.... Trump is a ring in from the power elite to establish re-control....a stooge. Salise was a targetted assassination... .How did a facebook guy know where the chief whip of the House was going to be on that day all the way from illinois.. .Why was he killed -----so dead men can tell no tales...? There is some very serious stuff going on behind the scenes in washington..- Power Eliite sons of belial are sending a message to somebody....T. Who killed JFK, mlk,Rfk. . Not those accused...even MLK FAMILY DIDNT BELIEVE....MY GUESS DEEP STATE...DC. ALL. Of course you can believe the story that the 3rd most powerful republican was out without enough security and a nutter found out all about where he was going to be, all the way from illinois to virginia.....Try that one for size...!

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