Saturday, May 14, 2016

After the much prophesied end of this age..cayce, bible, babaji, matt etc

After the much prophesied end of this age..cayce, bible, babaji, matt etc..There will be a clear out of most of the planet's population and the remainder will be on some stage of the spiritual path....and sadhana.. Cayce predicts the population will not be as free as in the 1930 and 1940s , goodness knows what he would have thought of the 2016...Free means that the egos will not be overtly allowed to do what they want and the discipline will be to get out of this planet and be free of the body.. .There will be no need for the usual religions, islam etc...People will be free in mind as well, like in Vedic times women walked around bare breasted and nobody batted an eyelid...just like south sea islanders, amazfonians or even girls on Bondi beach australia. Women in islam are covered up to keep them down as they have the power of the Sakti and men cannot control it so they imprison women in clothes...So women cannot express themselves and make the men seem weak... So the new population will not be free in ego as the ego desires will be controlled for hundreds of years before the non spiritual people are allowed to incarnate again..The Devas will not allow incarnation and will keep them on the astral plane...Until such time as they cannot affect the evolved world population.. My guess reading the prophecies, especially cayce and babaji is by 2050 the earth changes and clear out of most of the population will have occurred....T

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