Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A MAN OF FAITH IS A MAN OF NO CRITICAL THINKING ABILITY.TONY O'CLERY. One cannot blame every muslim for mohammed or isis etc...Just as one cannot blame every german for hitler and the nazis... The situation in the world is quite complex one should read 'The Prince' -Machiavelli, known as 'The Emir' in Arabic... IT ONLY TAKES LESS THAN 5% TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE ANY POPULATION. COUNTRIES ARE ESSENTIALLY FRANCHISES OF THE POWER ELITE, IN THE PARK OF THE RAKSHASAS. THE POWER ELITE ARE FACELESS AND USE RELIGIONS, IDEOLOGIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES TO REIGN. The next descent of mass 'SONS OF MOST HIGH' will not happen as the ADAMICS FAILED. As in the Bible and Edgar Cayce the war will be on the subtle where adharmic ego entities will not be allowed to incarnate until DHARMA has been stabilised on the planet 1000 years is figurative. An Avatar will come known or unknown on to the planet as Adharma overwhelms dharma....In the meantime many leaders who are in dharma will reject the POWER ELITE AND TRY TO DEFEAT THEM....AS PER PEOPLE LIKE DONALD TRUMP, AND OTHERS, AS A KARMIC INSTRUMENT TO PREPARE THE WAY. THE PRE- ADAMICS RAKSHASA POWER ELITE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRIUMPH PERMANENTLY. We are entering a period in this delusion of dream where the confrontation is imminent as in Atlantis, India in the Rama and Krishna wars etc etc. The power elite are the demonic, sons of belial, pre adamics and rakshasas of old...TONY. Tony O'Clery xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AOCLERY.YOLASITE.COM

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