Monday, December 24, 2012

Some thoughts about Christmas...

Some thoughts about Christmas... 1. The wife of the innkeeper,and daughter were Essenic and put Mary in the stable as the inn was raucus with visitors for the Roman census. 2. There was more than one visit from 'wise men' and in fact the Romans -Petreus, directed them to the place Jesus was. 3. He probably was Joshua and Elisha in a previous life...also Hermes and Zend the father of Zoroastra... 4. Cayce also says that he was 'Adam' and a planetary deity. ( Kabbalist differ on this and say he was Moses). 5. Jesus came out of the Essenes where many led a life of renunciation and mysticism. 6. He studied and spent time in India at Jagganath, where records of his visit are ....also the Jains and Buddhists in Leh plus Rangoon. 7. The three days in the tomb was in his initiation in the empty sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid as was John the Baptist. 8. He was vegetarian the word meat or phagos just means food in the Bible. 9. They didn't drink alcohol but non alcoholic must...or grape juice wine. 10.He became a Mukta in his lifetime... 11. Miracles happened around him and he taught karma and rebirth. 12. He founded no Church or institution....the Essenes already existed and their temple was at Mt of the prophets. 13. His brother James ran the organisation in Jerusalem. 14. They were strongly connected to the mystery schools in Egypt...and the Buddhists in Alexandria. 15. He was tried for blasphemy for saying all is god....and for whipping the money changers who were selling animals for sacrifice in Herod's Temple.

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