Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I FEEL LIKE NOAH...LESS THAN 20 YEARS BEFORE THE CHANGES START. If you want to survive then you and your family have to get spiritual as only 25% of the worlds population will survive what is coming. Even the pacific will extend to nebraska and new york will be totally destroyed..just for a start.....also florida, southern georgia guld coast.mississipi valley..etc Northern Europe, Japan etc...all be affected.. I have cross referenced every prediction and the main ones all coincide especially the Siddhas like Theresa Neuman., matthew, .and Babaji. Cayce, Singh etc etc. The sons of belial are going to be absolutely destroyed on the planet totally..and Adam/Kumara teachings will be re installed.. There will be no reincarnation of the so called sons of belial and followers for a long long time....1000 years plus.! Time is short the changes have started as predicted in the islands north of Australia in the last couple of months.. Pence and Trump are starting to listen to Belial....The siddhas elected Trump for a change in direction to give the spiritual people a chance then he is on his own, as is evidenced by the attacks upon Flynn etc... a sign of belial is anti family as Adam created the gay marriage and sexual confusion is evidence...The world is a kaleidescope of delusion and cannot be changed only destroyed and start again in the near future..T

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