Sunday, March 27, 2016

The wars in Atlantis and India( Bharat) thousands of years ago,

HERE IT IS AGAIN; The wars in Atlantis and India( Bharat) thousands of years ago, and harking back to the conflict between the Adamics and Pre Adamics and those adamics that joined these materialists, are back here again with the conflict against the power elite and islam...(1400 year war already). IN ATLANTIS AND BHARAT...'THE FOLLOWERS OF THE LAW OF ONE 'ie followers of Muktas and Karana Janmas,,,like Jesus, Krishna, Ram, Amilius, and Nis and Ramana today... 'VERSUS THE SONS OF BELIAL...( Mohammed was a great follower of the sons of belial in a previous incarnation, his life proves it..) The sons of belial were materialists, indulged the senses and greed etc...and rejected the message of the Adamics to work toward spiritual progress.. the sons today are THE POWER ELITE AND ISLAM.In the past we could include NAZIS...AND OTHER TOTALITARIAN GROUPS... THIS MAY OR MAY NOT EXPAND INTO A MAJOR WWIII...AND ALONG WITH EARTHCHANGES will send many to the Astral where they will h ave to stay...T, What Easter really is; Amilius took a bodily form as Adam to lead a new improved model of human sapiens sapiens as opposed to just sapiens...This was to correct the problem of the SONS OF BELIAL diverting into materialism. Unfortunately Adam aka Jesus fell into temptation and felt a responsibility to suffer the karma in this plane rather than stay in the Brahmaloka ...He was a KARANA JANMA....He also executed the PRIESTS OF BAAL( BELIAL) WHEN HE WAS ELISHA....However he paid the price but ACHIEVED MUKTA HOOD....THAT IS EASTER...T

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