Sunday, September 14, 2014

Psychology and the frontal cortex affect

Psychologists and Psychologists and Biologists...etc et al,,,,,, are not aware of what a devastating affect the use of the frontal cortex of the brain has on the simian Manas or mind..It uses words and vocals as its binary numbers and the imaging and telepathy of the normal animal mind or mamas is suppressed in favour of the astral ego entity possessing the body and using the intellect and frontal lobes and cortex to dominate the simian... Resulting in desires causing wars, poverty, degradation, oppression, misogynism and the total hell situation introduced on to this usurped planet, which has been totally the egos...or shaitans. THERE IS NO SOLUTION OTHER THAN THE WITHDRAWAL OF EGOS THROUGH WORKING TOWARDS MOKSHA OR DESTRUCTION OF THE PLANET.. As long as the dog's hind leg is bent human nature cannot change as it is not human... One can get to a stage where one sees it all as a dream sequence and a manifestation of prana or god....but very few....achieve that at any time.... THE SOLUTION IS TO GO IN AND JUST BE A WITNESS TO THE REST....T... Unlike

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