Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MASONS RAN THE AMERICAN AND FRENCH REVOLUTION , THEY ARE NOT ABOUT TO LET CATHOLICS AND MUSLIMS UPSET THE BOAT . THE MASONIC EAST INDIA FLAG AND OLD GLORY ARE ONE AND THE it...T. Trump is leading the charge to preserve the institution they own namely THE USA....T .. Read the signs Trump uses them all the time...he is not against the POWER ELITE IT SEEMS HE IS PART OF IT....T Donald Trump the Freemason | Renegade Tribune I don’t think Trump, given his stature as a New York billionaire, is a low-level or mid-level Freemason. He is probably part of the elite. He is probably a high-standing member of one of Manhattan’s patrician Illuminati lodges and is, probably, well… RENEGADETRIBUNE.COM

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