Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Mayan visit wtf's

EXTRACT FROM MY BOOK...WESTMINSTER TIME FILES....AMAZON.KINDLE. Up until I had seen this, I was wondering about what the Maya really knew. Ometeotl. I mentally, separated the word into ‘Om Eteotl’, and there we have the ‘Mantra’, prefixed by ‘Om’. This indicated to me that the Olmecs/Maya had inherited knowledge from Mu, as had, the Aztlanteans, the Hindus and perhaps even the Greeks. I wasn’t really surprised by this discovery, for it seemed incongruous to me, that a people, so versed in mathematics and the calendar, that was more accurate than our own, wouldn’t also be versed in obtuse philosophy. It also bore out the theory that the Olmecs had originally come from Mu, and that Priests or Naacals of Mu, had spread all over the world, teaching their knowledge. According to what I had already, learned, from Apacal, the Maya were a mixture of the Olmecs from Mu and people from Aztlantis.Apacal then started chanting, ‘Om Eteotl’, ‘Om Eteotl’, ‘Om Eteotl’, and purifying a kind of stew, with some kind of ‘incense’. He said it was cactus and potato stew, and was a communion meal. He had some music playing, which was obviously Mayan, but it was of a strange variety. Apacal handed bowels of this stew out, when he had finished chanting; We ate the food together and soon things started to happen, whether it was the chanting or the food or just the environment, I didn’t know. The first thing I noticed was that some ear trouble disappeared and my visual perception was changing. I just vibrated with emotion and a feeling of almost bliss came over me. I had intense feelings of love and joy, coming from my chest area. (I realised many years later that my Heart Chakra, must have been opened, by the communion.) I also noticed that everything was moving and pulsating, vibrating from soft to solid. Colours were fantastic and extremely accentuated. Sounds were also heightened and music became blissful and had an emotional effect. It was like I had entered into a waking dream and I felt absolutely fantastic. Alcohol didn’t have this effect; my mind was being expanded not sedated. I was in a different dimension, a different world, the everyday world would not be the same again.The walls were bent, like an image in water, everything took on a new effect, even the stone breathed beneath my feet. I was seeing the material world for what it really was, a moving energy. Only our minds making it appear still. I had experienced for certain that we were other than the body. I had taken “Soma”, an ancient drink mentioned in the Hindu Vedas. I was now initiated. UnlikeUnlike · · Share You and Kenneth Larsen like this. Tony O'Clery http://www.amazon.com/.../dp/B0052ZGEDA/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_t_2 WESTMINSTER TIME FILES www.amazon.com "DIARIES OF WARP-TIME INTO THE PAST AND FUTURE". Tom Fell and his friend Mike ar...See More

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